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  • Elecom Un Photoalbum Digital Picture Frame

    Published by dennis August 5, 2011

    Digital picture frames have made it more convenient to store and view digital photos and images. But featuring only that function may make it a device with limited functions that could have been made better. It may have been with such a mindset that Elecom has come up with its new Un Photoalbum Digital Picture Frame.
    The new Elecom DPF-A8WM10 Un Photoalbum is a digital picture frame with an 8″ LED backlight s

  • Digital Photo Frame Keychain

    Published by dennis September 22, 2010

    People always have this need to bring along pictures and photos to show other people. But they may be limited to just bring a few of them and not an album’s worth. Technology has somehow made this more possible with devices such as the Digital Photo Frame Keychain.
    You may now be able to bring along an album full of pictures in your pocket wherever you go, thanks to the Digital Photo Frame Keychain. This han

  • Pocket Digital Photo Frame

    Published by dennis August 23, 2010

    Digital picture frames make it easier for people to browse pictures and albums in JPEG formats. But most of the models available are those that are used as tabletop features. Its a good thing that there is the Pocket Digital Photo Frame that women can now bring along with them instead of simply leaving them atop a table.
    The Pocket Digital Photo Frame is a great gadget to store your favorite pictures in and bring

  • Onkyo LPF10M01 Digital Picture Frame

    Published by dennis July 25, 2010

    Digital picture frames have recently become a popular device used to display digital photos. But most of them may have been limited to doing merely just that. Onkyo has recently come up with a new digital picture frame that allows users to make it as an alternative monitor to watch HD content.
    The new Onkyo LPF10M01 Digital Picture Frame comes with an added HDMI input port that will allow users to plug in an HD pl

  • Aiptek Introduces 3D Photo Frame

    Published by kristoffer June 28, 2010

    With 3D technology becoming more accessible thanks to 3D camcorders, it won’t be too long before someone comes up with gadgets that would have to do with anything 3D. Aiptek, for instance, offers its “Portable 3D Photo and Video Display” as a complement to its i2 3D Camcorder, which was introduced recently.
    This 3D photo frame has a 7-inch parallax LCD display, which means a different perspective of the

  • Samsung 800P Digital Photo Frame

    Published by admin December 10, 2009

    Many people are tempted to buy a digital photo frame for the Holidays, but they do not realize that most of them have one thing in common:  poor displays.  What should have been the product’s main feature would only make your quality photos suffer from generation loss or dimension changes.
    But there is one recently-introduced digital photo frame that promises to provide what it is supposed to do,

  • CEIVA Pro 80 Digital Photo Frame

    Published by admin October 16, 2009

    CEIVA Logic, the creators of the connected digital photo frame, comes the Pro 80 Digital Photo Frame, the latest in company’s line of connected digital photo frames.
    The Pro 80 features telephone and Wi-Fi connectivity; and thanks to its built-in media server connection, users can now stream photos instantly from their computer to their Pro 80 digital frame over a home network.
    It also has a built-in memor

  • Sony DPP-F700 Digital Photo Frame

    Published by admin September 30, 2009

    Digital photo frames have been useful to consumers who want to add life to the usual dull photo frames of the past.  However, for people who think that the best photos are printed, they will surely enjoy this latest gadget from Sony.
    The Sony DPP-F700 is a digiframe that adds a special touch by adding a printer into the mix.  The printer produces 4 x 6-inch, 300 x 300 resolution photos prints.  Oth

  • Fridge Magnet Photo Frame

    Published by admin March 24, 2009

    Every home has a fridge that is filled with magnets and photos of family members sharing precious moments.  And if you combine the two and create a Fridge Magnet Photo Frame, it completely makes sense. 
    This unique digital photo frame can store up to 66 images displayed in 320 x 240 resolution and can easily be mounted on your fridge door with the help of its magnetic back.  You can also scroll the

  • Digital Foci Photo Book Makes Photo Albums Obsolete

    Published by admin March 17, 2009

    Photo albums are a thing of the past.  With more photographs taken through digital cameras and camphones, the next step into keeping these memorable moments is to store them in digital displays.  The Digital Foci Photo Book can provide you an easy and portable way of enjoying and sharing digital photos.
    The digital photo album has an 8-inch 800 x 600 LCD screen and 4GB internal flash memory.  Its

  • Digital Foci Photo Book

    Published by admin February 26, 2009

    The Digital Foci Photo Book replaces traditional photo albums. The best thing about this, it’s digital!
    For those who have been into traditional photo albums, then do not be surprised if everything has gone digital. You guessed that right. It’s a digital photo album. It is called Photo Book and it is manufactured by Digital Foci.
    If you want to know more about this photo album, then try hearing some of

  • IPEVO Kaleido R7 Digital Photo Frame

    Published by admin January 12, 2009

    It seems like digital photo frames aren’t the thing for most people. Probably because these frames just don’t fit into the contemporary style that we want, which is ironic because digital photo frames are already an innovation in itself.
    That’s what we think, too, actually. Up until we came across IPEVO’s Kaleido R7, a 7-inch, 800 x 480 TFT LCD digital photo frame with a 512 MB memory. It

  • Sony Bluetooth-Ready Digital Photo Frames

    Published by admin January 9, 2009

    Just when we thought we heard the last of digital frames, Sony comes up with not one but four new ones.
    Sony’s latest additions to their digital photo frame line are said to have "super clear LCD" and is also equipped with TruBlack technology. In fact, Sony’s new digital frames are so clear the contrast is "15 times sharper and 13 times brighter" than the previous digital photo fra

  • EStarling ImpactV Digital Photo Frame

    Published by admin December 9, 2008

    eStarling, a leading manufacturer of digital photo frames, recently announced the release of Impact V, the latest in their impressive line of quality digital photo frames.
    ImpactV has all the features of eStarling’s earlier releases.
    ImpactV has an 8-inch LCD screen with a 800×600 resolution. It’s Wi-Fi enabled for wireless photo uploading. It has a 512M on board flash memory and a me

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