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  • Apple Denies Being Monopolist in Downloading via App Store

    Published by kristoffer March 8, 2013

    Apple is on trial not because of patent-related battles, but on accusations of violating antitrust laws as it only allow iPhone users to download apps through its App Store. The company’s lawyers argued that Apple does not violate such laws, citing how it does not set the prices for apps or in-app purchases as well as charging a 30-percent fee for using its app platform.
    The prosecution and the critics, howe

  • Cheap iPhone Rumor Doesn’t Go Away

    Published by kristoffer March 3, 2013

    Despite one Apple executive declaring that cheap smartphones will never be part of Apple’s future, rumors about it continue to swirl.
    Japan-based Apple news site Macotakara, citing sources, says that such an entry-level iPhone is slated for next year and that it will use plastic instead of aluminum for its casing.
    According to the website, the rumored cheap iPhone will sport a polycarbonate plastic encasing,

  • Apple HQ Suffered from Hack Attack

    Published by kristoffer February 20, 2013

    Apple has confirmed that some of its Mac computers suffered from hacker attacks. This admission is unusual for Apple, who has long bragged about how its computers never get infected by viruses.
    According to Apple, a “small number” of their computers were infected after employees visited a website for software developers that transmitted the malicious computer code. While the company did not elaborate

  • Report: Apple Now Dominates Japan’s Smartphone Market

    Published by kristoffer February 13, 2013

    There are so many things going on why it is difficult for a foreign smartphone maker to struggle in Japan: the complicated regulatory structure, popular support for features unseen in phones outside Japan (wireless charging, for instance), and the Japanese’ love for the clamshell phones.
    But Apple has been chewing its way into the Rising Sun’s pie, as evident last March 2012 when it was reported the

  • US President Obama Announces “Made in USA” Macs

    Published by kristoffer

    President Barack Obama gave a shout-out to Apple during his latest State of the Union address, in reference to American companies adding more domestic jobs during his administration.
    “After shedding jobs for more than 10 years, our manufacturers have added about 500,000 jobs over the past three,” the United States president declared. “This year, Apple will start making Macs in America again.̶

  • Is Apple Making an “iWatch”?

    Published by kristoffer February 11, 2013

    Every time we read a rumor about an upcoming Apple product, we should always take it with a grain of salt. I mean, whatever happened to that iPhone with “metallic glass” casing? Or the one with an edge-to-edge screen? Or the mini version of the iPhone?
    This new iRumor also sounds like it was ripped from an Apple fanfiction, but with the likes of The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times reportin

  • “Budget iPhone 5″ Geared for China?

    Published by kristoffer January 29, 2013

    Rumors about the cheap version of iPhone 5 just won’t die down. Despite what an Apple executive has said about how cheap smartphones will never be the future of Apple’s products, sources claim that a budget iPhone 5 is indeed in the works.
    Citing “reliable sources,” Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge reports that Apple will replace the aluminum body of its latest smartphone with a cheaper plastic ca

  • Apple Revenue, iPhone Sales Fall Short Last Quarter

    Published by kristoffer January 24, 2013

    Reuters has reported that Apple missed Wall Street’s revenue forecast for the third straight quarter, mainly because iPhone sales were lower than expected. This news made investors worried about Apple’s dominance in the mobile industry, as its shares fell 10 percent closing at $463. That was equivalent to a market value loss of around $50 billion.
    Apple said it shipped 47.8 million iPhones last quarte

  • Apple Executive Denies Rumors of Cheap iPhone

    Published by kristoffer January 11, 2013

    Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, is denying reports that his company are developing a cheaper iPhone. In an interview with Shanghai Evening News, Schiller added that the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone for Apple.
    “We are not like other companies that launched multiple products in one breath, then pinning their hopes on a product to get the favor of consumers,” Schiller said

  • Apple App Store: 40 Billion Total Downloads, Half of which in 2012

    Published by kristoffer January 8, 2013

    Apple has announced in its most recent press release that over 40 billion apps have been downloaded in its App Store, with almost half of those just last year. The figures do not include re-downloads and app updates.
    The Cupertino-based company even added that December 2012 broke records in iOS app downloads, with over two billion downloads that are probably fueled by holiday sales of iOS devices. The App Store,

  • Apple Allegedly Testing TV Set Prototypes

    Published by kristoffer December 13, 2012

    The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is testing out prototypes of high-resolution television sets and is working with several manufacturing partners in Asia, two of which are said to be Foxconn and Sharp.
    Citing sources, the publisher adds that the tests are at the early stages. While Apple has yet to confirm the existence of such tests, we can say there are some maneuvering going on to make Apple flat-

  • Apple Maps App Becomes Life-Threatening in Australia

    Published by kristoffer December 11, 2012

    The police department of Victoria state, Australia, is warning the public not to use Apple’s error-prone Maps app when navigating to the southern city of Mildura, as drivers end up stranded in the middle of a remote state park.
    Apple Maps places the city of Mildura about 70 kilometers (44 miles) away from actual location, situating it within Murray Sunset National Park, a desert-like region with scorching tem

  • U.S. Patent Office Finds Apple’s Multitouch Patent “Invalid”

    Published by kristoffer December 8, 2012

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a preliminary notice indicating that Apple’s patent that covers multitouch technology, including scrolling, might be invalid.
    The ruling, however, was not issued with finality and Apple still has two months to file an initial response and several appeals before the patent would be struck out. And even if this particular patent be rendered inval

  • Apple to Have “Made in USA” Macs in 2013… By Foxconn?

    Published by kristoffer December 6, 2012

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed during an interview with American journalist Brian Williams that his company will have one of its existing Mac lines be manufactured right within home soil in 2013. With such a statement, it remains unsure whether the product tipped to bear the “Made in USA” label would be the iMac, Mac Mini, or any of the Mac laptops.
    As Apple does not own any manufacturing facilities,

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