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  • White House to Look Into Ban on Unlocking Smartphones

    Published by kristoffer March 6, 2013

    After receiving over 100,000 signatures needed on the “We the People” online petition platform, the White House has responded to the thousands of smartphone owners who disagree with the updated ban on unlocking mobile phones.
    In its response, the White House explains that while the process that made unlocking devices illegal is placed for a reason, the ban has failed to reflect on what goes on among sma

  • FCC to Investigate Mobile Phone Unlocking Ban

    Published by kristoffer March 2, 2013

    After the Library of Congress imposed a US-wide ban on cell phone unlocking, the online community has been furious. A White House petition to lift the ban has reached 100,000 signatures, mandating the Obama administration to offer an official explanation.
    Meanwhile, in an interview with TechCrunch, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Julius Genachowski said his office will investigate whether the

  • Firefox OS Coming to Smartphones This Summer

    Published by kristoffer February 28, 2013

    The Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit group behind the Firefox browser, is dipping its toes for the first time into the mobile business as it announces the new Firefox OS available this summer. This upcoming mobile operating system developed by Mozilla runs entirely on HTML 5, the most advanced programming language used for Web browsers.
    Mozilla also said Firefox OS will be launched first in Brazil, Colombia, Hun

  • Wikipedia to Offer SMS-Based Access

    Published by kristoffer February 26, 2013

    Wikipedia, the Internet’s free encyclopedia, has been looking for ways to provide knowledge to those who do not have easy access to the World Wide Web. It has recently struck a deal with carriers for their subscribers to view Wikipedia articles on the mobile web for free, but the Wiki is taking it a step further.
    With the help of a $600,000 Knight News Challenge grant and South Africa’s Praekelt Founda

  • Little-Known Carrier Brings BlackBerry Z10 to US Ahead of Everyone

    Published by kristoffer February 11, 2013

    Can’t wait for BlackBerry’s latest smartphone to hit the United States? One carrier is giving you just that before it hits the US market mid-March, thanks to Solavei.
    Solavei what, you ask? It is a virtual operator based in the US, which hitches along with T-Mobile’s GSM/ EDGE/ UMTS/ HSPA+ network. The carrier offers unlimited voice, SMS, and data for a flat rate of $49 a month with no contract

  • Report: Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry in US

    Published by kristoffer February 10, 2013

    The battle to become the dominant smartphone platform in the United States is already a given, for now. The real competition is not whether Apple or Android takes the crown, but who captures third place and hoists itself as the dark horse of the market.
    A report from Strategy Analytics suggests that Microsoft’s Windows Phone has overtaken BlackBerry OS to clinch the third spot among the largest smartphone pl

  • BlackBerry 10 Not Coming to Japan

    Published by kristoffer February 8, 2013

    BlackBerry has officially announced that its BB10 smartphones will not be available in Japan, while a report from Nikkei adds that the company will stop selling phones in that country all together.
    “We are in the process of launching BlackBerry 10 globally in key markets and we are seeing positive demand for the BlackBerry Z10 in countries where it has already launched,” BlackBerry wrote on its official

  • AT&T Unveils Unite LTE Mobile Hotspot

    Published by kristoffer February 5, 2013

    AT&T has announced its second touchscreen-equipped LTE mobile hotspot. Called AT&T Unite, this Sierra Wireless-made device will be available through all of the carrier’s retail channels beginning February 8th for no more than 99 cents with a two-year contract and customer’s choice of plan–whether individual, family, or shared data.
    The AT&T Unite comes with a 2.4-inch display, up to 1

  • Microsoft Launches 4Afrika Initiative with Africa-Specific Smartphone

    Published by kristoffer

    Microsoft has been taking interest in developing Africa’s global competitiveness, which includes improving on its mobile communications. The company has announced its 4Afrika Initiative project and first in line its the new Windows Phone 8 from Microsoft and Huawei.
    A tweaked version of the Ascend W1, the Huawei 4Afrika smartphone is specifically designed for African users. It comes preloaded with apps crea

  • What to Know About BlackBerry 10?

    Published by kristoffer February 2, 2013

    BlackBerry, the company formerly known as Research In Motion, has unveiled its new smartphones that run on BlackBerry 10 and there has been a lot of talk. Here is a rundown, as provided by the Washington Post, on what the company said about its new line of hardware and software:
    There are two new phones – BlackBerry is releasing two new smartphones, namely the Q10 and the Z10. The Q10 has a full QWERTY keyb

  • BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Formally Launched; Received Tepid Reactions

    Published by kristoffer January 31, 2013

    After months of waiting and several delays, Research In Motion has finally unveiled its new line of smartphones that run on its latest BlackBerry 10 operating system in hopes of regaining its market. The company, which has announced it would be forsaking its name to take the brand of its signature product, seemed to have impressed investors as its share price fell 12 percent after announcing during the New York la

  • Unlocking Smartphones for Other Carriers Now Illegal in US

    Published by kristoffer January 26, 2013

    Starting today, unlocking a smartphone to use it with another carrier is illegal in the United States unless you have already purchased that locked phone.
    The new rules, which restrict the rights of the device owner to use the technology as they see fit, comes after the Librarian of Congress reinterpreted the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act last October. Unlocking phones for other carriers used to be allowed i

  • Samsung Unveils Bendable OLED Smartphone Screens

    Published by kristoffer January 13, 2013

    Another common trend in CES 2013, apart from 4K TVs, are the flexible screens. LG and Nokia have demonstrated their take on the technology, but it is Samsung’s turn into the spotlight.
    Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, showed off bendable OLED screens that the company hopes to appear in new smartphones and TVs. It would not be a surprise that such screens will appear on future Samsung Ga

  • Samsung to Offer Tizen-Based Smartphones

    Published by kristoffer January 3, 2013

    In an apparent attempt to loosen its dependence on Android, Samsung has confirmed it plans to offer a line of devices based on Tizen mobile OS in 2013.
    In an e-mailed statement to Bloomberg, a Samsung representative stated that the company will “keep expanding the (Tizen) lineup depending on market conditions.” The rep did not reveal any more details about the upcoming devices or their prices.
    Tizen is

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