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  • Casio G Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch

    Published by dennis December 21, 2012

    If ever wrist watches have to regain their appeal to people, it is when they try to integrate newer technologies to become part of its different features. This will help make them become more relevant to some people, more than just a device that can tell time. This is what some people may find in the Casio G Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch.
    The Casio G Shock GB6900AA-2 Bluetooth Smart Watch is no longer just a device y

  • Basis Band- Not Your Typical Wrist Watch

    Published by dennis December 6, 2012

    People usually wear wrist watches to tell time. But with all the technology nowadays, putting some added features into them can actually make wrist watches all the more appealing. In the case of the Basis, the ordinary wrist watch becomes an effective fitness and health tracker.
    The Basis is a wrist wearable device can do more than just tell time. It is equipped with a number of sensors at its back panel that keep

  • Melting Clock

    Published by dennis November 30, 2012

    Some people just love all things surreal. It just gives a different perspective on things using that bit of imagination in an interesting way. Some people even would love seeing the surreality in everyday objects. This Melting Clock for example, would always give that dose of surreality into any room.
    The Melting Clock is a unique and surreal way to tell time. Inspired by those clocks in Salvador Dali’s paint

  • Clock Box

    Published by dennis November 28, 2012

    With people now engulfed with clocks and watches, telling time is no longer a problem. But with the deluge of such timepieces in different sizes and shapes, the art that was previously behind their creation and the appreciation that comes with it has somehow diminished. But just the same, some creative minds continue to come out with unique clocks that sometimes force you to get a second glimpse of it, much like th

  • The Countdown Clock

    Published by dennis November 14, 2012

    People are always eagerly awaiting for some special day to come. That is why they do countdowns to make the anticipation even more exciting as the time gets closer and closer. What would be a fitting gadget for those who like to have countdowns by having The Countdown Clock always handy.
    The Countdown Clock from Mr. Jones is a simple and yet unique way to help people awaiting for a special event, no matter how comm

  • Mr. Jones Satellite 24-Hour Watch

    Published by dennis November 8, 2012

    There are watches that are designed for show and there are ones designed for function. This time it seems, more and more watches are designed to give some air of mystery to it. There are watches designed like the Mr. Jones Satellite 24-Hour Watch that gives you more than just an essential function.
    The Mr. Jones Satellite 24-Hour Watch is designed with a unique dial face for starters. Instead of the usual 12-hour f

  • Watches One Dmitry Samal

    Published by dennis July 26, 2012

    If exquisite watches are your thing, there are now quite a lot of them being offered in the market. They no longer just feature telling time as a main selling point. Style and unique features also now come in the picture more often than not. And for the concrete encased watches designed by Dmitry Samal, you can’t get any more unique than that.
    Just looking at the Watches One Dmitry Samal and you could easily

  • Mobile Phone Watch For Kids

    Published by dennis July 5, 2012

    Kids would like to have cool stuff that they can brag about with their friends. High tech gadgets would usually give them that chance to do so. But if you also have their safety in mind, you can also make use of such high tech gadgets to help you. One ideal product that works both ways is this Mobile Phone Watch for kids.
    The Mobile Phone Watch would surely be something that kids would want to have. A mobile phone

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  • TriArch LED Watch

    Published by dennis June 22, 2012

    Most wrist watches today are really trying to give people a different way of telling time. There are now wrist watches that offer an unusual way of giving you the time, which sometimes take some time to get accustomed after learning for years to tell time the usual way. One of them that some people would probably see is this unique TriArch LED Watch.
    The TriArch LED Watch is unique in its own way of telling the tim

  • WeWood Jupiter Watch

    Published by dennis June 3, 2012

    People try to stand up for what they believe in. That also extends to the items and gadgets that they use. For those who are against destroying the environment or even against animal cruelty, they might find this unique WeWood Jupiter Watch fascinating.
    The appeal of the WeWood Jupiter Watch comes from the fact that it is made out of wood. But before many of the environmentalists around here cry foul, let it be not

  • Wall Switch Click Watch

    Published by dennis June 1, 2012

    Looking at wristwatches today, you no longer see a device that is just designed to tell time. Well, it still is the main function being offered, but most wristwatches being introduced nowadays certainly do not lack in uniqueness in terms of design. It is usually the outrageous ones that get that attention most of the time. The new Wall Switch Click Watch certainly belongs to this category.
    The Wall Switch Click Wat

  • The cookoo Watch

    Published by dennis May 27, 2012

    With wrist watches not quite as appealing today if they merely function to tell time, many are being redesigned to keep in pace with rapidly developing technology. One of the aspects that makers are concentrating on is by trying to improve digital interconnectivity with other portable devices. This is certainly what the cookoo Watch is aiming for.
    The cookoo Watch is more than just a typical wrist watch. According

  • Meta Watch Smartphone Companion

    Published by dennis May 24, 2012

    Wrist watches have gone through a period of evolution over the years. The current one is seeing wrist watches as a possible accessory to a smartphone. Even now, there are wrist watches like the new Meta Watch that is being designed not just as a timepiece but as a device to complement one’s smartphone.
    The Meta Watch Smartphone Companion is a wrist watch designed as a means of being a remote display for your

  • The Mutewatch

    Published by dennis May 20, 2012

    Wrist watches today may no longer be as essential as they were before. People now have other ways to tell time via their other essential devices such as smartphones, media players and even tablets. What may still make wrist watches relevant is that they are worn more as a fashion statement nowadays. That is the very reason why unique looking watches like the Mutewatch are becoming more and more appealing.
    The Mutew

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