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  • Microsoft to Unveil Xbox Successor?

    Published by kristoffer February 23, 2013

    Just as Sony announces its PlayStation 4, rumors have been brewing about Microsoft introducing its next-gen Xbox as well.
    In fact, Computer and Video Games reports that Microsoft may even pull out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this June and instead will put up a “one-off media event” in early April to show off the new Xbox. The ninjas in gaming forum NeoGAF have noted that the company that

  • Karaoke for Xbox Live Begins December 11

    Published by kristoffer December 8, 2012

    If you would rather belt a tune and move to the groove, you would definitely be singing songs of praise with this news.
    Microsoft and Stingray Digital Group have collaborated for “Karaoke,” which will be available on Xbox Live beginning December 11th. The game can be downloaded for free, but aspiring karaoke superstars would have to purchase playing sessions of two, six, and 24 hours. The sessions are

  • Kinect-Integrated Internet Explorer Comes to Xbox 360

    Published by kristoffer June 4, 2012

    Microsoft has taken the floor in this year’s E3 with a swipe on Internet TV. “No one is using them,” proclaimed keynote speaker Marc Whitten. He explained that “keyboards don’t belong in the living room,” and we agree with him.
    So Microsoft decided to school these basic tech companies on how to make Internet TV more usable: they put Internet Explorer on Xbox 360, but with full

  • Microsoft to Sell $99 Xbox 360 Bundle

    Published by kristoffer May 3, 2012

    Want a brand-new Xbox 360 for a dirt cheap price? It is possible! Microsoft will release an Xbox 360 bundle that costs only $99.
    The single-Benjamin bundle will consist of a 4GB Xbox 360 console (not a lot of storage, I know), a Kinect sensor, and a two-year subscription to Xbox Live Gold. And as expected with a promo this cheap, this bundle would require owners to shell out a $15 monthly fee for the service. Ga

  • Kinect Joy Ride Sequel Ditches the Kinect

    Published by kristoffer April 28, 2012

    The Kinect-based video game Kinect Joy Ride will have a sequel, according to Microsoft. However, call this unusual: the first thing that is confirmed with this upcoming game is that it will no require the Kinect to play, just the Xbox 360 contollers. Hence, the title is edited to Joy Ride Turbo.
    Looks like Microsoft has come to its senses. Playing a race game with no buttons to press or a controller to steer (j

  • The Walking Dead Xbox 360 Game Review

    Published by kristoffer April 27, 2012

    Telltale Games unveils the video game version of the highly-successful zombie-based comic series “The Walking Dead.” Unlike many video games that deal with monsters and zombies, “The Walking Dead” puts more weight on character drama over bloody violence, giving it a fresh take on this very gory genre.
    The game is a combination of point-and-click adventure and button-prompt action. Conversa

  • Fez Xbox 360 Game Review

    Published by kristoffer April 20, 2012

    Since its introduction at the Independent Games Festival in 2007, many video game reporters wonder when will Fez be released. You cannot blame them from getting too excited as Polytron releases the game for Xbox Live Arcade.
    Fez is a 2D game with a 3D perspective, a gameplay that is reminiscent to Super Paper Mario and Crush. The character manipulates his cubic world by shifting between its four sides. The use o

  • Xbox Used More for Online Entertainment

    Published by kristoffer March 27, 2012

    Microsoft reports that its Xbox video game console has is used more often to watch TV shows and listening to music rather than playing video games.
    Yusuf Mehdi, head of Xbox’s marketing and strategy office, said households now spend an average of 84 hours monthly on Xbox Live online service, either by playing games, watching videos, and listening to online music. That is an increase of 30% from last year. O

  • All-White Xbox Kinect Bundle Available

    Published by kristoffer February 29, 2012

    Nothing beats a monochromatic theme for you gaming consoles. Microsoft offers a limited-edition, all-white Xbox Kinect bundle, which consists of a white 4GB Xbox 360, a white Xbox 360 controller, and a white Kinect sensor.
    Included in the bundle are Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, and a three-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. The “Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Family Bundle” is available w

  • Report: Next-Gen Xbox May Arrive Late 2013

    Published by kristoffer January 25, 2012

    The next-generation Xbox–which comes in a variety of codenames such as Xbox 720 and Xbox Loop–will have six times the processing power of the Xbox 360, according to sources with knowledge about the project.
    These sources add that mass production of the console’s GPU will begin by the end of 2012. The graphics processor will be based on the AMD 6000 series, specifically the Radeon HD 6670 that com

  • Latest Xbox 360 Update Includes Metro UI

    Published by kristoffer December 5, 2011

    Microsoft has just launched its latest update to Xbox 360, which would give the gaming console a new Metro user interface. The Metro UI would convert the Xbox from an ordinary gaming console into a home media center.
    Although Xbox 360 has allowed users to download video and music content as well as stream content from their PCs, the new Metro update would enable them to find pieces of content in more sources. Con

  • Next Xbox To Come In Two Versions? Kinect 2 To Read Lips?

    Published by kristoffer November 29, 2011

    The rumor mill is churning once again. This time, word has been spreading about the sequel of Xbox 360, which has been speculated to come in two models. The first version is a pared-down set-top box that targets casual gamers, while the other model would be a bit heftier in specs and will be geared towards hardcore gamers.
    Either way, the two versions of Xbox 360–which have been codenamed “Xbox 720

  • 320GB Hard Drive for Xbox 360 Comes with Lego Star Wars III

    Published by kristoffer October 13, 2011

    While the second-generation Xbox 360 is immensely popular, there is one common complaint among gamers: They are stuck with the usual 250GB hard drive, while the limited-edition versions of the console come with 320GB of storage space. Boy, are you in for a treat!
    Representatives of Xbox 360 have announced a new stand-along 320GB HDD for the console, which is set to be available in November. It is priced at $130,

  • Limited Edition Star Wars-Themed Xbox 360 Beeps Like R2-D2

    Published by kristoffer July 22, 2011

    If you have been geeking about Star Wars for more than half of your life, collecting Star Wars-themed items may be your thing. But apart from sipping on your Darth Vader mug or sleeping on your Luke Skywalker bed, there are a few Star Wars collectible that can be considered worth the purchase, both for hardcore and casual fans alike.
    Microsoft collaborated with LucasArts to come up with the Kinect Star Wars Limite

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