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  • Some Europeans Can Now Pre-Order Kindle Paperwhite

    Published by kristoffer October 12, 2012

    Amazon has announced that its Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader is now available for pre-order in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. The online retailer will offer both the 3G and WiFi-only models in those countries.
    The WiFi-only version costs €129 or £109 (around US$170, including sales tax), while the 3G model costs €189 or £169 (about $244 and $271 respectively). Both models will come with

  • Txtr Beagle E-Reader

    Published by dennis

    Paperbacks and other traditional books are said to go the way of the dinosaur. But many people still relish the action of turning the pages of an ordinary book. At least it’s the actual experience that many people just don’t want to let go just yet. But just the same there are also some e-readers out there that try to vie for that book reader’s attention. One of them is this Txtr Beagle E-reader.

  • Kobo Unveils New E-Readers, Android Tablet

    Published by kristoffer September 6, 2012

    Kobo attempts to try stealing Amazon’s thunder by introducing its new e-readers and even unveiled an Android tablet a day before Amazon’s official announcement of its new hardware.
    Rakuten-owned Kobo unveils its $79 Kobo Mini, which features a 5-inch E-Ink touchscreen with 2GB internal storage, WiFi connectivity, and Kobo’s social reading functions. Too bad there is no expandable memory here.

  • Amazon Unveils Kindle Paperwhite, with “Glowing” Screen

    Published by kristoffer

    Amazon is currently introducing new hardware in its lineup at this moment. One of the highlights of the company’s event in Los Angeles is the unveiling of the Kindle Paperwhite, which features a frontlighting screen that allows readers to enjoy their favorite e-books in the dark without disturbing the people around them. The device is set to compete with Barnes & Noble’s Nook with GlowLight.

  • Kobo Vox Gets Google Play for Full-Tablet Experience

    Published by kristoffer June 15, 2012

    While Kobo Vox has many admirable features as a 7-inch colored e-book reader, it does have its limitations if it is being used as a tablet. For one, its Get Jar app store remains sparsely supported. So imagine the delight in our eyes when we heard the news about Google Play coming into play.
    Now, Kobo Vox users can enjoy installing and utilizing apps from the mother of all Android apps stores. The tablet will al

  • Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

    Published by kristoffer April 13, 2012

    Barnes & Noble unleashed its latest e-book reader. The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight may appear very similar to its previous model, down to its insides, until you turn it on.
    The device features a front-lit screen called GlowLight, producing a glow that is a bit different from the usual back-lit displays. GlowLight makes it easier for your eyes to read on the screen, although it cuts the battery life in ha

  • Kindle Touch Now Ships Globally, Almost

    Published by kristoffer February 4, 2012

    The Kindle Touch has been gettin a lot of American love since its launch, but people outside the United States cannot purchase this wonder of an e-book reader. That, however, is about to change.
    With very little fanfare–Amazon did not even announce it with a press release–but a peek on the Kindle Touch WiFi version’s product page and you can see that the $139 device is available for shipping almo

  • Toshiba BookPlace DB50 Comes Colored and Android-Powered

    Published by kristoffer January 28, 2012

    Apart from Android phones, the Japanese market loves putting its hands on color e-book readers. Toshiba announces its newest, Android-based reader. The BookPlace DB50 is a 7-inch device that provides access to Toshiba’s BookPlace store, which offers over 43,000 Japanese e-book titles and magazines. The company plans on expanding the library to 100,000 titles by March this year.
    The device runs on modified

  • Amazon’s Free Book Lending Service a Success

    Published by kristoffer January 17, 2012

    Amazon proudly announced that its Lending Library service is a success. This free service on Amazon Prime, exclusively available to Kindle users, was launched in November 2011 with just 5,000 independently-published book titles. Over 295,000 people have borrowed e-books from Kindle Direct Publishing in December alone, while the Lending Library has expanded to over 75,000 titles.
    To celebrate this feat, Amazon is

  • Nook Tablet Out to Out-Spec Kindle Fire

    Published by kristoffer November 8, 2011

    Barnes and Noble has formally unveiled the Nook Tablet, its attempt to compete with the much-anticipated Kindle Fire. B&N CEO Willian Lynch emphasized that their Nook Tablet has superior features over the Amazon competition, such as its fully-laminated display, twice the amount of RAM, and in-store support.
    The 7-inch Nook Tablet looks similarly to its cousin Nook Color, only thinner and lighter. It features

  • Barnes and Noble Set to Battle Kindle Fire with Nook Tablet

    Published by kristoffer November 4, 2011

    In this impending second battle of e-book readers, Amazon struck first with its unveiling of the Kindle Fire last September and rival Barnes and Noble is about to strike next. Engadget claims that a new Nook Tablet is in the works.
    The new tablet/ reader device is almost identical to Nook Color. The Nook Tablet features a 7-inch VividView IPS touch screen, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of interna

  • Amazon Trade-In Program Extends to Kindles and Other E-Readers

    Published by kristoffer October 21, 2011

    If you plan on upgrading your e-book reader, look no further than Amazon as the online retailer has extended its Trade-In program to allow people to trade-in their old Kindles and other e-readers. Trading in such devices is valued anywhere between $18 and $135 depending on the model and condition of the e-book reader.
    After having your old e-reader appraised and traded, Amazon will send you a gift card correspondi

  • Kobo Vox Formally Unveiled; Lets You Create Book Clubs

    Published by kristoffer October 20, 2011

    Kobo officially shows off its latest e-book reader, the Kobo Vox, which it claims as the “world’s first social e-reader.” By “social,” Kobo is not pointing to the Vox’s integration with Facebook, as most recent e-book readers have. The Kobo Vox comes with a social e-reading platform collectively called “Reading Life,” which enables users to form book clubs, where me

  • Bookeen Cybook Odyssey E-Book Reader Coming to Europe

    Published by kristoffer October 10, 2011

    French e-reader company Bookeen is preparing to release the Cybook Odyssey e-book reader, which features its High Speed Ink System. Specs include a 6-inch modified Pearl E-Ink screen with Neonode zFoce touch layer and full motion capabilities (giving users the tablet-like experience), 800MHz Texas Instruments Cortex A8 processor, video play back, and WiFi radio for downloading content and web browsing abilities.

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