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  • Innocube DLP Pico Projector for Kids

    Published by dennis January 20, 2013

    The recently concluded CES 2013 has brought out some innovative and interesting devices. There were some that catered to general consumers while there are also other devices introduced that cater to special uses. One probably interesting introduction involves one from Texas Instruments called the Innocube DLP Pico Projector.
    The colorful Innocube DLP Pico Projector may be called a unique projector in that it is pri

  • iPotty: Toilet Training with iPad

    Published by kristoffer January 11, 2013

    People, especially parents, who passed by the CTA Digital booth at CES 2013 are doing a double-take with this unusual piece of plastic: a potty trainer with an iPad holder in front of it.
    The toilet-training device, cheekily named iPotty, targets toddlers and young children who needed a bit of distraction while doing the one or two. It comes with a splash protector placed underneath the iPad, a lid that converts

  • Best Kid’s Digital Camera Choices For The Holidays

    Published by dennis December 13, 2012

    The upcoming holidays will lead parents to once again think about what to give to their kids as ideal gifts. For those who wish to develop their kid’s creativity in a fun and enjoyable way, getting them a kid-friendly digital camera may be the best bet. But there are some things to consider when buying one.
    Kids from 4 years old and above may already be acquainted with the digital camera and what it can do. B

  • USB Squirming Tentacle

    Published by dennis December 9, 2012

    There are gadgets that have known functions aiming to help people with some tasks. And then, there are some other devices considered as useless, and that is a fact. But where will you categorize this USB Squirming Tentacle if you see one?
    The USB Squirming Tentacle is simply that- a colorful octopus tentacle that can be connected to a USB port. What it does is squirm and wiggle when connected to an available USB po

  • Snuza Hero Vibrating Baby Monitor

    Published by dennis December 8, 2012

    Parents of those adorable babies just can’t help but always show concern most of the time. It is almost natural for many new parents to do so. But there are instances where they cannot always monitor them constantly. In this case, devices like the Snuza Hero Vibrating Baby Monitor to help out.
    The Snuza Hero Vibrating Baby Monitor is a handy device that parents can clip into the waistband of a baby’s di

  • Urban Shredder

    Published by dennis November 21, 2012

    With skateboards and bikes being common, kids would sometimes look for something unique to hitch a ride into. Many kids sometimes would want something different, something that their friends do not have yet. For those kids who are looking for something new to ride on, they can take their chances with the Urban Shredder.
    The Urban Shredder by Hot Wheels is a unique mode of kid’s transportation, if there is suc

  • Hela Throwing Disc

    Published by dennis September 29, 2012

    Just because they are called toys does not always mean that they are just for kids. There are toys out there that are fun to play with even by grownups. And there are also toys that are deemed not suitable for kids to play with. This Hela Throwing Disc may be considered a toy but is something that grownups play with.
    The Hela Throwing Disc is a uniquely-shaped throwing disc designed to go farther with less energy n

  • 4Moms Breeze Playpen Now Shipping

    Published by kristoffer September 25, 2012

    The most ingenious playpen in the market is now available for purchase. The 4Moms Breeze incorporates simple robotics for an easy-breezy set-up and fold mechanism. Just push the playpen downward and it comes fully installed; pull the center strap upward and it is completely folded and ready to store underneath the bed or into the car’s trunk. No need to lock and unlock the sides! We know other playpens als

  • Babyglow Color Changing Baby Bodysuit

    Published by dennis August 18, 2012

    When it comes to babies crying, knowing how to make them stop require some skill. One of the causes of them crying is that they are not feeling good. A baby having a fever is something that most parents don’t want to experience. Persistent monitoring is required for this. In order for parents to know how their baby is feeling, having the baby wear the Babyglow Color Changing Bodysuit might help.
    The Babyglow

  • LeapFrog LeapPad2 Learning Tablet

    Published by kristoffer August 17, 2012

    Over a year after releasing the LeapPad Explorer learning tablet, LeapFrog launches the second-gen LeapPad that has become available for the same $99 price tag.
    Expect the LeapFrog LeapPad2 kid-friendly tablet to have spec bumps with more games for more playing and learning time for your tots.
    The educational device now has double the on-board memory at 4GB, as well as a bigger battery. It also has cameras both on

  • Kaos Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher

    Published by dennis July 7, 2012

    Summer is still quite dominant and people are raring to go outdoors. There will be plenty of time to have fun out in the sun and explore outside of the home. Outdoor fun for kids would sometimes include joining in on water balloon fights with friends. But if you wish to make the most out of your water balloon battles, you might need to equip yourself with the Kaos Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher.
    The Kaos Cyclops Wa

  • ChildMinder Infant-Toddler Elite Pad System

    Published by dennis July 6, 2012

    Parents can really have many things on their minds nowadays that they can even forget a baby or an infant sometimes. Many news reports have been heard recently about some parents leaving their kids locked in the car for a long period of time. In order to prevent the same thing to happen to parents, no matter how stressful they may be at a particular time, the ChildMinder Infant-Toddler Elite Pad System may help the

  • Aquapod Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher

    Published by dennis May 15, 2012

    Many people are well acquainted with soda bottles. Most of them have them by the dozens at home ready for the recycling bin after drinking all its contents. But there is still a way for some people to have fun using them before they are recycled with this Aquapod Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher.
    The Aquapod Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher is a unique toy that is designed more for the adults out there. But that doesn’

  • 4Moms Origami Baby Stroller

    Published by kristoffer April 4, 2012

    We have seen folding baby strollers, but most of the time you have to fold it manually. And if you are a parent who has a lot of stuff in your hands, storing these stroller can be a hassle.
    4Moms eases that problem with the first ever power-folding stroller. Origami features a single button that you can push and the stroller folds on its own. It also self-charges as your push the stroller, thanks to its generato

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