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  • Best Portable Solar Charger

    Published by dennis February 16, 2013

    Many gadget-savvy people are also slowly getting into trying to protecting the environment in whatever way they can. Some would practice certain things that will help them reduce their harmful contribution to the environment. If it needs using more renewable energy to power their various portable devices, then many will welcome such a change. They might consider getting the Best Portable Solar Charger around to mak

  • K-Tor Pocket Socket Portable Hand Generator

    Published by dennis February 4, 2013

    For people yearning to have available power for their smartphones and tablets, they usually try to get an external battery to help provide some much-added power when needed. But what if the external battery runs out of juice? It would be a better option if power-hungry device users have the K-Tor Pocket Socket Portable Hand Generator for backup.
    The K-Tor Pocket Socket is a handy portable hand generator that can ge

  • Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

    Published by dennis January 11, 2013

    Imagine a world where energy has become too scarce and expensive. There might come a time when carbon fuel for generating energy will all be used up, with people having to find alternatives to create energy needed just to fill up a day. It may be a scary prospect having to face such a crisis in the future. But it may be a bit enlightening to know that there are now devices such as the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar… [Read More]

  • SecondWind Alkaline Battery Charger

    Published by dennis January 4, 2013

    Many devices that we use usually use come with a waste component. Once they have outlived their use, they are considered as waste and thrown away. Devices that help give some devices second life can help prevent this. One such gadget that can do this is the SecondWind Alkaline Battery Charger.
    The SecondWind Alkaline Battery Charger may look like any other battery chargers out there. But its function serves to help

  • GravityLight- Gravity Powered LED Light

    Published by dennis December 18, 2012

    Many people have somehow taken for granted the importance of light. If that is not the case, it seems that people have less appreciation for such necessities in life. Not so for those living in the developing world. Many people actually still do not have easy access to light and make do with those dangerous and costly kerosene lamps for light at night. People from the London-based design company Therefore has come

  • Scientists Develop Green Battery Out Of Ancient Red Dye

    Published by dennis December 17, 2012

    With the world having an increasing appetite for energy, it won’t take long before current resources won’t be able satisfy this increasing demand. That is why there are now many researchers who are looking through alternative sources of energy, most notably those in the area of “green” or environment-friendly power sources. Scientists may have found another possible energy alternative when i

  • Underwater Turbine Generates Electricity From Rushing Water

    Published by dennis December 15, 2012

    Certain disasters can cause power outages that can greatly affect daily life. Emergencies are harder and more difficult to address when there is lack of electric power in the area. In such cases, being able to come up with emergency power becomes an essential task. For areas affected by intense flooding or considered as water prone, this new Cappa Underwater TurbineĀ  may help provide electric power in areas where

  • Bite Me Edible Desk Lamp

    Published by dennis November 27, 2012

    While people may like to have gadgets, there is a limit to how long they can like one. People get tired having the same gadget over time. This applies to almost every gadget out there, including desk lamps. Accepting this usual habit, Bite Me Edible Desk Lamp makes it easier for users to get rid of it by eating the lamp, literally.
    The Bite Me Edible Desk Lamp is a unique type of lamp because users can eat it liter

  • Bell and Howell Solar Charger Keychain

    Published by dennis November 15, 2012

    It is always a common experience having your smartphone drained of its power. Sometimes it comes at the very moment when you least expected it and just when you needed your smartphone more. It helps to have some backup power available to enable you to send that important text message or make that call by having this Bell and Howell Solar Charger Keychain handy.
    The Bell and Howell Solar Charger Keychain is a small

  • All Terrain Electric Bicycle

    Published by dennis

    Even eco-friendly travelers would want to try out an all-terrain vehicle now and then. It’s great to have a mode of transportation that can go along paved roads as well as rough, uneven terrain found in forests and mountains. Eco-friendly people looking for such a vehicle would want to have the All Terrain Electric Bicycle around.
    The All Terrain Electric Bicycle is probably the very first electric bicycle in

  • One Two Tree For Christmas

    Published by dennis November 13, 2012

    The upcoming holiday season brings with it many things to prepare and do. It is not just all about buying gifts but also trying to decorate the home in tune to celebrate Christmas. And for those who would want something different and eco-friendly, they might want to get this unique One Two Tree to put up as a Christmas Tree in the home.
    One Two Tree is a unique set of untreated high-grade Australian hoop pine plywo

  • 3M LED Advanced Light Bulb

    Published by dennis November 7, 2012

    With the electric power consumption ever increasing, there is a need for people to try to conserve energy and save money. There are many ways available for people to do this either at home or the office. Using energy-efficient lighting is one of them, like using this new 3M LED Advanced Light Bulb.
    The 3M LED Advanced Light Bulb is designed to help make lighting around the home or the office more efficient. You may

  • EcoCharge Converts Heat Into Electricity For Your Devices

    Published by dennis October 9, 2012

    Heat energy is one of those things that get wasted a lot around the home. But it is energy that can also be recycled and used, if only it can be processed effectively to do so. The EcoCharge device concept may someday help households efficiently convert otherwise wasted heat into electricity that can be used to charge devices.
    The EcoCharge concept is developed by designer Ardavan Mirhosseini. It is a device that a

  • Solar Power Generator

    Published by dennis October 8, 2012

    More and more people would like to make use of eco-friendly energy around the home more than ever before. Technology has a way of introducing this feature into the home as new gadgets allow people to take advantage of renewable energy at the residential level. There is the Solar Power Generator for example, that would help provide an alternative source of clean energy for the home.
    The Solar Power Generator is a co

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