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  • HiSense Reveals Transparent 3D Display

    Published by kristoffer January 9, 2013

    HiSense, a state-owned enterprise in China known for churning out appliances and electronics, has come up with a way to make 3D displays interesting again: by making them transparent.
    Just like most 3D TVs, the prototype requires polarized glasses to make the images come to life. Unveiled during CES 2013, the 50-inch screen is geared toward the commercial market. Advertising companies could utilize this technol

  • Sony, Panasonic Unveil 4K OLED TVs at CES 2013

    Published by kristoffer January 8, 2013

    Three-D TVs did not create much of an impact in the market since it was introduced in last year’s CES, so electronics companies are banking on what they hope would be the next big thing in home entertainment: Ultra HD TVs.
    Major companies like Sony and Panasonic have unveiled their take on the 4K OLED in this year’s CES. These units feature an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel with 3,840 x 2,1

  • LG Magic Remote for TV Announced

    Published by dennis December 23, 2012

    Watching television became more convenient with the arrival of the remote control. With it, people no longer needed to travel back and forth to change channels or adjust the volume on the TV. But for years, the remote control showed little advance in terms of technology. But now, LG is introducing the Magic Remote that offers different ways to interact with today’s new line of smart TV’s.
    The LG Magic R

  • Play Angry Birds Touch-Free with Samsung Smart TV

    Published by kristoffer July 19, 2012

    With over 1 billion downloads across all available platforms, people do not seem to get tired of playing Angry Birds on any device. Now, Samsung wants you to try the iconic touch-based game to a whole new level.
    The South Korean company now offers Angry Birds on its Smart TV, which can be played by mere gestures. Yes, no need to hold a motion control wand or touch the screen itself.
    You can say that Samsung’

  • LG to Show Off 84-Inch 3D LCD TV for CES 2012

    Published by kristoffer December 29, 2011

    Apart from the 55-inch OLED TV screen, LG will also bringing in a gigantic 84-inch “ultra definition” (3,840 x 2,160 resolution) 3D LCD TV for CES 2012. The “4K LCD” television comes with LG’s Cinema 3D and Smart TV features, as well as support for an upgraded Magic Motion remote and voice control.
    The 3D UD TV from LG boasts 8 million pixels and four times the resolution clarity of c

  • LG Set to Introduce 55-Inch OLED HDTV Panel on CES 2012

    Published by kristoffer December 27, 2011

    With only a few days left before CES 2012 kicks off, LG has teased us with what is in store on their booth: a “world’s largest” OLED panel. LG is set to unveil its 55-inch OLED HDTV panel to public on January 9 before it becomes available by mid-2012.
    The device uses white OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) overlaid with colors, which LG claims resulting to a lower error rate and clearer R

  • Sharp Unveils AQUOS F5 Series LED TV’s

    Published by dennis August 29, 2011

    Sharp has recently unveiled to the public its new AQUOS F5 Series of LED TV’s. This may just how how much the television has changed. From the ancient bulky “boob tube” that it was known then, the television has went on to become slimmer and, in the case of the Sharp AQUOS F5, even quite handy.
    The new Sharp AQUOS F5 Series of LED TV’s have somewhat a common denominator despite its different

  • Sharp 85 Inch Super Hi Vision LCD TV

    Published by dennis May 20, 2011

    Sharp, in cooperation with Japanese TV network NHK, has recently introduced a new 85-inch LCD TV that is compatible with the newly developed Super Hi-Vision format. The said TV is said to be the world’s first in terms of viewing on Super Hi-Vision, a new television broadcast format that is said to be the successor to HDTV. The said new TV format will come with a higher resolution than current HDTV’s.

  • The New Sharp 70-Inch LCD HDTV

    Published by dennis April 16, 2011

    Bigger is still better for most people. This is more obvious when it comes to television sets where newer models aim to become not only clearer but also way bigger than before. It seems that most consumers pride themselves in having a TV with the largest screen size they can afford. And for those who look out for the biggest, nothing can get any bigger than this new Sharp 70-inch LCD HDTV.
    The new Sharp AQUOS Quatt

  • Panasonic DMP HV200 Portable TV With Gesture Control

    Published by dennis February 22, 2011

    Touchscreen displays and TV sets have become quite cool to have nowadays. But there are just times when touching the screen may not always be the preferred way to have control over what you are watching. Even a remote control won’t quite do if you have dirty hands. It is in such cases where the new Panasonic DMP HV200 Portable TV might come in handy- users can control it simply through hand gestures.
    The Pan

  • Remote Control Pillow

    Published by dennis November 16, 2010

    The remote control has made TV viewing become more convenient. But it has become so common that many people take it lightly or consider it as just any other ordinary device at home. It does not really give that special appeal anymore. It may take something like the new Pillow Remote Control that may make people notice the lowly device once again.
    The Remote Control Pillow makes a seemingly ordinary device recreate

  • Philips Econova LED TV

    Published by dennis November 3, 2010

    Using household appliances that save energy has become quite popular nowadays. With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious, saving energy not only means saving money but also saving the planet. Other electronic manufacturers have noticed this and have been developing products like the new Philips Econova LED TV for the environment-friendly consumers.
    The Philips Econova LED TV features LED technol

  • Sony RM-KZ1 Universal Remote Control For Kids

    Published by dennis October 25, 2010

    Sometimes, kids may need to have control over what’s shown on TV. And for this privilege, it might be great to give them their own special remote control at home. Here’s the Sony RM-KZ1Kid’s Remote Control that offers a simple interface that may also have that little bit of parental control added in.
    The Sony Kid’s Universal Remote Control features simple and shapely buttons that kids could

  • Sony Launches First Google TV Powered HDTV

    Published by dennis October 13, 2010

    Sony has recently announced that it is introducing the Sony Internet TV, the world’s first HDTV powered by Google TV. It aims to merge television and the Web seamlessly into one device.
    According to Sony, this new product would be the very first HDTV in the world to combine high definition television viewing and full Internet search to provide a unique entertainment experience. The Sony Internet TV can both

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