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  • TomTom Arrives in Android

    Published by kristoffer October 5, 2012

    TomTom has announced that its GPS software can now be accessed on Android. The catch, however, is that most Android devices can only receive offline navigation.
    If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S… [Read More]

  • Apple’s New Map App Looks Catastrophic

    Published by kristoffer September 20, 2012

    Apple’s newest map app in iOS 6, which the company replaced from the default Google Maps, has been getting a lot of flak lately.
    Fox News calls the TomTom-developed Maps application an “unsightly blemish on what… [Read More]

  • First Android-Powered GPS Device Introduced

    Published by kristoffer December 16, 2011

    Ever wonder why GPS devices, especially those that arrived before the free GPS apps, are really expensive? It is because its propriety libraries and interfaces are created from scratch and that comes at a… [Read More]

  • Garmin Fit App

    Published by kristoffer October 26, 2011

    While TomTom is restructuring its business to keep itself afloat, fellow GPS device maker Garmin would rather focus on other things like coming up with a fitness app. The Garmin Fit app tracks your… [Read More]

  • TomTom Halts Making Stand-Alone GPS Devices

    Published by kristoffer

    There was a time when Global Positioning System (GPS) devices–dominated by Garmin and TomTom–are essential in every car, helping drivers navigate roads and highways without the need for hard-to-read maps and trying to catch traffic… [Read More]

  • TomTom Provides HD Traffic Service on Your Browser

    Published by kristoffer March 17, 2011

    While many tech observers began counting the days of navigation systems like TomTom after the introduction of the Google Maps Navigation that makes GPS freely available online, TomTom’s recent development make it seem like it… [Read More]

  • Nike+ SportsWatch GPS

    Published by dennis January 8, 2011

    Wristwatches nowadays seem to tell more than just time. There are now several sports watches that can provide users with other data than may include heart and pulse rate, calories burned and even distance traveled…. [Read More]

  • TomTom and Star Wars to go Hand in Hand

    Published by kristoffer May 5, 2010

    GPS manufacturer TomTom has announced its partnership with Lucasfilm,, and the Star Wars franchise. The company is set to provide voice options to its range of navigation devices featuring the vocalizations of memorable… [Read More]

  • TomTom Ease Red Edition Comes Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

    Published by admin February 9, 2010

    In just a few days left before Valentine’s Day, every company has to offer something to spice up the season, even GPS.  TomTom , for instance, recently introduces its Ease Red Edition.  The… [Read More]

  • Nokia Gives Navigation App for Free

    Published by admin January 22, 2010

    Nokia has just announced that they will be providing its very own navigation app for free, making the likes of Garmin and TomTom run for their money.
    But unlike the GPS navigation on the iPhone,… [Read More]

  • Re Turns Your iPhone into a Universal Remote

    Published by admin December 21, 2009

    Over two years since it was first introduced, the iPhone has become your multi-tool of sorts from portable music player, Internet device, GPS system, ebook reader, credit card swiper, stalker tool, and even as… [Read More]

  • Snoop GPS Voice on TomTom

    Published by admin December 2, 2009

    Wonder what your expensive TomTom has that the free Google Maps Navigation does not?  For one, you can set the robotic lady voice into a smooth-talking, herbally-appreciative rapper.
    VoiceSkins, which previously delighted GPS… [Read More]

  • Google Maps Navigation

    Published by admin October 28, 2009

    Google has unveiled its Maps Navigation, an upgrade of its current Maps program.  What used to display street maps and landmarks, as well as the ability to search by name of business and display… [Read More]

  • TomTom iPhone Kit Now Available in United States

    Published by admin October 26, 2009

    Feeling envious that United Kingdom got the TomTom iPhone Kit first?  Do not worry, because Apple has just released the much-awaited GPS app, which includes the TomTom Car Kit, for the American market. 
    The… [Read More]

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