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  • Justick Desktop Organizer

    Published by dennis March 1, 2013

    If you are an avid collector of all gadgets unique, you may be one of those who scour for devices that are not just unique but also interesting. There are quite a lot of them that you can find right now. What is most interesting is that however unique some of these gadgets are, they are also quite functional. One example is this Justick Desktop Organizer.
    The Justick Desktop Organizer is an interesting way to organ

  • Kastor The Beaver Pencil Sharpener

    Published by dennis February 9, 2013

    People appreciate good design. Most can usually easily determine what good design is when they see one. It may be anything. It is the aesthetic and sometimes functional design that usually gets people to take a second look at a device that imbibes good design. One example would be this Kastor the Beaver Pencil Sharpener.
    The Kastor the Beaver Pencil Sharpener takes on different, usually unrelated design subjects an

  • Mocet Communicator Turns iPad into Desktop Phone

    Published by kristoffer January 13, 2013

    Apple may be absent in every CES, but that does not discourage other consumer electronic companies from whipping out their wares that go with iOS devices. One example is an iPad dock that converts the tablet into a sleek desktop phone.
    The Mocet Communicator turns any iPad into a high-definition handset with speaker phone capabilities. You can make and receive calls using VoIP apps such as Skype and FaceTime. Us

  • Motion Sensing Personal Heater

    Published by dennis November 20, 2012

    As the season becomes colder and colder, heating the home or the office becomes an essential task. Some people might prefer to heat only those rooms or areas where heating is needed in order to save energy costs. This usually requires portable heaters that can be transported or transferred from room to room where it is needed. One interesting device of the similar kind is the Motion Sensing Personal Heater.
    The Mot

  • CalmSpace Sleeping Capsule

    Published by dennis November 11, 2012

    It is no surprise that people tend to feel tired and sleepy by noon at the office. Not being able to address it may be worse in terms of job performance. When feeling tired, it pays to take a break and get a power nap. And if ever offices would agree to giving their employees some time to catch a nap while at the office, having CalmSpace would help give them some space to comfortable catch their forty winks.

  • Align Detachable Magnetic Stapler

    Published by dennis September 21, 2012

    Staplers are still considered as important office tools. While most offices are now going paperless, it cannot be helped that some documents may need to be provided in paper. And with a bunch of them, staplers are still quite relevant. And the new Align Detachable Magnetic Stapler aims to give this tool an essential makeover of sorts.
    The Align Magnetic Stapler may look like your standard office stapler except for

  • Kanz Field Power Desk

    Published by dennis September 16, 2012

    For those workaholics yearning for a mobile office wherever they go, bringing the laptop alone just won’t cut it all the time. It would become useless after the batteries are drained out. If there’s no electric outlet around or even a backup battery, then workaholics may become depressed with helplessly not being able to do anything productive. For such people who would want to make sure on just about a

  • AromaUSB Fragrance Dispenser

    Published by dennis September 14, 2012

    Everybody loves working in a good smelling room. It somehow enhances the working environment. And for someone working in front of the PC or laptop, creating this type of environment is now possible with a device such as the AromaUSB fragrance dispenser.
    The AromaUSB Fragrance Dispenser is a handy device that can always help keep any work area smelling fresh. It is designed for a desktop or a laptop to help keep the

  • ParaSync Multiple iPad Charging Dock

    Published by dennis August 26, 2012

    Having multiple iPads may not be feasible to say the least for most people. But if you look at it from a point of view of an office set up or even at tradeshows and exhibits, you can see that it is not that difficult to see multiple iPads at a certain area all at once. And in such instances, there would be a potential problem in case all these iPads suddenly lack juice and may need some charging. Any… [Read More]

  • WhiteyBoard Whiteboard Sticker

    Published by dennis August 20, 2012

    The whiteboard has become a useful tool not only in offices but in schools as well. Even homes can benefit from having a whiteboard around. But while whiteboards may be quite useful, issues such as lack of space for it or some with limited writing space usually crop up. In order to address the issue, people might consider using the WhiteyBoard Whiteboard Sticker instead if they have greater than the usual whiteboar

  • This Tape Dispenser Cuts Perfect Strips Every Time

    Published by kristoffer August 18, 2012

    If you have worked in an office environment for so long, you know how tape dispensers can be frustrating at times. You rarely cut the sticky tape at just the right length, even worse if the blade did not cut the tape at your intended length and dragged the tape further as you pull.
    Japanese company Kokuyo introduces a tape dispenser that allows you to cut the tape at pre-determined lengths each and every time. Th

  • Animi Causa Roller Tape

    Published by dennis August 15, 2012

    Giving a simple device a unique twist can sometimes make it more appealing. It’s that unique touch that can make any device fascinating. Simple devices like the Roller Tape from Animi Causa evokes such fascination.
    The Roller Tape is a good way to dispense your ordinary tape in an extraordinary way. Its design is similar to a type of heavy machinery with the wheels functioning as the tape dispenser. The other pai

  • Booth Lounge Chair

    Published by dennis July 14, 2012

    Sitting down for some people is not just about relaxing. Even when sitting down, some people would want some privacy as well. While most chairs will not be able to provide that level of privacy that some people really need, the Booth Lounge Chair surely helps create that effect quite effectively.
    The Booth Lounger is designed by design firm ADDI and is designed to give people something that they can’t always

  • The Private Rocker

    Published by dennis May 24, 2012

    Privacy has become quite a rare luxury nowadays. With people getting more and more connected, it can be quite hard to find that valuable private time. That’s why people may want to get it as much as they could. People at the office may be able to get some private relaxation time during breaks by going into a corner and sitting on the Private Rocker.
    The Private Rocker is a unique chair concept that may offer

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