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Yamaha VSP-1 Masks Private Conversations with Ambient Noise (1)

There are several places where conversations toward customers should be in hush tones like in banks, hospitals, and pharmacies, where private--and probably embarrassing--details should not be heard by other people. In contrast, these same places can be very noisy and whispering to customers would be uncomfortable. Yamaha solves this by adding more noise directed away from locations where private conversations are done. Its VSP-1 noise generator, which was announced earlier this month, consists of a speaker box aimed at masking conversations. The device features eight specially-tuned ambient noise recordings ranging from seaside, river, and forest. Studies conducted by the company shows that the VSP-1 has able to mask between 47 percent and 89 percent of conversations in four Japanese pharmacies. The Yamaha VSP-1 noise generator, however, does not come cheap. A single unit costs ¥105,000 (US$1,267) and it will be available in Japan beginning April 20. Source: Oh Gizmo! Read More

Yamaha Launches The EC-03 Electric Scooter (4)

The key to make many green gadgets more acceptable to the public is by making them more affordable. Electric vehicles as a primary mode of transportation has not yet caught on mainly because they still remain quite an expensive alternative to the current vehicles running on fossil fuel. Although it may be still years away, many companies like Yamaha have continued on developing vehicles running on cleaner energy sources such as electricity just to move forward little by little. Along the same lines, Yamaha has recently launched a new electric scooter in the new Yamaha EC-03. It is an electric 50cc scooter powered by a 50V/14Ah lithium ion battery. It has a range of 43km on flat roads per charge. A single charge of the Yamaha EC-03 takes 6 hours using a household outlet. The Yamaha EC-03 e-scooter is set to be made available on pre-order in metropolitan Tokyo around this month and followed by the rest of Japan a couple of months later. Its expected price would range around US$2,850. Its availability in the international market however, has not yet been announced. Image Source: Yamaha Read More

Yamaha Releases Electric Bikes for Women (1)

While the United States is beginning to gain awareness about electric cars, Japan is beginning to see a rise of pedestrians riding on electric bikes.  What's the difference between the electric bike and the traditional bicycle, you say?  For one, battery-powered bikes can boost its speed depending on how hard you pedal.  Some models have motors that only start once you stop pedaling (so you won't smell like an old sock upon arriving at the office).Yamaha, one of Japan's bike powerhouses, has announced that they are coming up with five new electric bikes, all of which are unlikely to be shipped outside the Land of the Rising Sun.  These new models, all part of the PAS series, feature a "smooth driving behavior," especially during acceleration or going uphill.The bikes weigh between 23.2 and 27 kilograms, all of which are powered by a lithium-ion battery.  Drivers can choose between three modes:  automatic (being able to move around without pedaling), power (speed boosts once the driver pedals harder), and "auto-eco plus" (the slowest among the three modes, but with the farthest distance traveled in a single charge).The flagship model, the PAS-CITY M, weighs 27 kilos and can run for up to 32km in auto-eco plus mode.  Charging time takes two to three hours.  These new models target women in particular and are available in colors such as "cherry pink" (pictured) and "cosmetic orange."The PAS series electric bikes from Yamaha range from 104,800 yen (about US$1,140) for the basic PAS S model to 119,800 yen (about $1,300) for the PAS-CITY M.Image source:  Yamaha, via Crunchgear Read More

Yamaha YHT-690 5.1 Channel Home Theater System (0)

Home theater in a box (HTIB) systems are quite becoming popular nowadays. This systems are usually convenient for people who wish to have a home theater set-up but may not have the space available for larger and bulkier speakers. HTIB systems such as the Yamaha YHT-690 may provide a good alternative for a better home theater experience. The Yamaha YHT-690 is a 5.1 channel home theater system composed of a DVD player, a New Level home theater receiver, 5 speakers and a subwoofer. Just like most home theater in a box systems, the Yamaha YHT-690 has smaller speakers but offers around 625W of total system power which includes the subwoofer. The AV receiver features digital surround sound and is equipped with 2 HDMI inputs and 1 output to make it compatible with 1080p high definition set ups. The Yamaha YHT-690 is available at Yamaha for US$650. Image Source: Yamaha Read More

New Line of Integrated Audio Equipment from Yamaha (0)

While other audio equipment simply adds more channels to its receivers, Yamaha took a road less taken:  Adding more speakers.  The company introduces the market to three integrated audio equipment.  First, we have the similarly spec-ed YHT-S350 (top) and YHT-S400 (bottom), both consisting of a receiver with an integrated subwoofer, through which different devices can be connected.  The one thing they differ, however, is how they blare out the high-frequency sounds.  While the S350 includes a pair of squat stereo speakers, the S400 offers a three-channel "air surround xtreme" soundbar. Another audio equipment from Yamaha is the YSP-4100 (above), a tall yet slim soundbar with integrated receiver.  It is built to be mounted on the wall just beneath your HDTV, then can be paired with wireless transmitters for iPods and other media players.  The YSP-4100 includes 40 4cm speakers and two 11cm woofers, delivering what they like to call "the 2.5.1 channel sound."All three models from Yamaha will become available in Japan at the last quarter of 2009.  No price has been officially announced yet. Read More

Onkyo TX SR805 AV Receiver (0)

The AV receiver market seems to be overcrowded nowadays. Quality products from of Denon, Yamaha, Integra, Sony and Onkyo are slowly saturating the market for AV receivers. However, the race is still on in providing cost efficient AV receiver technology that would directly competes with the more expensive home theater systems. One of Onkyo's latest is the TX-SR805 series that sells at merely $999. Because of the release of this unit, Onkyo had to released a new flagship model in the guise of TX-NR905. This model sells for $2,099. Onkyo also included a slightly better TX-SR875, which sells for $1,699. The new TX-SR805 differs a lot from the TX-NR905 but the differences are not when compared to the much lower spec TX-SR605. If you're looking to invest on an AV receiver, the TX-SR805 is not that half bad. In fact, all in all, it is a beau. The new 805 sports a sleek design, although, its kinda big measuring at 7.625 inches high, 17.125 inches wide, and 18.25 inches deep. This means you would need enough space for your AV and for ventilation at the back. The unit heats up considerably. The design is pretty standard for an Onkyo receiver with upper-right-hand corner volume knob, large flip-down panels revealing the extra front buttons, and LCD display above the flip-down tray. Simple, yet effective. Connections at the back include for component video, composite and S-video inputs, as well as analog and digital audio inputs. A major feature of the TX-SR805 is the three HDMI 1.3 inputs and one HDMI 1.3 monitor output. The HDMI inputs can carry 1080p video, and multi-channel audio signals including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. Also found behind the TX-SR805's are five-way binding posts, seven of which can be used for a 7.1 surround sound system, and analog audio outs for two zones which makes the TX-SR805 a three-zone receiver and can provide inputs for both XM and Sirius satellite radio antenna.Being an exceptional AV receiver doesn't mean that it has no flaws. The new Onkyo TX-SR805 heats up really fast and really hot. You could fry an egg on it, or maybe not. Although I haven't really tried it but the surface can be too hot for you to touch. Ventilation and cooling system is a big issue. Onkyo has been producing various audio products for both the high end and the popular market. And the TX-SR805 at $999 is a great achievement for the company. With the TX-SR805, the company was able to deliver a high-tech equipment that provides total entertainment with emphasis on simplicity and ease of operation. Read More

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