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  • Soccket: A Power-Generating Soccer Ball

    Published by kristoffer March 1, 2013

    We have seen smart basketballs, but this soccer ball is taking its purpose to a much higher good.
    SOCCKET looks like your normal association football, but it also works as a portable generator. Take the ball to the field and play it like usual, then it takes all of that kinetic energy from rolling and getting kicked around and converts it into electrical energy.
    Soccket comes with a tiny LED lamp that can be plugg

  • 94Fifty Smart Basketball

    Published by kristoffer February 28, 2013

    Basketball players, especially those who play on the streets, do not have the necessary tools to check their performance. InfoMotion Sports wants to bring performance stats close to your concrete court.
    The 94Fifty smart basketball is just like your usual, amateur-standard hoop ball, but with sensors embedded inside. The added hardware detects the forces involved as you dribble or shoot, then sends details such a

  • Amiigo Bluetooth Fitness Bracelet

    Published by dennis February 5, 2013

    People find it helpful having devices that help them reach their fitness goals nowadays. Many health and fitness device makers have not disappointed in providing such needs to the fitness-loving crowd as well as for those who just want to keep fit. The new Amiigo Bluetooth Fitness Bracelet is just one of them.
    The Amiigo Bluetooth Fitness Bracelet allows people to keep track of their fitness regimen and how their b

  • A Look At Five Other Health Gadgets From CES 2013

    Published by dennis January 22, 2013

    There were a wealth of health gadgets and devices recently introduced at CES 2013 held at Las Vegas recently. It just goes to show that consumers have this increasing need to look after their own health through self-monitoring made possible by current and innovative technologies of today. Here is a look at another five devices that would surely appeal to the health conscious crowd.

    Wahoo Fitness Blue HR
    For pe

  • Compact Elliptical Trainer

    Published by dennis September 22, 2012

    Many people seem to avoid exercise and fitness not simply because they don’t want to. A lot just can’t seem to find time to do so. Some may not even try to because they feel that they don’t even have the equipment for it. For those who want to find a good fitness device for the home that doesn’t take that much space, this Compact Elliptical Trainer may do just fine.
    The Compact Elliptical Tr

  • Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer

    Published by dennis September 20, 2012

    One common way that many companies use of trying to capture a certain market segment is by developing a device that is closely connected to an already popular device in the market. That is why there is a booming industry around making accessories for those wildly popular iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. One of the unique ones to recently come out is this Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer.
    The Wahoo KICKR PowerTr

  • Ego WiFi HD Action Camera

    Published by dennis August 23, 2012

    Action cameras have become quite popular nowadays. With many models now available in the market to choose from, people may now have this opportunity to capture images as well as video using a hi-speed camera that will be able to capture every action in crisp and clear detail. The new Ego WiFi HD Action Camera is now of those new entries in this new market.
    The Ego WiFi HD Action Camera is designed to capture images

  • Clean Bottle Runner

    Published by dennis July 19, 2012

    Going out for a jog usually means having only the bare necessities to bring along in order to have a comfortable run. While most would usually just bring along water bottle with them, some might find it quite difficult leaving their smartphone behind. But it can be hard for joggers having no pockets to store it in. The Clean Bottle Runner strap may provide an alternative option.
    The Clean Bottle Runner strap is a s

  • Multiprotector Air Cast

    Published by dennis June 20, 2012

    In many physical injuries suffered through accidents, immediate first aid is crucial. In cases where arm or leg fractures happen, being able to stabilize them is just as important in order to minimize further injury to the affected area. A company in Japan has recently developed an Air Cast called the Multiprotector that will allow first aid attendants to stabilize an injury immediately.
    The Multiprotector is devel

  • Wahoo Fitness Blue SC

    Published by dennis June 11, 2012

    People can do a lot of things in order to stay fit. Some go jogging while others prefer biking. But what is most important is that people know what it takes to stay fit, which means they could keep track of their progress. For those who go biking, the new Wahoo Fitness Blue SC would be a tool to have to keep track and monitor progress.
    The Wahoo Fitness Blue SC is a Bluetooth device that bikers can attach near the… [Read More]

  • The Dehydration Preventing Pedometer

    Published by dennis April 10, 2012

    People always trying to get fit must also learn how to take care not to overdo things. Over exertion can lead to many problems that will undermine the benefits of trying to stay fit with regular exercise. One frequent problem that people have to look out when exercising is becoming dehydrated. Here is a device called the Dehydration Preventing Pedometer that might just help prevent such instances.
    The Dehydration P

  • Cardo BK 1 For Bike Helmets

    Published by dennis March 30, 2012

    Biking usually takes one’s focus on the road. That is why some people can’t just use their smartphones to take or make calls when on a bike. But communication while biking need not be limited with the Cardo BK1 around.
    The Cardo BK 1 is a communication and entertainment system that can be fixed on a bicycle helmet. It is even considered as one of its kind in the world today. It features a Bluetooth enab

  • Medisana TargetScale

    Published by dennis March 28, 2012

    Many people dread standing on the weighing scale to know the truth. But maybe it is just that some people just don’t find it appealing enough. Maybe this new and attractive Medisana TargetScale might just do the job.
    The Medisana TargetScale is a unique scale that not only takes a person’s weight. It can also calculate for one’s body mass index or BMI, body fat and water. It can also determine a p

  • iHealth Weighing Scale

    Published by dennis February 25, 2012

    For most people, keeping track of their weight is not always an easy task. But it may be an important part of trying to maintain an ideal healthy weight. For people having such problems, it pays to take advantage of what technology may be available nowadays to make weight monitoring even more convenient. For iPhone users, having the iHealth Weighing Scale at home might help.
    The iHealth Weighing Scale is a digital

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