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  • Vizio All-In-One PCs Now Available

    Published by kristoffer June 15, 2012

    Apart from the Thin + Light laptops, Vizio also launched its new all-in-one PC line. You can choose between the 24-inch version and the 27-inch model.
    Both PC sport 1080p-resolution screens, a power supply that… [Read More]

  • Vizio Rolls Out First Laptops

    Published by kristoffer

    Vizio, best known for its wallet-friendly TVs, tests the waters of PC hardware ocean during CES with its first line of computers–consisting of three notebooks and two all-in-ones. And just as scheduled, its three… [Read More]

  • Vizio Tablet Now Available, Costs Just $299

    Published by kristoffer August 10, 2011

    After being unveiled at this year’s CES, the Vizio Tablet is now available for your enjoyment. This new Android-based tablet aims to control your home theater experience with the help of Vizio’s V. I…. [Read More]

  • Vizio 8 Inch Tablet

    Published by dennis June 24, 2011

    While the tablet market today has become one of the more competitive markets for devices out there, that doesn’t stop many companies from trying to get their own tablet versions out there. Btu while they… [Read More]

  • Android-Based EVO 2 Game Console Now Available

    Published by kristoffer May 26, 2011

    There used to be this EVO game console, which supposedly runs on Linux and was shipped to buyers until it was sold out, or so its manufacturer claimed. Now that company, Envizions, is attempting… [Read More]

  • Vizio XVT HB100 Bluetooth Headphones

    Published by dennis April 7, 2011

    Even headphones have gone through a process of innovation that made them relevant with updated technology. Bluetooth headphones are now available by virtue of the wide popularity of Bluetooth devices nowadays. Vizio has come up… [Read More]

  • Vizio Enters Mobile TV Market, Introduces Three Products

    Published by admin January 8, 2010

    Mobile TV is finally coming to the United States and Vizio is determined to dominate this new market by introducing not one, but three new handheld LED devices.  These three new Razor LED models… [Read More]

  • Samsung is The Leading LCD TV Vendor as of Q1 2008

    Published by admin May 17, 2008

    The leading information provider, conferences and consulting with regard to the display supply change and display related industries DisplaySearch just released the newest share numbers for the LCD TV vendors for this year Q1 in… [Read More]