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  • Samsung Galaxy S IV Launched: Packed with Unique Features

    Published by kristoffer March 15, 2013

    Samsung has just introduced its new flagship Galaxy S IV in a Broadway-themed press event at New York’s Radio City Music Hall.
    While it looks similar to Samsung Galaxy S III, the buck stops there. The S4 is actually bigger, thinner, and lighter than its predecessor. It is also packed with new features unseen in previous version, and even in most contemporary smartphones.
    And by thin, we mean 7.9 millimeters

  • AT&T Brings BlackBerry Z10 Beginning March 22

    Published by kristoffer March 11, 2013

    After T-Mobile announced its business-centric BlackBerry Z10 plans, AT&T reveals it will begin selling the BB10-powered smartphone for a consumer-friendly price of $199.99, which comes with a two-year contract, beginning March 22nd. The carrier also says it will be accepting pre-orders starting March 12th.
    Apart from being the first BlackBerry 10 device in the United States, the Z10 is also the first BlackBerr

  • Chinese Forum Leaks Samsung Galaxy S IV

    Published by kristoffer

    The Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to be revealed this week in a special event in New York, but a member of a Chinese online forum posted what is claimed to be Samsung’s upcoming flagship device. If these leaked photos are the real deal, it shows that there is little design changes from the previous generation of Galaxy S.
    Based on the leaked photos, the Samsung-branded phone will have a 5-inch display, wit

  • T-Mobile to Sell BlackBerry Z10 Starting March 11th

    Published by kristoffer March 9, 2013

    Want the BlackBerry Z10 so bad, but you do not want to shell out $999? T-Mobile has officially announced it is selling the much-awaited BB10-powered smartphone to business customers starting Monday, March 11th, for $250. No word yet on when the consumer-oriented version of the handset would become available.
    Your purchased BlackBerry Z10 is expected to arrive on your doorsteps by the end of the week, which comes

  • Samsung Galaxy S IV to Feature Eye-Scrolling Navigation?

    Published by kristoffer March 6, 2013

    Samsung is expected to introduce its Galaxy S IV on its New York event next week and the flagship smartphone has been gaining buzz because of one feature that has gotten eyes rolling (in a good way).
    Citing an unnamed Samsung employee, The New York Times reports the new device will have an “Eye Scroll” capability, which enables the phone to follow the user’s eye movements to determine when to scro

  • LG Reports 10 Million LTE Smartphones Sold Globally

    Published by kristoffer March 4, 2013

    LG has proudly announced that it has sold 10 million 4G LTE smartphones, two years since LG began offering LTE-compliant phones. This milestone comes after the South Korean electronics company reached the 5 million mark in August 2012.
    “Aggressive pushing forward with 4G LTE technology allows LG satisfy the needs of consumers and is a huge factor in our growing success in global LTE smartphone sales,”

  • Nokia Lumia 520 Comes Out March

    Published by dennis February 27, 2013

    It seems that Nokia is making strides when it comes to its partnership with Microsoft in the use of the Windows Phone 8 platform. Although the beleaguered mobile phone company may have a long way to go to reclaim its lost glory, it certainly is making some headway through its new line of Windows Phone 8 devices. One of the recent devices to come out include the Nokia Lumia 520.
    The Nokia Lumia 520 is a stylish look

  • Huawei Ascend 2- The World’s Fastest Smartphone

    Published by dennis

    When it comes to smartphones today, people would usually want to have the fastest and the most powerful of devices around. But sometimes, having the best can sometimes come at great cost. But nonetheless, having the distinction of using for example the world’s fastest smartphone can give people that status of being on top. Those who like it fast may consider checking out the new Huawei Ascend 2 smartphone.

  • Kyocera Torque Rugged Smartphone

    Published by dennis February 25, 2013

    Smartphones have become quite an indispensible tool that people need to bring them anywhere. But there are areas that conventional smartphones just can’t reach, such as extreme cold or extremely hot areas. For those who find themselves frequenting such places, Sprint s introducing the new Kyocera Torque.
    The Kyocera Torque is an ultra rugged 4G LTE Android smartphone that features an Android 4.0 Ice Cream San

  • HTC One Ditches Megapixels for Ultrapixels

    Published by kristoffer February 22, 2013

    HTC introduced this week its latest flagship smartphone. The 4.7-inch HTC One is different in many ways from the maker’s previous models. For one, this slim silver and black 4G phone is encased entirely of aluminum. Its user interface looks similar to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Metro design, but the phone actually runs on Android 4.1.2. This new interface, which HTC affectionately calls “Blin

  • Swish Mini Phone

    Published by dennis February 14, 2013

    Mobile phones have become a common and indispensible gadget for most people. While most people usually look for the high tech and advanced that the new mobile phones come with, some only look for the basic features that all mobile phones provide. And for seniors who look for a simple to use mobile phone, this unique Swish Mini Phone may be a good candidate.
    The Swish Mini Phone may be considered as one of the small

  • 5.5-Inch LG Optimus G Pro Comes to South Korea

    Published by kristoffer February 13, 2013

    It has come to our attention that LG is offering different versions of its upcoming Optimus G Pro. For instance, as confirmed by LG, that a South Korean version of LG’s latest flagship smartphone will share similarities with the Samsung Galaxy Note II, especially with its elongated home button and rounded corners.
    The device also sports a 5.5-inch screen compared to the 5-inch display in the Japanese model

  • Dual-SIM Capable, WiFi-Connected Nokia Asha 310 Launched

    Published by kristoffer February 12, 2013

    Nokia has introduced the latest in its entry-level Asha line after the simultaneous release of the 308 and 309. The Nokia Asha 310 features a 3-inch scratch-proof capacitive touchscreen with 400 x 240 resolution and is Nokia’s first device to come with dual-SIM capability and WiFi connectivity, which compensates for the lack of 3G.
    Also in the specs list are easy SIM swap functionality, 128MB internal storag

  • Vertu’s First Android Luxury Phone Unveiled

    Published by kristoffer

    Vertu is back with vengeance. The luxury mobile phone brand, which used to be wholly-owned by Nokia before selling a majority stake to private equity group EQT VI in October 2012, brings out its first Android-powered phone.
    Costing 7,900 euros (about US$10,587), the Vertu Ti comes with sapphire glass display with 800 x 480 resolution, a 1.5GHz processor, and a 1,250mAh battery; all encased in a tough titanium fram

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