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  • Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller for Xbox 360

    Published by dennis February 16, 2013

    Serious gamers always want to have the best gaming gear to help give them that extra edge over opponents. That extra edge can come in the form of elite game controllers that provide faster response times. It is for gamers who need that instant reaction time as they play their favorite video games. Among those various gaming gear options that Xbox gamers would like to have is this Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Contr

  • GameStick Temporarily Suspended from Kickstarter

    Published by kristoffer January 12, 2013

    Call it a minor setback for upcoming GameStick Android-based game console. The project was temporarily removed from Kickstarter due to a copyright infringement complaint.
    PlayJam, the makers of GameStick, sent out a message to its Kickstarter backers informing them about the suspension. The complaint stemmed from the inclusion of a video game in their UI demonstration video and apparently they have no permission

  • GameStick: Another Android Game Console in the Works

    Published by kristoffer January 7, 2013

    Look out, Ouya, another Android-based game console is about to snatch wigs! PlayJam, which specializes in providing games to smart TVs, is developing the GameStick, a TV-based console that is the size of a typical flash drive. It is so compact, GameStick actually fits inside its own Bluetooth controller as shown in the photo.
    This console features a dual-core Amlogic processor and Android Jelly Bean. And even in

  • GAEMS Halo UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

    Published by dennis December 29, 2012

    Avid Xbox gamers would not always just be having fun playing right in the comfort of their own homes. There are times that they would need their dose of gaming fun while on the road. If it is mobility that Xbox gamers are looking for then this GAEMS Halo UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment will at least make it possible.
    The GAEMS Halo UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment is a handy and unique storage un

  • Street Fighter x Sanrio Merchandise Unveiled

    Published by kristoffer December 12, 2012

    Well, this looks kawaii!
    San Diego, California-based peripheral maker Mad Catz reveals the latest in many Street Fighter crossovers, this time mashing it up with another well-loved Japanese franchise–Sanrio. Indeed, the company has bought the licenses for both and put them together to come up with Street Fighter x Sanrio line of accessories.
    First on the line is its Arcade Fightstick Pro, which works on both

  • Ouya Developer Kits Shipping on December 28

    Published by kristoffer December 1, 2012

    The makers of Ouya, the highly-anticipated Android-based gaming console, have announced that its developer kits will be shipped to select Kickstarter backers beginning December 28th. They also stated that Ouya’s software development kit will be available on that same day.
    The Ouya will be smaller than traditional consoles, as illustrated in the photo in this post. The company expects the developer kits to l

  • MG Android Gaming Handheld Device Available for Pre-Order

    Published by kristoffer October 17, 2012

    Honestly, an Android-based handheld device that completely devotes on playing games should have been done long ago, especially after Ouya is set to conquer the gaming console market once it gets shipped.
    Good thing one company comes up with such: the MG. Although its efforts to raise funds in Kickstarter failed, its creators have managed to get this project green-lighted and now accepts pre-orders for a discoun

  • NeoGeo X Portable

    Published by dennis September 17, 2012

    There will always be people or gamers out there who would want to continue playing those classic games that they have grown to love through the years. Call it some sort of nostalgia, but even gamers like to drive down memory lane at one time or another. And for those who loved playing the NeoGeo game classics of yesteryears, they may now be able to do so on a portable gadget using the NeoGeo X Portable gaming devic

  • OUYA Game Console Project Raises $8.5 Million Funding At Kickstarter

    Published by dennis August 19, 2012

    It is just never easy to keep a good idea down. When it’s a great idea, people tend to get interested. If it’s a very great idea, people may even be willing to spend money just to help get that very great idea exist for people to touch, see and experience. This is probably what happened to the OUYA Game Console project at Kickstarter, which just ended a successful funding run that reached an incredible 8.5 mill

  • Ringbow Finger Controller

    Published by dennis June 25, 2012

    Playing games with your smartphone or touchscreen device can sometimes be a challenge. Aside from the usually small screen surface, the virtual buttons can sometimes take up some space in an already limited screen real estate. In order to address this, an enterprising team of designers is coming up with the Ringbow, a gaming controller that you can wear on your finger instead and not on the touchscreen surface.

  • CTA Digital’s Sports Car Turns Nintendo 3DS Into the Real Thing

    Published by kristoffer June 3, 2012

    We have seen how Nintendo Wii controller can be turned into something else by attaching it to accessories. Snap it on a steering wheel, for instance, and the console truly simulates the driving experience. In the case of Nintendo’s handhelds, however, the use of accessories is close to non-existent until now.
    CTA Digital becomes a third-party pioneer in providing peripherals for Nintendo 3DS. The Inflatabl

  • PowerA MOGA Bluetooth Controller For Android Devices

    Published by dennis

    Portable Android touchscreen devices may be convenient to use in some aspects. But when it comes to games, it can also pose certain challenges that might affect the fun elements in games. There are just some games that require the use of a gaming controller in order to enjoy. For good measure, there’s now the new PowerA MOGA Bluetooth Controller available for Android devices to help address such issues.
    The P

  • Neo Geo X Handheld Console Now Official

    Published by kristoffer March 16, 2012

    We have heard about this back in January and now it is official: SNK releases a handheld Neo Geo console for the nostalgic among us.
    The Neo Geo X plays retro games like Supaboy and Retro Mini, only that this device is compatible to games made by SNK. It accepts old-school cartridges–even new SNK cartridges that will flood the market–and comes with 20 built-in licensed games.
    And just as Neo Geo X is

  • Angry Birds Space Exclusive to Samsung Galaxy Note

    Published by kristoffer March 10, 2012

    In case you haven’t heard, a new version of Angry Birds is being released. But unlike the original version we have seen on iOS, Android, PC, Google+, and Facebook, Angry Birds Space will be available exclusively to Samsung Galaxy Note. I could hear a chorus of consternation nearby.
    Rovio’s latest creation was formally unveiled at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Angry Birds Space, as you can tell from the titl

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