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  • The Hands Free Toilet Seat

    Published by dennis March 10, 2013

    Finally, devices used for personal hygiene are getting their share of tech upgrades. Such devices, especially those that are found in the toilet, usually are left behind in terms of tech upgrades. Devices such as the Hands Free Toilet Seat show that this may not be the case.
    The Hands Free Toilet Seat makes it more convenient as well as more sanitary for people using the toilet. It makes a hands free operation of t

  • Spotlight LED Slanted Tweezers

    Published by dennis

    It is not always the big gadgets out there that gets the attention most of the time. There are those small devices that, given a tech upgrade to boost its function, can become quite interesting in itself. The Spotlight LED Slanted Tweezers is just one of them.
    The Spotlight LED Slanted Tweezers by Revlon may be considered as a godsend by people who use them often. Adding a LED light to tweezers is just pure genius.

  • Lumio Lamp Looks and Works Like a Book

    Published by kristoffer March 9, 2013

    Consider it as one of the most mesmerizing Kickstarter projects we have encountered. In plain sight, Lumio looks like a book with a wooden cover. Open it up, however, and it is actually a foldable lamp.
    The creator, California-based architect and esigner Max Gunawan, developed the Lumio after he could not get enough funding from his original project–a modular home that could fit into a compact car.

  • Sanwa TAP-TST13 Smart Plug

    Published by dennis March 5, 2013

    Electricity consumption has become a concern among many households. Saving up on electricity costs takes on a more important part of every household decision. It also helps if the homeowner has the means to determine what appliances may be considered as energy efficient or those that are power hogs. The Sanwa TAP-TST13Smart Plug may be a good device that will help monitor power consumption, one device at a time.

  • BeeWi Mobot Provides Home Remote Control Features

    Published by dennis March 3, 2013

    The home of the future is said to be highly integrated into the hands of the owner, literally. It is said to be a home where gadgets and appliances around the home can be controlled using a handy device such as a smartphone or a tablet. That future may not be afar off as the technology already exists, with the likes of the BeeWi Mobot Power Plug.
    The BeeWi Mobot, recently introduced and demonstrated at the Mobile W

  • Aero Sphere Circulator Fan

    Published by dennis February 25, 2013

    When you say electric fans, most people will always have this distinct idea of what one looks like. But that is until the Dyson Air Multiplier came that we came to have a unique look at how electric fans look like. And now, even this new Aero Sphere Circulator Fan may provide another different look at the device.
    The Aerospace Sphere Circulator Fan is a unique looking electric fan in that it is encircled with a uni

  • Aeropress Coffee Maker

    Published by dennis

    Making coffee for some people is a serious matter. They want to make their coffee just perfect for their own tastes. This can sometimes only be possible if they make it themselves. One of the most affordable ways of doing so is by having this device called the Aeropress Coffee Maker.
    The Aeropress Coffee Maker is a simple device that can produce your favorite espressos. It works by total immersion and using gentle

  • Kopi KBar USB Charger Power Strip

    Published by dennis February 22, 2013

    People nowadays require a means to have their portable devices charged when its battery power empties. People sometimes cannot find the means to do so, especially when it comes to their portable USB devices. There are times when the charging facilities are quite occupied. It’s either a USB slot may not be available or the power outlets are all used. If only the power strips can charge those USB devices. Fortu

  • The Vinge Table Lamp

    Published by dennis February 21, 2013

    Desk lamps are portable light sources that provide lighting to a room where it is needed. Not only that table lamps can also help provide design accents as well. In the case of the Vinge Table Lamp, it can provide both.
    The Vinge Table Lamp is a stylish yet simple table lamp that looks as good as the light source that it is designed to be. It provides a good light source produced by its wide dome. Light intensity c

  • USB Powered Personal Humidifier

    Published by dennis February 20, 2013

    Living and working in confined spaces usually comes with problems with breathable air. Especially during very cold days, dry indoor air can be quite difficult to deal with due to its lack of moisture. If dry air has constantly been a problem for you, you might consider at least to have this USB Powered Personal Humidifier handy at home or at the office.
    The USB Powered Personal Humidifier allows you to at least hav

  • Toilet Tablet Tool

    Published by dennis February 18, 2013

    People can be so enamored with their iPad’s that they can’t seem to leave home without it. Why, some won’t even part ways with their tablet anywhere literally. If they can bring it with them while in the toilet, then they would. Such people may be in luck since there’s the Toilet Tablet Tool now available.
    The Toilet Tablet Tool allows people to use their iPads and tablets even while busy on

  • New Samsung Refrigerator with Built In SodaStream

    Published by dennis February 16, 2013

    Modern refrigerators have generally featured the same common functions over the years. Some are given modern features that new technology can allow while some offer added conveniences to make them stand out from the rest. It is sometimes those unique additions that make some of the newer ref models worth getting second looks. One of the recent ones might be this new Samsung RF31FMESBSR Refrigerator.
    The new Samsung

  • Wayki Alarm Clock Toothbrush

    Published by dennis February 14, 2013

    Getting up in the morning for some people may be quite hard. This also goes with brushing teeth in the morning. Gadgets like the new Wayki Alarm Clock Toothbrush aim to help people with both.
    The unique Wayki Alarm Clock Toothbrush is a unique combination of an alarm clock and a toothbrush. The concept is for the device to work with two parts separated. The handle or base acts as an alarm clock while the brush tip

  • Satechi Smart Desk LED Lamp

    Published by dennis February 13, 2013

    Desk lamps are a convenience for people who usually work through the night in their home. They usually need a good desk lamp to provide them with some necessary lighting without having to disturb other family members in the home who might be sleeping. This Satechi Smart Desk LED Lamp will be able to provide that and more.
    The Satechi Smart Desk LED Lamp is more than just a regular LED desk lamp. It also comes with

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