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  • Nintendo Unveils Wii Mini; Currently Exclusive to Canada

    Published by kristoffer November 29, 2012

    Nintendo has announced a new version of its Wii console. The crimson-bordered Wii Mini is a trimmed-down Nintendo Wii, taking away both GameCube compatibility (which already happened in the 2011 edition) and, more importantly, Internet access.
    Removing online access would make the Wii Mini the most barebone among the Wii’s, just like previous Nintendo consoles that plays games and nothing else. However, the

  • Nintendo TVii Coming to Japan December 8

    Published by kristoffer November 28, 2012

    While Japan has yet to experience the Nintendo Wii U, the console maker has announced that not only it will be launched on December 8th, the Land of the Rising Sun will also get to have one Wii U feature that was lacking in the North American version.
    The Japanese edition of Wii U will be shipped with the Nintendo TVii app. Also, the infrared remote functionality will cost 100 yen (about US$1.20) from NintendoR

  • Nintendo Wii U Gets a YouTube App

    Published by kristoffer November 23, 2012

    Nintendo Wii U is beginning to take shape as a convenient multimedia console. After Netflix and Hulu Plus, the Wii U now comes with a YouTube app.
    Users who were able to snag this device before it got sold out can now watch their favorite YouTube videos both on the TV and on the GamePad. The tablet-ish controller can also be used to browse for videos and beam the content to the big screen.
    The app’s navigat

  • Hulu Plus Comes to Wii U

    Published by kristoffer November 21, 2012

    While Wii U was shipped without the much-anticipated Nintendo TVii feature, the Japanese gaming company made up for it when the console came pre-installed with Netflix. If you are a subscriber of the rival Hulu Plus, do not worry because Hulu has released an app for that.
    Hulu Plus for Wii U wirelessly connects the game console’s WiiPad to your TV, allowing you to navigate through many TV shows Hulu has in i

  • Nintendo Releases Flame Red 3DS Bundle

    Published by kristoffer November 19, 2012

    Unable to purchase the Wii U because it was sold out? If you do not have the patience to wait for another shipload of Wii U’s, Nintendo has revealed its Black Friday deal: a Flame Red 3DS handheld preloaded with Super Mario 3D Land. The bundle costs $169.99, saving you around forty coins.
    Super Mario 3D Land brings the popular plumber in a three-dimensional world. Since it comes preinstalled in the 3DS it

  • Wii U Launch Suffers Several Setbacks

    Published by kristoffer

    While Nintendo celebrates the successful US launch of its Wii U console, with news that it has sold out in most retail stores, the launch has its share of setbacks.
    For one, Nintendo announce last week that the Wii U was being shipped without the Nintendo TVii feature, which would have rivaled Xbox 360’s multimedia prowess.
    And on its launch day, Nintendo is pushing for a mandatory firmware update that has go

  • Nintendo to Release $130 Wii Bundle Before Wii U Launch

    Published by kristoffer October 15, 2012

    In anticipation to Nintendo’s release of the Wii U, the company has announced that a new, cheapen-up Wii bundle will be available in time for the holiday season. Beginning October 28th, the new Wii bundle will be sold for $129.99 in the United States.
    The bundle will include a black second-gen Wii console (the one that does not play Gamecube titles), along with matching black Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk cont

  • Pikachu-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL Coming to Europe

    Published by kristoffer October 5, 2012

    Folks in Europe would be delighted to learn that Nintendo will be shipping an incredibly bright yellow Nintendo 3DS XL to the continent, all with glaring Pikachu glory.
    According to Nintendo Direct Europe, while the Pikachu-themed 3DS does not have a specific release date, expect the gaming device to arrive at some point in 2012. This particular model has been available in Japan for several months.
    Nintendo also d

  • Nintendo Wii U to Arrive in United States, Europe, on November

    Published by kristoffer September 13, 2012

    After being previewed for over a year, the Nintendo Wii U will finally be available for retail, arriving in the United States on November 18th and Europe on November 30th. The next-gen gaming console, which features a touchscreen controller that looks and functions like a tablet, will come in a $299.99 Basic white version with 8GB of onboard storage and a $349.99 Deluxe black version with 32GB storage capacity.

  • Nintendo Outs Huge and Bulky 3DS XL

    Published by kristoffer June 22, 2012

    Like the Nintendo DSi before it, Nintendo reveals a large-screen version of the 3DS handheld console. The Nintendo 3DS LL, which will most likely renamed 3DS XL in North American, features a 4.88-inch top screen and a 4.18-inch bottom touch screen.
    The new device adds over an inch to today’s 3DS’ screen and comes with a 4GB SD card. Despite the larger size, however, the 3DS LL does not come with an ex

  • Mad Catz Unleashes Wii U Accessories

    Published by kristoffer June 6, 2012

    Accessories maker Mad Catz anticipated the holiday launch of Nintendo Wii U that it made a bevy of peripherals exclusive for the console.
    First in line are the Power Up ChargeDock that are compatible with both the Wiimote and Wii U GamePad. There is also a FlipStand protective cover for the GamePad (pictured), which we think will also make the controller turn on itself as you peel the cover, much like how some c

  • Nyko Power Grip Pro for Nintendo 3DS

    Published by kristoffer

    One of the biggest issues that ticked off consumers from buying Nintendo 3DS is its short battery life. With only three to five hours worth of 3D gaming, how will you enjoy your Nintendo 3DS while on the go?
    Nyko introduces a peripheral that gives your 3DS some extra juice. The Power Grip Pro case not only triples the handheld console’s battery life, it also adds another slider control. The device is ergon

  • Nintendo Reveals Details About iPad Rival Wii U

    Published by kristoffer

    Nintendo launches its first console in six years with hopes that it would bring the Japanese company back on the green after reporting a loss worth almost $460 million from last year.
    The Wii U supports up to two tablet-like Gamepad controllers that Nintendo intends to compete with the iPad. Unlike Apple’s iconic tablet, though, games on the Wii Pad can be played in the Gamepad or beamed on the TV for a mult

  • Nintendo Unveils Final Version of Wii U Controller

    Published by kristoffer June 4, 2012

    Nintendo has unwrapped the final version of the Wii U controller, now branded as Gamepad, during the company’s pre-E3 press conference.
    The Wii U Gamepad looks very similar to the prototype Nintendo introduced during last year’s E3, albeit with slight modifications. It features a pressure-sensitive touchscreen, the traditional D-pad and command buttons, a gyroscope/ accelerometer, and even an NFC reade

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