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  • Microsoft to Unveil Xbox Successor?

    Published by kristoffer February 23, 2013

    Just as Sony announces its PlayStation 4, rumors have been brewing about Microsoft introducing its next-gen Xbox as well.
    In fact, Computer and Video Games reports that Microsoft may even pull out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this June and instead will put up a “one-off media event” in early April to show off the new Xbox. The ninjas in gaming forum NeoGAF have noted that the company that

  • Sony Announces PlayStation 4

    Published by kristoffer February 21, 2013

    Sony has finally formally announced the launch of PlayStation 4, more than six years after its predecessor was unveiled. The company does not reveal what the console looks like, but its representatives showed off the controller that–as we have speculated–features a touchpad.
    But apparently, the new DualShock 4 controller has other aces up its sleeve: it includes a motion sensor, represented by a light

  • PlayStation 4 to Debut February 20

    Published by kristoffer February 16, 2013

    Sony Entertainment will be hosting a PlayStation Meeting in Manhattan on February 20, Wednesday, and the PlayStation 4 is expected to be unveiled there.
    Images of the PlayStation 4 controller, both as a mockup and in-the-flesh, have been leaked online. The design is similar to the previous versions, with a flat surface at the center that is rumored to be a touchpad.
    Sony teases that the upcoming console would offe

  • Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller for Xbox 360

    Published by dennis

    Serious gamers always want to have the best gaming gear to help give them that extra edge over opponents. That extra edge can come in the form of elite game controllers that provide faster response times. It is for gamers who need that instant reaction time as they play their favorite video games. Among those various gaming gear options that Xbox gamers would like to have is this Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Contr

  • Look, Ma! I Hacked Their Online Game Accounts!

    Published by kristoffer February 11, 2013

    When we were eleven years old, our elders might have complained why we spent so much time playing on the Super Nintendo instead of going out of our homes and ride bicycles. Now that we are adults, we seem to think of the same with the app-playing kids of today, but some kids take it too far.
    A new report from AVG indicates that children as young as eleven are apparently working on their program coding skills and u

  • GameStick Temporarily Suspended from Kickstarter

    Published by kristoffer January 12, 2013

    Call it a minor setback for upcoming GameStick Android-based game console. The project was temporarily removed from Kickstarter due to a copyright infringement complaint.
    PlayJam, the makers of GameStick, sent out a message to its Kickstarter backers informing them about the suspension. The complaint stemmed from the inclusion of a video game in their UI demonstration video and apparently they have no permission

  • GameStick: Another Android Game Console in the Works

    Published by kristoffer January 7, 2013

    Look out, Ouya, another Android-based game console is about to snatch wigs! PlayJam, which specializes in providing games to smart TVs, is developing the GameStick, a TV-based console that is the size of a typical flash drive. It is so compact, GameStick actually fits inside its own Bluetooth controller as shown in the photo.
    This console features a dual-core Amlogic processor and Android Jelly Bean. And even in

  • PlayStation 2 Discontinued in Japan

    Published by kristoffer December 30, 2012

    It is another sad, sad day in video game history. After close to 13 years of entertaining gamers young and old, casual and hardcore, Sony has announced that it has officially halted production and shipment of PlayStation 2 in Japan. This means that once the few thousands of PS2 units have been depleted, it will never be replenished… ever, at least in the Land of the Rising Sun.
    During its almost 13-year run

  • North Koreans Develop First Video Game, Pyongyang Racer

    Published by kristoffer

    North Korea sure likes to do things their way. They kidnapped a South Korean director and his wife to make a Godzilla rip-off; they had a reality show that exposed citizens whose haircuts do not conform with the “socialist lifestyle”.
    Just recently, North Korean programmers working for software firm Nosotek developed the country’s first video game. “Pyongyang Racer” is played in-br

  • GAEMS Halo UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

    Published by dennis December 29, 2012

    Avid Xbox gamers would not always just be having fun playing right in the comfort of their own homes. There are times that they would need their dose of gaming fun while on the road. If it is mobility that Xbox gamers are looking for then this GAEMS Halo UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment will at least make it possible.
    The GAEMS Halo UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment is a handy and unique storage un

  • Street Fighter x Sanrio Merchandise Unveiled

    Published by kristoffer December 12, 2012

    Well, this looks kawaii!
    San Diego, California-based peripheral maker Mad Catz reveals the latest in many Street Fighter crossovers, this time mashing it up with another well-loved Japanese franchise–Sanrio. Indeed, the company has bought the licenses for both and put them together to come up with Street Fighter x Sanrio line of accessories.
    First on the line is its Arcade Fightstick Pro, which works on both

  • Capcom Announces “Street Fighter X Mega Man”

    Published by kristoffer December 9, 2012

    Capcom is celebrating two milestones: the 25th anniversaries of Street Fighter and Mega Man. We have heard a lot from the former, enjoying a lot of lavish promotions including a fancy chess set and anniversary editions of its titles.
    But what of the Blue Robot? Its latest release, “Mega Man Xover,” is only available on iOS and first impressions of the side-scrolling game have not been positive. The

  • Karaoke for Xbox Live Begins December 11

    Published by kristoffer December 8, 2012

    If you would rather belt a tune and move to the groove, you would definitely be singing songs of praise with this news.
    Microsoft and Stingray Digital Group have collaborated for “Karaoke,” which will be available on Xbox Live beginning December 11th. The game can be downloaded for free, but aspiring karaoke superstars would have to purchase playing sessions of two, six, and 24 hours. The sessions are

  • Ouya Developer Kits Shipping on December 28

    Published by kristoffer December 1, 2012

    The makers of Ouya, the highly-anticipated Android-based gaming console, have announced that its developer kits will be shipped to select Kickstarter backers beginning December 28th. They also stated that Ouya’s software development kit will be available on that same day.
    The Ouya will be smaller than traditional consoles, as illustrated in the photo in this post. The company expects the developer kits to l

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