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  • AIS Outdoor Ultra-Rugged PDA

    Published by admin February 19, 2010

    Some users like to abuse their gadgets.  Working on their computers for hours on end, sending text messages while swimming underwater, using the e-book reader as an alternative chopping block and so on.  You know these abuses would curtail the lives of your favorite devices, which is why AIS Industrial Innovations provides a PDA that can take on any abuse.
    The AIS RPDA37 is an ultra-rugged military PDA

  • Apple Unveils the iPad; Was Anyone Excited?

    Published by admin January 27, 2010

    After several months of speculation and hype, Apple has unveiled its latest creation: The iPad.

    Oh sorry, that was the "iPad" being referred on a MAD TV sketch almost three years ago.  (Never knew comedy shows can be so clairvoyant.)

    This is the iPad, a portable device that CEO Steve Jobs claim as "the most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device," adding that the t

  • Juniper TK6000 Rugged Handheld Computer

    Published by admin January 26, 2010

    The Juniper TK6000 combines ruggedness and expandability.  Designed with the field worker in mind (such as land surveyors, miners, and even your local electric meter reader), this handheld computer features a robust alphanumeric keyboard, a color display that is readable even on outdoors, two RS-232 serial ports, battery life of up to 32 hours, and Windows Mobile 6.1 with integrated Bluetooth and WiFi. 

  • O2 XDA Flint

    Published by admin February 9, 2009

    The O2 XDA Flint handheld is designed differently from other O2 devices. For one, the XDA Flint uses a detachable QWERTY keyboard as an input device aside from its touch screen features. Its stylish and unique design may even attract some other experienced PDA users. But it seems that the issue with the XDA Flint may be by standing in the way of devices above and beneath its category.
    The XDA Flint is marketed a

  • HP iPAQ rx1950 Pocket PC

    Published by admin October 27, 2008

    Not all innovations in the Pocket PC today are received as positively as in the past few years. But when you look at the latest Pocket PC bearing the HP logo, it fortunately seems that HP abandons all experiments and uses what is already proven. The HP iPAQ rx1950 is absolutely good news. Targeting mostly new Pocket PC users, this device’s well-designed case has everything you would anticipate from Pocket P

  • Palm Treo Pro

    Published by admin September 26, 2008

    Appearances aside, what makes the Palm Treo Pro a special gadget is the fact that it was specifically made for a certain type of people like business people. Considered a hi-end gizmo itself, the design of the Palm Treo Pro is not as glitzy as it is. However, it has the makings of a true blue device every business man wants. If doing business presentation is one of the things that you are good at, this devic

  • Sony Reader Now Available at Target

    Published by admin September 23, 2008

    Book fans may now carry at least 160 books at once. The Reader Sony Digital Book is a portable gadget that allows you to read a number of titles, without having to bring dozens and dozens of books…whenever, wherever. You can download a number of eBook titles at Sony’s eBook Store. Choose from classics, popular and new releases. Sony Reader also supports the following formats: Adobe PDF10, RTF, TXT, BBe

  • Asus MyPal A696 PDA

    Published by admin September 12, 2008

    Imagine this, lost in an urban jungle with nothing to guide you but your wits. Then suddenly you feel the need to get informed with what is out there. What’s the latest news? Where’s the nearest way to get to the fanciest restaurants in town? Indeed, these are questions that in need of answers. And what a better way to have them solved using your Asus MyPal A696.
    It will not be so surprising is you see

  • Palm Tungsten E2 Handheld PDA

    Published by admin July 12, 2008

    Palm has again made ways in making our lives easier and more colorful with its new Palm Tungsten E2 Handheld model. This new PDA comes with a new brighter color saturation display making checking of contacts, schedule photos, video clips and other work documents whether indoors or out much easier.
    This new technology also comes with a non-volatile flash memory that helps in protecting the information in the handh

  • Blackberry Smartphone May Invade Korea Soon

    Published by admin May 20, 2008

    There are plans for SK Telecom, Korea’s largest telecom service provider, to bring the popular Blackberry smartphone to the country. Blackberry is considered to be the world’s most popular smartphone and it hopes also to become one in South Korea. Currently, the Korean smartphone is dominated by Korean firms Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.
    The news of SK Telecom’s plan came a senior offi

  • ASUS M530W Smartphone

    Published by admin March 5, 2008

    In order to provide business users with the mobility and the versatility of a mobile office, ASUS has designed the new ASUS M530w Smart Phone. Packed with innovative features, the ASUS M530w allows users to send and receive messages instantly anytime, anywhere – providing vital information for users to make important and informed business decisions. It has impressive message Functions and fast transfer speed

  • Asus MyPal A696 GPS PDA

    Published by admin March 3, 2008

    The Asus MyPal A696 GPS PDA is a highly versatile device aimed for the more discriminating gadget lover. It is not your usual personal digital assistant in the least instance. It offers more features than just a regular PDA in the market.
    For one, the Asus MyPal A696 GPS PDA is a palm sized wonder that will help you avoid getting lost. It is an ultra slim gadget, with looks and compact design that might betray th

  • i-mate Jama 201 Smartphone

    Published by admin

    The i-mate Jama 201 PDA is another unique gadget that provides users with a unique experience when it comes to using a personal digital assistant. The Jama 201 is an ultra slim gadget that also features a striking oversized screen that offers crystal crisp QVGA display for a clearer and more convenient view when checking out emails, web pages as well as office documents. The device is powered by a Samsung 300 MHz

  • Motorola Q9 Smartphone

    Published by admin

    With smart phones becoming popular in the consumer market, there are many types of models now available for gadget enthusiasts to choose from. One of the latest to come out is the Motorola Q9. This sleek and attractive gadget has the power and functionality that many discerning users look for. Her are some of the features that makes this smart device worth checking out.
    With the cell phone and the PDA merging int