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  • Stealth WPC-525F – Waterproof Fanless Computer System

    Published by dennis December 8, 2012

    With new technology going towards miniaturization, it is now becoming more possible for gadgets and devices becoming smaller and smaller. Another focus for new technology is making gadgets become more rugged. A combination of both can lead to devices such as the Stealth WPC-525F – Waterproof Fanless Computer System.
    Although it may not be the smallest of computer systems today, the Stealth WPC-525F – Wa

  • The REX-WIFISD1 Wireless Card Reader

    Published by dennis

    Flash cards on mobile phones and other devices might be one of the most convenient ways of storing files. But still, having to access those file from one device to another can be a bit of a hassle. Using a card reader is the best option but you still need to deal with the cables and wires and everything else. The new REX-WIFISD1Wireless Card Reader from Japanese storage device maker RATOC Systems just made it a bit

  • Sharp 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display

    Published by dennis November 29, 2012

    For people who look for the sharpest displays around when using their PC, a Full HD monitor may no longer just cut it. There are now higher resolution monitor displays available that can give better picture quality than most Full HD monitors. One of the recent ones to come out is the Sharp 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display.
    The Sharp 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display is an innovative display that features the proprietary IGZO technolo

  • Sandia Cooler CPU Fan

    Published by dennis June 24, 2012

    One of the limiting factors that affect the speed and efficiency of computers has been heat accumulation caused by the hard working processor. That is why cooling systems for processors is an important part of any CPU and will help in determining its performance. The people at Sandia National Laboratories have developed the Sandia Cooler heat sink that can help cool the CPU up to 30 times more efficiently than curr

  • Infinitec Pocket TV

    Published by dennis June 11, 2012

    It seems that micro computers are quickly becoming the next highly anticipated device. There’s the FXI Cotton Candy and there’s recently this Chinese made Android Micro PC that has found its way into the consumer market, at least in China. But that is just the start. There are also other micro PC’s like the Infinitec Pocket TV that will be out in the market soon.
    The Infinitec Pocket TV is a Kicks

  • MK802 Android 4.0 Micro PC

    Published by dennis June 7, 2012

    It seems that CPU’s are becoming smaller and smaller. With the recent arrival of micro-PC’s like the FXI Cotton Candy, it will only be a matter of time before they become an even more common device. But at this very early stage, there have already been some other entries in the micro-PC category found online. One of them is the MK802 Android 4.0 Micro PC from China.
    You can now look up to the Chinese to

  • Panasonic 65-Inch Interactive Plasma Display

    Published by dennis May 26, 2012

    The digital revolution is now trying to spread into almost every aspect of human life. There are still many things that the technology has not yet revolutionized. White boards and blackboards come to mind as most offices and schools still use the same thing that they have been using for decades. But that may be about to change as Panasonic in introducing its 65-inch Interactive Plasma Display.
    The new Panasonic TH-

  • Drive eRazer Ultra

    Published by dennis April 26, 2012

    With information becoming even more valuable than ever, people can be quite concerned if it gets into the wrong hands. The same can easily happen when one simply tries to replace the hard drive on the computer. Even while the old hard drive may have its contents erased, some sensitive data fragments may still remain which can be retrieved. Even formatting the drive won’t be effective in totally erasing its co

  • Fusion-io ioFX: The Super-Fast, “Oscar-Winning” SSD

    Published by kristoffer April 12, 2012

    If you are a digital artist who hates to rush their work minutes before deadline, you better read this. SSD manufacturer Fusion-io has bundled its ioMemory technology into a workstation PCIe card catering to visual effects professionals.
    The Fusion ioFX is designed to eliminate data bottlenecks that freeze the computer, thus preventing the creative production from slowing down. This piece of hardware can deliver

  • World’s Smallest PC Now Available For Pre-Order

    Published by dennis March 2, 2012

    We have reported around last year about the FXI Cotton Candy that was just being launched. Its makers FXI Technologies of Norway considered it as the world’s smallest PC by far, having the size similar to that of a conventional flash drive. But now, interested parties may finally get their hands on this diminutive device, as it is now being made available for pre-order by FXI.
    The FXI Cotton Candy CPU currently b

  • FXI Cotton Candy Flash Drive Sized Computer

    Published by dennis November 26, 2011

    Devices today seem to go the portable route. They become slimmer, thinner and smaller as the newer ones come along. Computers seem to follow suit as they have become smaller and more portable if tablets and notebooks are to be considered. But it seems that having a pocket CPU is something that may still be afar off. But that’s not entirely true. FXI Technologies of Norway is coming out with a Flash Drive size

  • Kensington Absolute Power Laptop, Phone, Tablet Charger

    Published by dennis October 20, 2011

    With people usually bringing portable mobile gadgets and devices all of the time, it can be come quite a hassle bringing along multiple chargers for them. It would surely be quite convenient to bring only a single charger for most, if not, all of them. It’s a good thing that there’s now a device like the Kensington Absolute Power available.
    The Kensington Absolute Power is a laptop, phone and tablet charger

  • AOC Introduces Portable USB Monitor

    Published by dennis September 27, 2011

    AOC has just recently announced a new slim and portable USB monitor that may be quite a handy accessory for laptop users. It provides a nice option for laptop users needing the function of dual or multi-monitor setups when working. It was designed primarily for portability and convenience.
    The new AOC Portable USB Monitor is powered and connected to a laptop all via a USB port, doing away with a separate power cord

  • Smart Optimus SSDs Are Biggest and Fastest, So They Say

    Published by kristoffer August 5, 2011

    Computer hardware company Smart Modular Technologies has announced a new line of SSDs (solid-state drives) that may drive out the competition. The Smart Optimus drives come in capacities ranging from 200GB all the way to 1.6TB. Not only Smart is bringing out the biggest single SSD in the market (measuring 2.5 inches at the longest), but also the fastest, which uses Serial Attached SCSI interface to make the hardw

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