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  • THX Sues Apple for Misuse of Speaker Tech Patent

    Published by kristoffer March 18, 2013

    Apple has received its latest lawsuit, this time from George Lucas’ sound innovation company THX. The case, which is filed in the Northern District of California court last week, claims that Apple’s various mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) and its iMacs infringe on THX’s single speaker patent.
    THX’s U.S. Patent No. 7,433,483, formally called “Narrow profile speaker configurations and sys

  • Google Not Liable for Unfavorable Vanity Search Results

    Published by kristoffer March 7, 2013

    You may not know who Beverly Stayart is, but after reading this article, you may get to know her better… and even do a Google search.
    Stayart, a native of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, has noticed that her name has popped up in search results (such as Alta Vista, Yahoo!, and even AdultFriendFinder) alongside websites that sell erectile dysfunction drugs and sites hosting malware. She has since sued these companies, al

  • Judge Slashes $450M from Apple’s $1B Damage Claim Against Samsung

    Published by kristoffer March 4, 2013

    After the jury ordered Samsung to pay $1.05 billion worth of damages to Apple during the bitterly-contested patent infringement court case of 2012, the presiding judge decides to partially vacate the damages award.
    FOSS Patents reports that Judge Lucy Koh has slashed the billion-dollar total by over $450 million, an amount related to 14 Samsung products involved in the case. Judge Koh also orders that a new trial

  • Google Exec Denies Plans of Physical Retail Stores

    Published by kristoffer February 27, 2013

    If you got excited about the rumors of Google possibly putting up brick-and-mortar stores, time to tone it down.
    Andy Rubin, Google’s head of Android has confirmed to members of the press that–as far as he is concerned–the company has no need to put up physical retail stores of their own. He is in a pretty high position to know whether Google plans on bringing their hardware to a local neighborho

  • Hotmail Officially Dead as All Accounts Switch to

    Published by kristoffer February 21, 2013

    Microsoft has officially announced that Hotmail, one of the pioneering webmail services during the 1990s, will be replaced by If you are among the millions who still uses Hotmail (and wonders why your colleagues would reply to your email with a slight snicker), do not worry–you account will be auto-updated and full migration is expected to be finished by summertime.
    This means that typing “

  • Google to Open Physical Retail Stores?

    Published by kristoffer February 16, 2013

    Looks like Google is taking a step forward into becoming a full-fledged electronic hardware provider.
    PC magazine has reported one of the biggest rumors swirling last week: that Google is planning to open its own retail store. Citing a “few unknown sources,” the search engine giant might be shopping for spaces around the United States to build their stand-alone shops where it would sell more Google pr

  • Apple Loses Exclusive Rights to “iPhone” Trademark in Brazil

    Published by kristoffer February 14, 2013

    Apple is going through that Proview stage all over again, this time in Brazil.
    BBC reports that Apple has lost the “iPhone” trademark in Brazil. The country’s Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) has ruled that the American company does not hold exclusive rights to use their popular trademark within Brazilian soil.
    The institute declared that the rights of the iPhone trademark belong to a lo

  • Sony Applies for Patent Putting Electrodes in Pillow

    Published by kristoffer February 9, 2013

    We all have been looking for ways to have better sleep from changing our mattress, adding/ taking away pillows, and even listening to hypnotic music. For scientists, however, the best sleep requires all sorts of electrodes, which are not only cumbersome but can also yank your scalp.
    Sony has applied for a patent that would embed such sensors into your pillow. The company proposes that this patent, among other thi

  • How to Make a Secure Password

    Published by kristoffer February 7, 2013

    After Twitter halted an attack on its servers that caused 250,000 accounts and their passwords compromised, not to mention a string of hacking incidents among media websites, people worry about creating passwords that are strong enough to withstand hackers and keyloggers.
    You see, plain passwords no longer cut it. As Lauren Gores of Mashable puts it: “You may think you are clever, but to hackers, your passw

  • Sony’s Education Initiative Brings Xperia Tablets to Schools

    Published by kristoffer

    Bringing technology to schools, especially public schools, is not easy. As much as teachers and school officials want to bring much-needed computers to their classrooms, the cost needed to have an adequate supply of hardware is steep.
    Sony has announced it chips in to the concern through its K-12 Education Initiative, wherein the company provides schools a discount on the Android-powered Xperia Tablet S tablet. T

  • China Considers Lifting Ban on Consoles

    Published by kristoffer January 28, 2013

    Video game consoles have been banned in China for over a decade and reports claim that the country’s government is considering to lift the ban. The speculations arise after Sony’s PlayStation 3 obtained a quality certification from China’s safety standards body late last year.
    For China to end its ban on consoles, an approval must be sought from all seven ministries that issued the ban.

  • Google Experiments on Using Hardware for Passwords

    Published by kristoffer January 19, 2013

    With so many online services requiring passwords, it can be quite difficult to manage your secret codes especially if you prefer using a different password for each website.
    Google wants to put an end to it. The tech giant, represented by vice president of security Eric Grosse and engineer Mayank Upadhyay, outlined their proposal to develop a hardware that would act as a master key for all online services. The re

  • Study: Half of Americans Leaving Landlines

    Published by kristoffer December 28, 2012

    A recent study shows that almost half of Americans are living in households that use only or mostly mobile phones, while the remainder of the population is slow to convert.
    The findings came from the unlikeliest of sources: the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The institution conducted its National Health Interview Study throughout the year, interviewing people about everything from their state of health, insur

  • Queen Elizabeth II’s Christmas Message Reportedly in 3D

    Published by kristoffer December 11, 2012

    Reports from the British press claim that Queen Elizabeth has recorded the annual Christmas Message in 3D, the first of its kind. Of course, we would need 3D glasses (as well as 3D TV or a “3D box,” if this is not uploaded on YouTube) to fully enjoy the message unless getting nauseous is fine by you.
    According to The Independent, the annual address will not mention any news about the Duke and Duchess o

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