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  • Plair Turns Your Dumb TV Smart

    Published by dennis January 13, 2013

    While HDTV’s have become quite common and the norm in most living rooms today, it is no longer just enough for some as newer and better models come out. Now, people have a choice between smart TV’s and dumb TV’s. People would love to have smart TV’s but it is not something that everyone can afford. One can instead get Plair to get something better out of their dumb TV.
    Plair is a unique litt

  • Netflix Just for Kids Available on iPad

    Published by kristoffer October 1, 2012

    While Netflix Just for Kids has become a convenient portal to your kid’s favorite cartoons and educational programs, it is only been available to consoles and the web until now. It has recently been announced that Netflix Just for Kids is now available on iPads, making it convenient for parents to keep their children entertained while on the go.
    Just like its interface on bigger screens, this mobile app prov

  • Simple.TV: DVR for Mobile Devices Coming to US

    Published by kristoffer September 20, 2012

    Simple.TV has announced that its namesake device would be shipping this DVR solution for mobile devices to customers in United States beginning September 27th, costing $149. The DVR automatically converts HD content using its integrated TV tuner (whether receiving HD over-the-air signals or ClearQAM digital basic cable) and turn the clips into MPEG-4 formats that can be playable in mobile devices.
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  • World’s Oldest Color Film Discovered

    Published by kristoffer September 14, 2012

    After being cached in a media archive for over a century, the world’s first colored movie (or “motion picture” as it was called) was shown for the first time Wednesday, according to the National Media Museum in Bradford, England. The film, which was shot by inventor Edward Raymond Turner in 1899, was originally in black and white, but it was only now–through a curator’s research–

  • Nintendo Introduces “Nintendo TVii” for Wii U

    Published by kristoffer

    Nintendo has revealed that not only does the Wii U play video games using a tablet-ish GamePad controller, but also comes with TV functionality. Introduced during its New York City press event, the “Nintendo TVii” enables users to search for and watch their favorite TV series across an array of content providers including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, and even cable television.
    Zach Fountain, Nin

  • Sharp Unveils 90-Inch LED TV Set; Biggest in the World

    Published by kristoffer June 20, 2012

    Every TV enthusiast will tell you the bigger the TV, the better, and Sharp wins the competition so far. The Japan-based company has introduced its 90-inch LED TV monitor, which they claim is the biggest in the world.
    If the screen alone does not make your jaw drop, perhaps its other measurements will: 4 feet in height, 6 feet and 8 inches in width, 5 inches thick, and 141 pounds heavy, all while being sturdy enou

  • Dish Network Rolls Out DVRs that Skip Commercial Breaks

    Published by kristoffer May 17, 2012

    The beauty about DVR technology is that you can record your favorite TV shows while you are away and watch them on your free time, but watching them with full commercial breaks only wastes away your precious time. Dish Network provides its subscribers with a bit of respite as it rolls out its Hopper DVRs, which comes with Auto Hop that provides you the option of automatically skipping every commercial break.
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  • Asus Teases Facebook Friends with Blu-ray Writer

    Published by kristoffer May 14, 2012

    Out of nowhere, Asus posted an image on its Facebook page that got its friends buzzing. What looked like a high-end gaming console–with its piano-black exterior and brushed metal cantilevered stand–is actually its SBW-06C2X-U 3D Blu-ray writer, which supports 6X Blu-ray writing speed.
    Other features include support for BDXL format and Blu-ray 3D, 2D to 3D conversion, DVD upscaling to HD 1080p, Dolby EX

  • Sony Japan Introduces Nasne Media Box for PlayStation 3

    Published by kristoffer April 17, 2012

    In a few parts of the world–like Europe, Australia, and Japan–people utilize their PlayStation 3 not just for playing games or watch movies on Blu-ray, they also watch television programs using TV tuners.
    Sony Japan steps up its usual TV tuner fare with the Nasne headless media box. A combination of a networked recorder and media storage device, this device comes with a 500GB SATA HDD and tuners for bo

  • Sony Sells Its Share in LCD Joint Venture with Samsung

    Published by kristoffer December 27, 2011

    After seven years of working together on an LCD venture, Sony and Samsung have decided to call it quits. Samsung will buy up Sony’s 50 percent share of S-LCD Corporation, which is said to cost around $939 million.
    Analysts say that Sony left the venture because it has been struggling with the increasingly competitive TV industry. Instead, Sony has agreed to a new strategic agreement to source Samsung̵

  • Personal Widescreen Movie Theater Eyewear

    Published by dennis December 22, 2011

    It is now possible for people to have their entertainment choices made available right in the palm of their hands. Smartphones and other similar devices have become a popular multimedia center that people usually use to be entertained. But as these small devices further shrink, videos stored in them may not usually be able to provide users with that widescreen movie theater experience. This Personal Widescreen Movi

  • Acer 3DTV Converts 2D Content Into 3D

    Published by kristoffer December 1, 2011

    The 3DTV industry may not be lucrative now, but all signs point to a 3D future on TV. The common mindset why consumers hesitate 3DTV is that it currently provides limited 3D content. Current TV shows, for instance, remain in 2D. It would be like buying an ordinary TV with an extraordinary price.
    But Acer has something up its sleeve. Its latest 3DTV venture, the Acer HR274H, can convert a majority of 2D content

  • Sony to Launch New Television Platform

    Published by kristoffer November 14, 2011

    Sony’s business performance has been rough in recent years, highlighted with an expected loss worth of billions of dollars in the fiscal year ending in March 2012. The company’s biggest struggle is with its TV category, a market where people choose smaller sets and cheaper brands especially in this poor economy. Despite of all these, Sony remains optimistic.
    In an interview with Wall Street Journal, S

  • Virtual Video Screen Glasses For Apple iDevices

    Published by dennis October 29, 2011

    Watching videos from the iPhone, iPod or the iPad can only be limited to the screen size that they present. It might be great if one can watch movies or videos from their iDevice into a larger screen. But barring connecting your iDevice into a compatible HDTV or even a portable projector, one other unique alternative will be using this Virtual Video Screen Glasses designed for Apple iDevices.
    The Virtual Video Scre

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