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  • Socialmatic Instagram Camera Gets Polariod Branding

    Published by kristoffer March 4, 2013

    Last year, we bumped into a little, thin digital camera that pays homage to Instagram by incorporating its logo to the design and allowing users to edit their photos with filters. The Socialmatic camera, however, takes it to the next level with an ability to print out your Instagram-esque photos right out of the device like Polaroids.
    It may not struck a deal with Instagram and Facebook as we have hoped, but Socia

  • The Submarine Camcorder

    Published by dennis February 11, 2013

    Camcorders help people record memorable events and stunning one of a kind view. But they can have their limitations, such as taking underwater videos. For those who want to include a fun element into taking videos, the Submarine Camcorder may just be the thing.
    The Submarine Camcorder is a unique device that allows users to capture and stream live video underwater while staying dry. This unique camcorder can be man

  • Pentax WG3 Rugged Digital Camera

    Published by dennis February 2, 2013

    Digital cameras need to come with better features if ever they would want to remain relevant in a world where smartphones with cameras now rule. More people tend to prefer using their smartphone to take photos instead of compact digital cameras these days, partially due to convenience. Digital cameras can try to cover the places where most smartphone cameras dare not venture into. That would probably be in rugged t

  • Pen Sized Scanner

    Published by dennis

    One of the more common yet interesting peripheral that most people use today is the scanner. From the first time it every came out, the scanner has evolved so much as a device. From the tabletop version to the handheld device, the scanner has truly gone through so much. Even now, when people have grown accustomed to the journey of today’s scanner, here is the Pen Sized Scanner that shows even small gadgets ca

  • Swann Bolt HD Camera

    Published by dennis January 31, 2013

    It only took a few years before action cameras have built a new market segment for themselves. Once, they were considered as specialized equipment that costs a lot to have. But now, there are a lot of action cameras for people to choose from and with a lot more still to come. One of the recent ones is the new Swann Bolt HD Action Camera.
    The Swann Bolt HD Action Camera features a lens and 12MP sensor that can reco

  • Snap Camera Concept Puts a Ring on It

    Published by kristoffer January 20, 2013

    Most of us use our smartphones as our camera device because of its portability and the presence of great photo apps to go with it. But because smartphones are mainly that, phones, its interface does not allow for a quick setup.
    Germany-based designer David Munscher develops an idea that would solve that problem. The Snap Camera is a mini point-and-shoot device that can be fitted right onto your finger like a ring

  • Kodak-branded Micro Four Thirds Camera Teased

    Published by kristoffer January 19, 2013

    Kodak has been on a downward spiral as of late. As part of its streamlining, the century-old company licensed its own brand to a startup company called JK Imaging, which has announced its own range of camera.
    First in line is the Kodak S1, a micro four thirds camera set to be launched in Q3 this year. Not much is known about the camera, except that the device will have built-in WiFi and may be carrying a Sony-mad

  • Liquid Image Ego Mini Action Camera

    Published by dennis January 12, 2013

    Action cams have become standard equipment for those who are into action sports and want to record their exploits on video. And with  a lot more action camera choices now available than before, people have the option to choose what would work best for them in terms of size, quality and cost. For those who wish to use the tiniest of the lot for added convenience and lesser limitations in terms of range of movement,

  • Polaroid to Supposedly Launch Android-Based Mirrorless Camera

    Published by kristoffer December 19, 2012

    A leak from Russian social networking site VK claims that Polaroid will be introducing a new camera soon. The camera would not be the usual device we expect from them, but a shooter that comes with a mirrorless interchangeable lens system and will run on Android.
    Polaroid has long discontinued its traditional instant-film cameras as it ran into different bankruptcy situations. The company signed an agreement with

  • Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Action Cam

    Published by dennis December 11, 2012

    Capturing all the sports action is now possible with the number of action cameras available in the market today. But for all their high tech wizardry, most action cameras can only be limited to take a single view of all the action. The arrival of the ATC Chameleon from Oregon Scientific will change all that.
    The ATC Chameleon Action Cam for Oregon Scientific features not just one camera, but two. It allows users to

  • Memoto Wearable Digital Camera

    Published by dennis October 27, 2012

    Many people would like to keep tabs of what they are doing on a daily basis as a sort of their own personal history. If it is possible, almost everyone would somehow like to keep a record of everything that they do or experience on a span of a day. But most of the time, people can easily get distracted by many everyday things that they tend to forget about their initial means of recording their life. The new and… [Read More]

  • GoPro Hero3 Action Cam

    Published by dennis October 18, 2012

    Action cameras have opened up an exciting new market of their own. There are now quite a number of people suddenly getting interested of getting their own wearable action camera to capture their personal action shots and videos. There are now action cameras such as the new GoPro Hero3 that will further get people more interested.
    The new GoPro Hero3 action cam was recently announced that boasts to be 30 percent sma

  • Polaroid iD820 1080p HD Camcorder

    Published by dennis October 4, 2012

    When it comes to camcorders, savvy gadget lovers would not bother checking out a device if it is not in HD. With the advancement in HD technology, almost all newer camcorders that matter now come in HD, both in recording and playback. In the case of the new Polaroid iD820 1080p HD Camcorder, not only is the 1080p HD feature a given, its slim design also makes it something worth checking out.
    For those who might thi

  • Polaroid iD450 WiFi Camcorder

    Published by dennis October 3, 2012

    Capturing memorable moments in video today no longer just means recording them. People today just need to share them online the very instance they are captured. For those who like to share their experiences on video online in real time. This is now possible with the new Polaroid iD450 WiFi Camcorder.
    The Polaroid iD450 WiFi Camcorder allows users to stream videos in real time online. It comes with built-in WiFi con

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