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  • The Executive Keyboard by Datamancer

    Published by dennis March 9, 2013

    While computer keyboards are the primary input peripheral used by PC users, it is something that people don’t consider giving that look of elegance. More people are more concerned of making keyboards more functionally accurate. But there might be some who still may want to give an ordinary keyboard that look of luxury. An example that such people may consider may be available in the Executive Keyboard from Da

  • Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse

    Published by dennis February 28, 2013

    Using a computer mouse won’t seem to get outdated any time soon. While some touch screen devices may have made the PC mouse somehow come with reduced functions, it nevertheless has its own market segment to take care of. There are people who still prefer the use of a computer mouse. Using the Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse will even make it a bit more appealing.
    The Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse has many unique

  • Matias Quiet Pro Silent Mechanical Keyboard

    Published by dennis February 13, 2013

    People using a mechanical keyboard usually look for accuracy in every key press. But while it may be the most accurate keyboards around in terms of eliminating lags, there might be an issue with the noise of the keys when typing. The Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard may just help eliminate some of these noise issues.
    The Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard may be considered as one of the quietest mechanical keyboard

  • Genius Wireless Pen Mouse

    Published by dennis February 7, 2013

    There are some devices that just avoids redesign. Some people have grown accustomed to certain devices that giving them a redesign might drive people away as well as from their comfort zone. The computer mouse is one example. Although there can be some modifications, how people use it is generally the same. Other redesign concepts haven’t taken off to replace the old dependable PC mouse. But here comes device

  • Audojo: iPad Case for Gamers

    Published by kristoffer January 30, 2013

    Statistics from Flurry Analytics show that 67% of all activity on iPads involve gaming, but there are not a lot of covers that cater to such. We have seen iPad covers that can stand up for better conferencing, that comes with a keyboard for some productive stuff, that can protect against the elements, or even carry two iPads, but none that would make holding the tablet comfortably as you tilt the device side-to-si

  • Pig Buddies USB Hub

    Published by kristoffer January 18, 2013

    We can’t help but find this design cute and witty, but mostly cute.
    London-based design studio We Play God flaunted a pig-themed USB hub. It consists of a long Momma Pig that acts as a USB board and little pig USB flash drives that stick to the mother pig’s side looking like small ones are suckling. The designers also came up with a Pig Plug Board, where the mother pig is turned over and it works as a

  • Dexim Music Talking Stylus

    Published by dennis January 11, 2013

    With touch screen devices now becoming more popular, the need for a pen stylus has increased. Some people just are not that at ease using their fingers when navigating touch screen devices. Some people would even welcome the new Dexim Music Talking Stylus that functions more that what one may expect.
    The new Dexim Music Talking Stylus is a capacitive touch pen stylus for touch screen devices but also offers other f

  • Elecom 6nove Wireless Mouse

    Published by dennis December 17, 2012

    Wireless devices have somehow become the norm today. Wireless accessories have become so commonplace that people have many choices available. And in the case of a wireless mouse, the new Elecom 6nove may provide a distinct advantage of others in its class by having the ability of pairing with nine devices at the same time.
    The mouse has become a common input device among gadgets that most people use such as compute

  • Intelligent Design Titanium Mouse

    Published by dennis November 12, 2012

    Many people usually never mind the common PC mouse most of the time. Just as long as it is functional and usable, then all is fine. But there are also others who may be very particular about the mouse they use. For those people who are particular about elegance in design for their PC mouse or any other device for that matter, one can never complain having the Titanium Mouse from Dutch company Intelligent Design.

  • Keys U See Keyboard

    Published by dennis November 9, 2012

    There are some seniors out there who would want to learn how to use the PC even at their age. However, some may be prevented from doing so simply by their failing vision. Using the standard keyboard is just not ideal for seniors who may not be able to see what they are typing. That is probably the reason why the Keys U See Keyboard was designed in the first place.
    The Keys U See Keyboard is a computer keyboard that

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  • USB Futon Mouse Pad

    Published by dennis November 4, 2012

    The coming winter brings in the cold. Sometimes, people may just need to protect themselves from the cold in any way they can. For those who use the computer or their laptop all the time, they can expose their hand that controls the PC mouse to the cold, which can make this task uncomfortable. If what you need is provide some warmth to your exposed hand, this handy USB Futon Mouse Pad may help.
    The USB Futon Mouse

  • The Leap Input Device For Computers

    Published by dennis November 1, 2012

    While the computers have gone through many advances in technology, the input peripherals such as the PC mouse used to navigate around the PC screen has largely remain the same. Although there are now some wireless varieties available, there is no new device that is expected to replace this long-standing peripheral. But that may be about to change with the development of the Leap.
    The Leap is a unique device that al

  • Scanner Mouse

    Published by dennis October 29, 2012

    Scanning documents can be quite a complicated matter for some people. Without portable scanners, people would need to set up a flatbed scanner or a multi-copier with scanner features in order to create digitized versions of documents. It sometimes may not be convenient for those who just want to scan and digitize a small document or receipt. One way to make it easier is by having this convenient Scanner Mouse.

  • Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam

    Published by dennis October 22, 2012

    Many people can no longer just rely on the image or video quality that a typical webcam can provide. This may be especially true for Mac users. A new type of webcam may be needed. The new Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam might just fit the bill.
    The Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam is a newly designed webcam for the Mac from the popular Swiss company. It features a new quality webcam designed not only to broadcas

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