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  • A Look at High Tech Garments

    Published by dennis January 31, 2013

    Devices depend highly on technology in order to stay relevant in a fast changing world. Some innovative and highly useful products have taken advantage of technology to offer people some level of convenience that they otherwise would not have enjoyed. In the case of garments and clothing, technology may not always be evident. But the garment industry also has its share of updated tech to keep the market remain inte

  • Grid-It Gadget Organizer

    Published by kristoffer January 18, 2013

    If you are like any other person on-the-go who has to bring everything with them, you will especially love this.
    Imagine bringing all your personal gadgets, from digital cameras to laptops and tablets, in just one bag without the need of carrying another one just for your electronics and not having to worry about them being messy inside your bag. Grid-It by Cocoon Innovations is a uniquely versatile organizer th

  • HipKey Helps You Find Lost iPhone

    Published by kristoffer January 13, 2013

    There are hundreds of devices out there that aim to help you locate your lost items. Here is another one that would help you find your missing iPhone.
    The Danish-made HipKey was introduced to the attendees of CES 2013, with no less than the creator Danny van der Poel travelling all the way from Denmark to demonstrate how it works. The HipKey is about the size of a quarter, making it really easy to put into your p

  • Model 829 Ultra Thin Battery Pack

    Published by dennis January 2, 2013

    Many people just can’t get enough of juice for their many devices. They need to bring along with them external battery packs to serve as reserve power in case it is needed. People would surely like a handy battery pack to bring along. This Model 829 Ultra Thin Battery Pack would fit in perfectly to such needs.
    The Model 829 Ultra Thin Battery Pack is considered as the world’s thinnest 4000mAh today. It

  • LED Hat

    Published by dennis December 18, 2012

    If you are looking for a unique gift to give this Christmas, there are actually a lot of them available for you to choose from. And if you are looking for affordable gifts aside from being unique, you have your choices somewhat limited. But there are always something available out there, such as the unique LED hat.
    The LED Hat is simple as an ordinary-looking baseball-style cap. But what makes it unique is that it

  • Pelican U100 Black Elite Storage Backpack

    Published by dennis December 6, 2012

    For people who are known to be highly organized in everything they do, having the right bag is always a must. These people are not just comfortable with throwing everything inside a bag and into a pool of other personal items. The highly organized would have it done better with each item placed in a certain area where users can retrieve them without having to rummage over a pile of different items. The Pelican U100

  • Chaval Response XRT Heated Gloves

    Published by dennis November 28, 2012

    As the season gets colder and colder, it is time to have some essential warm protective wear. The first thing that may come to mind is protecting those extremities from the harsh cold. For those who never mind going high tech when it comes to warming up, the Chaval Response XRT heated gloves may be something worth considering.
    The Chaval Response XRT gloves are designed to provide warmth to those hands to battle th

  • Re-Timer LED Glasses “Prevents” Jetlag

    Published by kristoffer November 22, 2012

    Jetlag and disrupted sleep patterns are a bane among frequent travelers. There have been claims that being exposed to certain flashing lights can remedy them, but there are not a lot of consumer products that can prove that… until now.
    Introducing the Re-Timer, a wearable visor that promises to prevent jetlag by mimicking sunlight and resetting the body’s bio clock. The device is reportedly the result

  • Wrist Watch Pattern 1500mAh Portable Battery

    Published by dennis October 28, 2012

    People who love to bring along several portable devices wherever they go always have to face issues regarding sufficient power for all of them. There are times when they don’t come prepared for such things to their own regret. But it is a good thing that there are now quite a lot of options available for people nowadays when it comes to bringing along some reserve power for their different devices. One of the

  • Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

    Published by kristoffer October 17, 2012

    There are so many fitness bracelets in the market such as the Nike FuelBand, MotoACTV, and Jawbone UP. It certainly won’t hurt if another one is added to the mix, especially if it works more intelligently than the rest.
    The Amiigo fitness bracelet also comes with a compatible fitness app. The lightweight plastic bracelet comes with a detachable shoe-clip and can identify what kind of exercise you are doing.

  • Like-A-Hug: A Jacket That Hugs You on Every Facebook “Like”

    Published by kristoffer October 9, 2012

    This has got to be the saddest piece of clothing ever made.
    The Like-A-Hug jacket is connected to the wearer’s Facebook account. Whenever a Facebook friend “likes” a photo or status update you posted, the jacket fills itself with air to mimic a “hugging” sensation.
    To this I ask: Why the need for simulated hugs? Has our society become so distant to each other that we need a jacket t

  • Everpurse Provides Wireless Charging to iPhone

    Published by kristoffer October 5, 2012

    If you are a sucker for your iPhone, you know how agonizing it is to have your smartphone die down when you need it the most; even double if you do not have your charging cord with you or cannot find a wall outlet or USB port to charge your phone. A Kickstarter project is set to make charging the most convenient thing ever.
    On the surface, the Everpurse looks like your ordinary coin purse until you put your iPhone

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  • Concept Zero Ferrofluid Magnetic Display

    Published by dennis September 29, 2012

    There are people who like to play with objects that display unique properties. Such objects like ferrofluid may not be that well-known among the general public. But it does exist and come with pretty unique and interesting properties. And it takes art studios like Concept Zero to come up with the Ferrofluid Magnetic Display to make use of such ferrofluids as an interactive art piece for people to play with.
    The Fer

  • Flip Torch LED Light

    Published by dennis September 28, 2012

    It sometimes can be quite interesting to see two seemingly different items fused together to create another unique and sometimes quite intriguing product. Some may have a bit of similarity in terms of function but creates an entirely new one altogether. And sometimes, it is something worth a second look like this Flip Torch LED Light.
    The Flip Torch LED light is one of those gadgets that looks like a particular gad

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