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  • Pen Sized Scanner

    Published by dennis February 2, 2013

    One of the more common yet interesting peripheral that most people use today is the scanner. From the first time it every came out, the scanner has evolved so much as a device. From the tabletop version to the handheld device, the scanner has truly gone through so much. Even now, when people have grown accustomed to the journey of today’s scanner, here is the Pen Sized Scanner that shows even small gadgets ca

  • Memoto Wearable Digital Camera

    Published by dennis October 27, 2012

    Many people would like to keep tabs of what they are doing on a daily basis as a sort of their own personal history. If it is possible, almost everyone would somehow like to keep a record of everything that they do or experience on a span of a day. But most of the time, people can easily get distracted by many everyday things that they tend to forget about their initial means of recording their life. The new and… [Read More]

  • The Autographer Wearable Intelligent Camera

    Published by dennis September 26, 2012

    While people may have a wide range of choices when it comes to digital cameras, they generally would get cameras with the same general function. People need to seek what they wish to capture, focus the camera and then click to capture. That’s how all digital cameras basically work similarly to each other. It would be interesting to have a digital camera that captures images by itself for a change. This is whe

  • LG Pocket Photo Mobile Picture Printer

    Published by dennis September 19, 2012

    Many device designs nowadays revolve around the functionality of smartphones. They try to enhance or even boost some of these features to make the smartphone even more appealing. In the case of LG, the camera functions of their smartphones are enhanced by having the LG Pocket Photo Picture Printer around.
    The new LG Pocket Photo is a portable photo printer designed for smartphones. It features Zink technology that

  • Point Grey Flea3 4K Camera

    Published by dennis July 4, 2012

    While 4K cameras are not that popular among consumers, they do provide videos that come with higher resolutions. This makes them quite useful for a variety of industrial uses. It also makes an able webcam for business use since they offer better hi-res videos for video conferences. It is for this reason that size counts, much like what the Point Grey Flea3 4K Camera offers.
    The Point Grey Flea3 4K camera is conside

  • JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION Action Cam

    Published by dennis June 30, 2012

    Action cameras have already built a growing market for itself. While action camera choices are year ago were somewhat very limited, the same can no longer be said today. There are now quite a number of other capable action cameras now coming out of the market. One of the new ones is the JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION Action Camera.
    The JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION Action Camera is a portable and mountable action camera designed for ta

  • GoPro WiFi BacPac + WiFi Remote Combo Kit: Control 50 GoPros at Once

    Published by kristoffer June 7, 2012

    Do you have an arsenal of 50 GoPro cameras and don’t know what to make of them? You can control them all with the same time, thanks to the newly-announced GoPro WiFi BacPac + WiFi Remote Combo Kit.
    The WiFi BacPac allows you to make your HD Hero and HD Hero2 cameras WiFi-capable. Meanwhile, the WiFi Remote enables to control remotely up to 50 GoPro cameras within a 600-foot range simultaneously.
    You can als

  • Vintage Nikon Fisheye Lens for SLR Cameras

    Published by kristoffer April 24, 2012

    Many photography junkies may tell you that it is not your camera that makes your photos great, but the quality of your lenses. One such lens has been turning heads for its rarity and potential to create astonishing images.
    This 6-millimeter Nikkor fisheye lens was first introduced in 1970. With its 220-degree viewing angle and an astonishing speed of f/2.8, it was the world’s most extreme wide-angle lens at

  • Air Clicker Two Finger Camera Concept

    Published by dennis March 23, 2012

    Many digital cameras have become quite portable that most people now bring them along wherever they go. But it also pays for others to suggest unique designs that may further make cameras even more portable up to a certain extent. This Air Clicker Two Finger Camera Concept might just about offer that.
    The Air Clicker Two Finger Camera Concept was developed by a Korean designer by the name of Yeon Su Kim. It aims to

  • Swann HD PenCam

    Published by dennis February 10, 2012

    There are people who have dreamed once in their life of becoming a secret agent or spy, just like in the movies. For some, they just can’t let go of such dreams and go further to try to live it as often as they could. Some may even be considered as crazy or paranoid sometimes while trying to play their own spy games and adventures. Such people are further encouraged when devices like the new Swann HD PenCam c

  • Swann OutbackCam Security Camera

    Published by dennis February 9, 2012

    With the world becoming a dangerous place nowadays, security has become a big thing for most people. Okay, it might be verging on paranoia thinking that it is dangerous everywhere. But still, that higher sense of security is still something that most people will welcome if it is offered. And with security devices like the Swann OutbackCam Security Camera around, having it installed may just help some people build u

  • ION HD Camera Goggles

    Published by dennis January 28, 2012

    More and more people would want to get into some of those extreme sports action. Not only that, some would want to capture the experience right and try to relive it years after. With technology, it now seems more possible. For those who like to go into extreme snow action, they would want to bring along the ION HD Camera Goggles for the ride.
    The ION HD Camera Goggles from Zeal Optics is not just something that wil

  • 9 Mega Pixel Film Scanner

    Published by dennis January 2, 2012

    While digital cameras have become quite popular nowadays, there are still some people who still prefer using classic 35mm film to shoot pictures. But the means to make copies using such 33mm film negatives can only be limited. A device like the 9 Mega Pixel Film Scanner can help resolve such issues.
    The 9 Mega Pixel Film Scanner allows users to not only view old roll camera films through a 3.0 inch LCD screen, it c

  • Eyez Spy Cam Eyeglasses Closer to Reality

    Published by kristoffer December 8, 2011

    Engadget has gotten its hands on spy cam-embedded eyeglasses called Eyez, which has recently earning nearly $350,000 in pledges from Kickstarter. It just proves that every one of us still wants that spy eyeglasses for Christmas.
    The Eyez is equipped with a tiny 720p resolution camera placed at the left side of the standard-size eyeglass lens, as well as mono-quality audio recording capability. It comes with a pro

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