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  • What to Consider When Buying an iPad?

    Published by kristoffer May 27, 2011

    It has been over a year since the iPad was introduced and since then, this tablet has been one of the hottest gadgets around the world. The problem encountered by first-time iPad buyers, however, is that they get overwhelmed on which version to purchase.
    There are six different iPad models, with prices ranging from $500 to $830. The differences lie on connectivity and storage capacity. Three models can only co

  • Choosing a Computer for a College Bound Student

    Published by admin January 28, 2009

    Most often, students bound for college look for laptops that they think is best for them. To them it is a matter of preference. But to some, it is more on what works best.
    College students, along with their parents, are always in the search for laptops that will be more capable of taking up all the load they get while on classes. In other words, aside from possessing heavy duty qualities, it has high-performance a

  • How to Choose a Digital Camera Gift for Graduates

    Published by admin January 15, 2009

    Graduating students deserve to be rewarded after putting in years of hard  work to finish their studies. Give them the gift of preserving their memories with a digital camera. In this digital age, it’s only fitting to give them one. Choosing the right digital camera, however, can be quite tricky. The first thing you should do when choosing a digital camera is to know what features the recipient will want

  • Choosing a Budget-Friendly Laptop

    Published by admin January 8, 2009

    Computers. We live in "the faster, the better" era and whether you are a businessman, artist, salesman, student, mother, or father, you need computers. In this fast-paced environment, laptops are ideal for people who are always on the go.
    It is a fact that notebook prices have been spiralling down in the past few years. This is one of the major reasons there is an enormous demand for them. The problem n

  • Watch Buying Guide

    Published by admin October 24, 2008

    Finding a wristwatch that perfectly fits your lifestyle and taste is not an easy task. Watches are so complex that even the best-dressed and most stylish men can stumble when it comes to choosing the right watch. So what should you consider when buying the perfect watch?
    What is your lifestyle?
    The first thing to consider is your lifestyle. Would you rather devour burgers and fries instead of having a five-course

  • How to Clean Your Laptop

    Published by admin October 7, 2008

    Providing a certain amount of care for your gadgets and devices such as your laptop, even if not as often as possible, may help it run faster and look presentable. 
    As the laptop does not come dust-, debris-, dirt-, or even bug-proof, you may as well do some cleaning measures yourself. Most often than not, the underlying problem of a laptop not operating efficiently is that it is dirty and unkempt. Below are

  • Understanding Laptop Size and Weight

    Published by admin September 29, 2008

    Laptops have become quite a common gadget to have nowadays. All the cool people seem to travel and go out with their laptops always on hand. If you are planning to buy a laptop of your own, then you should know that there are different types of laptops now available in different sizes and weights.
    Here is a guide that will help you understand laptop size and weight specifications and help you if ever you plan to b

  • How to Extend the Life of Your Printer

    Published by admin August 8, 2008

    A high-performance laser printer nowadays can be $600. But before you can say "highway robbery", printers are actually worth their costs considering their lifespan. That is of course, if you’re taking good-care of your device. Whatever type of printer you are using, here are a few tips to make you them live longer.
    Shut Your Printer Down Properly
    When you’re not using your printer, turn it of

  • Laser Printer vs. Inkjet Printer

    Published by admin

    Laser printers:
    As the name implies, laser printers use laser beams to function. Laser printers also operate faster and are very accurate.
    A laser printer’s main components include: the image processor (with its own memory) which is programmed to convert text data into raster images. These images are in turn stored and are now ready to be printed; the charged roller or corona wire, a photosensitive dr

  • Blender Buying Guide

    Published by admin July 11, 2008

    Buying a blender will depend on how you will plan to use it. There are now many types of blenders available today that can quite quite more than you expect. Aside from using them to create delectable shakes and drinks, there are now blenders that can just about do anything- cut, crush, dice and slice almost any food ingredient you prefer.
    Types and Function
    In choosing the right blender, you should try to take not

  • Multifunction Printer Buying Guide

    Published by admin May 27, 2008

    Multitasking has become a byword in today’s working environment. Everyone is expected to do several skills almost at the same time. To keep up with our fast-paced work lives, our office equipment has been developed to catch up with us. This is why multifunction printers (MFPs) have become a popular item in offices.
    Also known as all-in-ones or multifunctions, MFPs can print, copy, scan, and sometimes even fa

  • Home Theater Buying Guide

    Published by admin April 3, 2008

    With the introduction of the DVD, with its high-quality audio and video, demand for home equipment that can display the DVD’s optimum imaging and sound quality have risen. Surely you can make up your own home theater system by putting up a DVD player along with your TV set and several speakers. However, if you want a full theater-like experience, it is best that you purchase your own home theater system and h

  • DVD Player Buying Guide

    Published by admin March 18, 2008

    You are searching for the best DVD player that you would install in your home. You may have seen a demonstration either at the retailer or in your friend’s house and have heard about the benefits DVD has to offer.
    However, you have no idea where to start, what features to look for, and other important factors that can spell the difference between the best and the rest. Here are some tips to provide you with

  • How Does GPS Tracking Work

    Published by admin March 17, 2008

    A GPS database is a collection of maps, whether electronic or in other formats that is used to enable the use of GPS to provide people with a host of important data. With the popularity of using GPS today, a database of maps used mainly for this new technology is growing.
    There are different types of GPS maps that are now available for people to use with their GPS receivers. The most advanced and expensive GPS uni

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