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  • LifeHammer Emergency Hammer

    Published by dennis November 25, 2012

    Emergencies usually need quick action and thinking. It also helps that you have the right tools handy whenever there are emergencies that happen while you are driving out on the road. Car accidents can happen and it pays to have the LifeHammer Emergency Hammer always handy.
    The LifeHammer Emergency Hammer is a useful tool for helping address the challenges that car accidents pose. The double-sided head of this emer

  • Spotlight Rechargeable Vehicle LED Flashlight

    Published by dennis November 17, 2012

    Having some emergency flashlight inside the car is important. It may just become your lifesaver in case you find your car going out on you and leave you in the dark. With an emergency flashlight, you can either signal for help or find your way back home with a light source handy to lead the way. That is why having a device such as a Spotlight Rechargeable Vehicle LED Flashlight handy inside the car may be a god ide

  • HeadsUp Wireless Gear Alert System

    Published by dennis June 19, 2012

    Backing up into the garage after a vacation trip can lead to many things. One thing that car owners try to avoid is trying to cause damage to the car. They sometimes forget that something stored on the car’s roof rack before heading in the garage. Result? Damaged remnants of an exciting vacation. Prevent such things from occurring by setting up the HeadsUp Wireless Gear Alert System in your garage.
    The HeadsU

  • Traxxas XO-1 Electric RC Supercar

    Published by dennis December 4, 2011

    Remote controlled cars are always quite interesting gifts for the young and the young at heart. There are also RC cars that appeal to the serious enthusiasts that buy them to race them in specially built in race courses with other RC enthusiasts. It may be for the latter group that this unique Traxxas XO-1 Electric RC Supercar might become appealing.
    The Traxxas XO-1 Electric RC Supercar looks beautiful enough as a

  • Pioneer AR HUD Car Navigation System Eyes 2012 Release

    Published by dennis October 27, 2011

    Pioneer has recently introduced a new AR Heads Up Display Car Navigation System that can effectively project car navigation data directly on a car’s windshield. It also comes with augmented reality features that will allow drivers to get navigation data directly from what they can see in their windshield. Arrows can be effectively displayed when the driver really needs to make a turn.
    The new Pioneer AR HUD C

  • CarMD Vehicle Health System

    Published by dennis October 21, 2011

    A car can also be compared to humans is many ways. While they can be quite an efficient mode of transportation, they can also go through certain problems if overused. There is also such a thing as car health to think about. That is why there can be devices like the CarMD Vehicle Health System that can aid car owners to determine the conditions of their cars.
    The CarMD Vehicle Health System is a means of monitoring

  • Portable 45,000 Station Car Radio

    Published by dennis October 10, 2011

    If ever radio stations will continue to survive, it is because they offer the only means of entertainment for people who are on the road driving. As long as there are cars on the road, radio listening will always become a staple. And technology will only further provide drivers with many choices. Just consider having this Portable 45,000 Station Car Radio and you will instantly understand.
    The 45,000 Station Car Ra

  • Mitsubishi Electric NR-MZ50 Car Navigation System

    Published by dennis July 2, 2011

    Mitsubishi Electric has recently come up with a new type of car navigation system that many drivers may welcome. The new Mitsubishi Electric NR-MZ50 Car Navigation System not only is designed to aid drivers to get to their destination. It now comes with an added function to record TV shows that drivers may miss while driving on the road.
    The new Mitsubishi Electric NR-MZ50 Car Navigation System comes with GPS and

  • iKit AutoCharge Plus

    Published by dennis February 1, 2011

    Keeping devices charged is always a concern for people using many gadgets and devices. And it is not always just charging them that concerns them. The time it takes to get them charged also matters. That is why a device such as the iKit AutoCharge Plus can always be a valuable addition inside the car.
    The iKit AutoCharge Plus features a high performance 2.1 Amp USB port that plugs into
    a standard 12V accessory outl

  • The Livio Carmen Internet Radio Player

    Published by dennis November 17, 2010

    Even the radio is getting some help from some new tech. Satellite radio has become quite common. It may be quite a loss for those whose cars may only have conventional radios installed. It is a good thing there is the Carmen Internet Radio Player from Livio Radio.
    The Carmen Internet Radio Player is simply a means for people to listen to AM/FM radio as well as to MP3 files and recorded programs from Internet radio

  • Escort Passport iQ GPS Navigation System

    Published by dennis October 31, 2010

    Getting a ticket for over-speeding is always a hassle for drivers. With many speed traps set by the highway patrol set on certain highway zones, it might be quite difficult not to fall into them easily without being on alert all of the time while on the road. For those who might not be as skillful, new Escort Passport iQ may provide some much needed help.
    The Escort Passport iQ is a GPS navigation system that als

  • SafeDriver Wireless Vehicle Monitor

    Published by admin March 15, 2010

    Having teens who have just learned to drive can be quite stressful for parents. Although hours of teaching the basics and the benefits of safe driving may make teenage drivers become more aware, it may be altogether different for parents to see if this may be put into actual practice. For parents who are always concerned about their teen’s driving habits, it a good thing that there is now a device such as

  • Alpine IVA D310 DVD Receiver

    Published by admin January 21, 2010

    The Alpine IVA D310 DVD Receiver provides some quality in-car entertainment. It also provides the means to provide all the entertainment needs in a car. Its different features provide a variety of entertainment choices.
    The Alpine IVA D310 is also a multimedia station that provides a means to control other features of the entire system. It is made possible through a 7-inch touch screen display that comes out of th

  • Jabra Cruiser Wireless In-Car Speakerphone

    Published by admin January 20, 2010

    Many people just can’t avoid answering their mobile phone while in the car. Using their hands while getting their phones may be dangerous since one can be prone to accidents while doing so. That is why wireless speakerphones become quite handy devices to have inside the car to enable hands free calling to prevent possible accidents.
    Jabra has its own model of speakerphone that just would be quite fitting for

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