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  • High Star Memo Board Alarm Clock

    Published by dennis March 7, 2013

    Some gadgets are just quite unique that it makes them stand out. But there are also others that will make you think twice first if they ever would take off as a unique gadget. Gadgets like this High Star Memo Board Alarm Clock will make you wonder just how to different functions work out for its users.
    The High Star Memo Board Alarm Clock is a unique combination of an illuminated glass memo board and an alarm clock

  • Sport Time Golf Game Alarm Clock

    Published by dennis February 27, 2013

    There are times when people just can’t get up from their sleep. Sometimes it is just activity that keeps them out of the bed if need be. This may be the reason why the Sport Time Golf Game Alarm Clock gets made.
    The Sport Time Golf Game Alarm Clock is a unique type of alarm clock that will surely keep you up. It may start off as a typical alarm clock that will ring out at the scheduled time. But the… [Read More]

  • Time Machine Tabletop Clock

    Published by dennis December 1, 2012

    It is always good when people have time to spare for just about anything. This is time that they can spend much to their own liking. If they want to watch time pass by, they can literally do so and in style by having this Time Machine Tabletop Clock.
    The Time Machine Tabletop Clock is a kinetic display clock that comes with a fun way to watch time pass by. When on, this unique desk clock features a precise mechanis

  • Verbarius Digitless Clock

    Published by dennis April 12, 2012

    Trying to know what time it is can be quite a boring task for some. It may just be a matter of reading the clock hands on an analog clock or getting the digits displayed on a digital clock and that’s it. All in all, people usually deal with numbers when trying to know the time. For those who always want to do things out of the ordinary, here’s the Verbarius Digitless Clock to use for a change.
    For those

  • Braun Voice Activated Alarm Clock

    Published by dennis January 31, 2012

    Getting to wake up in the morning can be hard. That is why people need alarm clocks to remind them to get up early when needed. Some people would certainly wish for a more convenient way to stop the noise of an alarm clock. Braun offers the Voice Activated Alarm clock just for this very purpose.
    The Braun Voice Activated Alarm Clock may look like any other alarm clock out there. It is compact, with a sleek design a

  • Oregon Scientific Retro FM Projection Alarm Clock

    Published by dennis January 12, 2012

    While alarm clocks have become a very common device around the home, they sometimes become too common to be noticed. People sometimes are no longer interested or even give most alarm clocks a second look, except when people use it to set the alarm or check the time. But Oregon Scientific has made such alarm clocks some added appeal to make them interesting again, like this new Retro FM Projection Alarm Clock.
    The O

  • Enso Pearl Clock

    Published by dennis January 4, 2012

    While some alarm clocks usually rattle you to wake up in the morning with those alarm noises, there are also others that do it in a more relaxing way. After all, not all alarm clocks are built only for waking you up in the morning.  There are others like the Enso Pearl Clock that helps you relax.
    The Enso Pearl Clock is actually more useful for those who are meditating or relaxing. It provides a visual display of

  • HD Spy Camera Alarm Clock

    Published by dennis July 24, 2011

    There are people who are quite serious about trying to keep their things secure even while they are away. They just want to keep monitoring their rooms or offices even when they are somewhere else. To give such people some peace of mind on this matter, having this HD Spy Camera Alarm Clock might help.
    The HD Spy Camera Alarm Clock is an average looking digital alarm clock that comes with a hidden spy camera. Aside

  • Wooden Alarm Dock Turns iPhone Into Alarm Clock

    Published by kristoffer May 20, 2011

    An iPhone dock is an iPhone dock is an iPhone dock, unless if it is made of wood. There is nothing electronic actually in Areaware’s Alarm Dock. It is just a hollow block of beechwood with a slot where you can slide your iPhone in and activate your favorite clock app.
    The Alarm Dock, which is designed by Jonas Damon, measures 6.75 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches and has space at the back where the iPhone cable can be… [Read More]

  • HD Spy Camera Desktop Clock

    Published by dennis January 19, 2011

    Checking up on your things while you’re away can only be possible if you have technology on your side. Spy cameras, for example can be used to help you check out your things at home or in the office without anyone knowing. You can try out this unique HD Spy Camera Clock to watch over your things for you while you are away.
    The HD Spy Camera Clock is a desktop accessory that can be quite common for other peopl

  • Studiove Manifold Clock

    Published by dennis December 10, 2010

    Wall clocks are made to tell time. But there are also some that are designed to get your attention. Unique design has been added into this new Manifold Clock from Studiove.
    The Manifold Clock may be unlike any wall clock you may have seen so far. It provides somewhat of a 3D representation to time. Its hour and minute hands are connected together by a manifold that create 3D movement as time moves. The different mo

  • Retro Flip Down Clock

    Published by dennis October 16, 2010

    There are common gadgets and there are unique ones. It is usually the unique ones that mostly get attention. A good example would be this interesting Retro Flip Down Clock. Just by its looks alone, it can really captivate your attention.
    The Retro Flip Down Clock is unlike the usual desktop clock you see everywhere. It features a sort of a steam punk design with its exposed inner workings and gears along with high

  • iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock

    Published by dennis September 3, 2010

    Everything nowadays seem to revolve around the Internet. People send and receive messages online from friends and colleagues on an almost constant basis. It would be useful for some to always be able to get hold of these online messages more conveniently. Thanks to the unique iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock, this may now be possible.
    The iXP3 Internet Messaging Clock is a desktop clock that also has a unique added f

  • J L Dream Machine Mood Clock Radio

    Published by dennis July 8, 2010

    Having trouble sleeping can become anyone’s concern. Some people may just have a bit of trouble getting into the mood to sleep. Many devices and ways have been developed in order to help people sleep better and faster at night. But who even knows that there is a device like the J L Dream Machine that can put you to sleep and wake you up?
    It may sound like a unique device that you haven’t yet seen, but

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