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  • LG HECTO Laser TV Creates 100-Inch Viewing Display

    Published by dennis January 22, 2013

    For people who would want to have a larger viewing display we watching TV, then simply relying on today’s technology would certainly have its limits. Screen size may be limited and, if not, the cost of the TV with the largest screen size will not be something that anyone can afford. In order to create a TV with the largest viewing display, LG is trying to take it from a different approach by coming up with th

  • RedRay 4K Cinema Player

    Published by dennis December 3, 2012

    People are now becoming more and more aware of 4K devices, which is said to replace the current Full HD quality format with its higher resolution and better display qualities. But since it is still relatively new, 4K devices and players might still be expensive. But for those who want to be early adopters, this RedRay 4K Cinema Player would prove to be a good place to start.
    The RedRay 4K Cinema Player may be consi

  • Sony CMT CX5 Audio System

    Published by dennis July 18, 2011

    Sony UK has recently introduced a new slim audio system in the form of the Sony CMT CX5. This new slim audio system provides not only a means of good quality sound listening, but also something that can enhance a room’s interiors. It is a classic example of stylish design and great acoustics.
    The Sony CMT CX5 Audio System is a wall mountable HiFi unit that comes with a slim design to blend along with the usua

  • Harman Kardon MAS 102 All-In-One Music System

    Published by dennis May 6, 2011

    Home sound systems have also evolved along with the times. With some technologies coming and going, home sound systems really need to also add and leave some features to make them relevant with today’s gadgets. One of such sound systems recently launched is the new Harman Kardon MAS 102 All-in-One Music System.
    The Harman Kardon MAS 102 is a portable sound system is a four-piece integrated system that include

  • The Gold-Plated iGo Pico Projector: Don’t Hate, Appreciate

    Published by kristoffer April 18, 2011

    Almost every ordinary gadget becomes luxurious when encased in precious materials, from golden iPads to crystal-crusted computers. Adding to the list of luxe gadgets is the limited-edition iGo UP2020 Pocket Projector, which is encased in 24-carat gold.
    This golden pico projector features connectivity to a multitude of devices–including smartphones, HD TVs, and Flip camcorders–as well as a high-contrast

  • Korg Wavedrum Mini Percussion Synthesizer

    Published by kristoffer April 13, 2011

    Some of us spend the boring hours just tapping on the desk and turn it into an improvised drum. Imagine if that leisurely activity can be turned into the next musical genius.
    Korg introduces the Wavedrum Mini drum synthesizer, consisting of a singular digital drum pad and a built-in 1.3W speaker. It features an extensive list of sounds that include strings, synth tones, and percussion instruments. The Wavedrum M

  • BenQ W1100 Full HD Projector

    Published by dennis March 22, 2011

    A Full HD entertainment system may not always provide the features that everyone looks for. Sure they might provide a good Full HD experience in one area of the home. But such systems, with their complicated set ups can’t always be portable enough to move fro one room to another. A possible alternative for those who may be looking for a more mobile and portable device that offers a Full HD experience is by ge

  • Light Blue Optics Light Touch

    Published by dennis January 28, 2011

    Innovative devices do not come as often nowadays. But once they do appear, they seem to capture the imagination in an instant. The can open doors to the possibility of developing other unique gadgets and devices in the future. Much can be said with the unique Light Touch from Light Blue Optics.
    The Light Touch is a device unlike any current device you might have seen. It also offers a function that may introduce lo

  • BenQ’s Latest Camcorder Doubles as Projector

    Published by kristoffer December 6, 2010

    Pico projectors have become an important image-sharing device both for home and office use. BenQ’s latest mini-projector, the BenQ DV S11, also works as a 1080p camcorder that, sadly, does not have a zoom function despite its 5-megapixel capability.
    Not much is known about the specs of its projector, except for a statement that it can “push a 50-inch picture out of its hold.” Presumably, it woul

  • Microvision SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector

    Published by dennis November 25, 2010

    Portable devices may have various multimedia features that users would enjoy using, but their small size would somehow limit that enjoyment. Viewing photos or videos and sharing it with friends may be quite limited using the small screen provided by your portable devices such as your iPhone or even that new iPad tablet. You might need something like the new Microvision SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector to provide a lar

  • Casio Green Slim Environment Friendly Projector

    Published by dennis November 18, 2010

    Eco-friendly devices become more and more popular among those who care for the environment. That is why many device manufacturers nowadays make use of this slant to sell new gadgets that not only are better due to new tech but also is more environment friendly. One such device may be the Green Slim Projectors from Casio.
    The Casio Green Slim Series Projector is considered as the world’s first high brightness

  • WowWee Cinemin Slice

    Published by dennis November 11, 2010

    Having a portable media device might be quite convenient for audio listening and video watching while on the go. But their size may make them quite limiting in terms of sharing those audio or video files to friends and colleagues. There is a way to do so in the form of the WowWee Cinemin Slice pico projector and speaker dock.
    The WowWee Cinemin Slice features a combo pico projector and speaker dock for popular mul

  • AAXA M1 Ultimate Micro Projector

    Published by dennis October 19, 2010

    Projectors nowadays have become smaller and smaller. There are now micro projectors and pico projectors that have become increasingly handy and portable. But with the decrease in size comes also a substantial decrease on quality and performance. A possible improvement may come in the form of the new M1 Ultimate Micro Projector from AAXA Technologies.
    The AAXA M1 Ultimate Micro Projector is being marketed as the wo

  • If Only All Pico Projectors Look This Cute

    Published by kristoffer August 21, 2010

    This cute little thing is made for awesome. Introducing “Pico,” a three-in-one concept that functions as a pico projector, video camera, and cute accessory. Its two eyes feature a projector on the left and a camera on the right, while the smile serves as its microphone and its feet that folds out so it can stand on its own. Fold the feet in when not in use to cover its external connector jacks. User

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