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TomTom Bandit Action Camera (0)

Action cameras have become quite common devices used increasingly by more and more people. Their popularity has increased because they offer the best means of capturing action shots in a more convenient manner. Small, compact, rugged and offering high quality image and video captures, action cameras have become essential companions for many people who love action and adventure all the time. The new TomTom Bandit Action Camera. With the action camera market becoming pretty crowded these days, it helps to have features that stand out. That is what the new TomTom Bandit Action Camera aims to offer. It is considered to be the very first action camera that comes with a built-in media server. It helps reduce the time of processing video footage and sharing it with friends. The typical action cameras usually require uploading or transferring videos to a computer before they can be edited and processed. With the TomTom Bandit Action Camera, users only need to connect the device to a companion app on a smartphone and creating something out of the video footage becomes more convenient with just a simple shake, thanks to the built-in media server. The TomTom Bandit Action Camera produces great quality video, thanks to it wide angle lens and 16MP CCD sensor along with a powerful processor. This action camera is also waterproof, eliminating the need for a bulky case. The action camera also comes with a long lasting battery, microSD card and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 which plugs directly to a computer or to charge without the need for additional cables. The TomTom Bandit Action Camera is now available in Europe for 429 Euros or around $472. It will be available in the US a little bit later. Image Source: TomTom Read More

TomTom Introduces Two GPS Sport Watches (0)

GPS watches have become quite common nowadays. But not everyone really has one worn on his or her wrists. The types of people who usually have them are the outdoors-type of people who now and then may want to know where they're at. The GPS feature really helps out. But another group of people also seem to benefit from having GPS watches on their wrists and they are the sporty types. And for the latter, TomTom is coming up with two new GPS sport watches in the TomTom Runner and the TomTom Multi-Sport watches. The TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport watches are not just your ordinary wristwatch. They feature both GPS and GLONASS (or what you call Russian GPS) satellite tracking for accurate and fast geographical position pinpointing. Not only that, this feature can also be used to help runners and other sports enthusiasts monitor distance, speed as well as performance during different sports activities. Both watches also come with motion sensors to also keep track of pace. Both GPS watches also come with a large multi-directional button for use in wet conditions or when wearing gloves. While both watches may have the same features, the TomTom Multi-Sport is distinguishable by its swimming motion sensor and optional Bluetooth cadence and altimeter sensors. The extra large graphics screen of the watch also provides essential data related to fitness and training aside from providing the time.  All these features in a pair of watches that are measured a slim 11.5mm thin. The TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport GPS Sport watches are expected to be available sometime this year although an exact date has not yet been provided. Pricing details are also withheld as of the moment. Image Source: TomTom Read More

TomTom Arrives in Android (1)

TomTom has announced that its GPS software can now be accessed on Android. The catch, however, is that most Android devices can only receive offline navigation. If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Nexus, or any other recent Android smartphones or tablets, you can harness TomTom's full potential. This includes radar camera warnings (depending on where you live), eco routes, contact navigation, free map updates, and traffic guidance. The TomTom for Android app is now available on Google Play starting at $50 for United States and Canada maps. No word yet on whether other countries will get to enjoy this awesome app. Source: The Verge, via Engadget Read More

TomTom Provides HD Traffic Service on Your Browser (2)

While many tech observers began counting the days of navigation systems like TomTom after the introduction of the Google Maps Navigation that makes GPS freely available online, TomTom's recent development make it seem like it is not backing down without a fight. TomTom's HD Traffic service can now be accessed on a web browser, just like Google Maps Navigation. The former's advantage is that its traffic updates are always updated and its street maps are fully-detailed. There is, however, a catch. The service is currently only available in Europe and South Africa. It can be accessed via TomTom's website. Source: Engadget Read More

TomTom and Star Wars to go Hand in Hand (0)

GPS manufacturer TomTom has announced its partnership with Lucasfilm,, and the Star Wars franchise. The company is set to provide voice options to its range of navigation devices featuring the vocalizations of memorable Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader, Yoda, C3PO, and Han Solo. The Darth Vader option is the first to become available in the market, while the others will be released one a month until August. The voice options also include a variety of sound effects usually associated with the movie franchise. The Darth Vader-voiced navigation from TomTom is only available in Europe, for now, costing £7.95 (about US$12). Customers can also download officially warning alert sounds voiced by the Dark Lord of the Sith, as well as start up screen wallpaper, and Lord Vader map icon—all for free. Source: Pocket-Lint, via CrunchGear Related articles Open Darth Vader's Head, Eat Gum [Star Wars] ( Really Expensive Darth Vader Stuff ( Star Wars Day: 'may the fourth be with you', say fans in tribute to cult films ( Read More

TomTom Ease Red Edition Comes Just in Time for Valentine’s Day (0)

In just a few days left before Valentine’s Day, every company has to offer something to spice up the season, even GPS.  TomTom , for instance, recently introduces its Ease Red Edition.  The TomTom Ease was introduced at CES 2010, providing easy map navigation at an affordable price. The one thing different with the Red Edition is, well, it’s red.  It still has the 3.5-inch QVGA display, 2GB of internal memory pre-loaded with Tele-Atlas Maps, Map Share, Text to Speech, integrated battery, and a built-in Fold and Go mount. This gadget, perfect for Valentine’s, is available exclusively on Amazon for US$119. Source: Engadget Read More

Snoop GPS Voice on TomTom (0)

Wonder what your expensive TomTom has that the free Google Maps Navigation does not?  For one, you can set the robotic lady voice into a smooth-talking, herbally-appreciative rapper. VoiceSkins, which previously delighted GPS owners with a turn-by-turn navigation voiced by animated character Homer Simpson, introduces Snoop's VoiceSkins featuring Snoop Dogg, bringing a new hip-hop swagger to your TomTom GPS.  What used to be a boring "Keep left" becomes "Keep left ahead and you'll be bonafide!" Snoop Dogg is the first celebrity to lend his voice on a GPS navigator, which can ignite a trend for more celebrity voices instructing you where to turn. It also includes extra bonus material such as "Points of Interest" where Snoop Dogg himself talks about places that are significant to him as well as his favorite hangouts within the Los Angeles area.  Other TomTom devices sounds like start up and shut down are also available for download.  Check the demo right over here. The Snoop's VoiceSkin is now available for download at, costing only US$12.95.  (Link currently down, though.  Looks like it's a seller.) Image source: Read More

TomTom iPhone Kit Now Available in United States (0)

Feeling envious that United Kingdom got the TomTom iPhone Kit first?  Do not worry, because Apple has just released the much-awaited GPS app, which includes the TomTom Car Kit, for the American market.  The TomTom for iPhone features a multi-touch interface that lets you tap your way from point A to B in order for you to find all the best routes possible.  It also provides an option to view the roads in portrait or landscape view, as well as directing users to whoever it is in your iPhone address book.  The GPS assures users that its program provides the most efficient routes, not necessarily the shortest paths.This package also comes with the TomTom Car Kit, a secured EasyPort mount that users can place in their windshield or dashboard.  The dock also lets the iPhone rotate the screen for the widescreen route display and folds flat, thereby making the TomTom Car Kit viewable at any angle.The TomTom iPhone Kit is available at Apple's online store for just US$119.95.Image source:  Apple Computer Read More

TomTom XL 335S Portable Navigation Device (0)

Portable navigation devices are expensive, but if you want to get one without having to buy China clones or make a pact with the devil, TomTom may have the unit that you need.  The TomTom XL 335S offers a 4.3-inch touchscreen and a bunch of other features that are characteristic of a TomTom nav device:  Text to speech instructions of locations including street names; TomTom's exclusive technologies like Map Share that lets users instantly modify street names and other points of interest while checking out corrections made by others; the Help Me menu and extensive safety features; Optimal Routing that taps into billions of speed measurements to plan out the fastest route possible from one point to another; and Advance Lane Guidance that provides users with realistic representations of highways junctions in the United States.Of course, being a cheap product at $239.95-for a portable navigation device, that is-you should expect that it skip out other features, like eliminating maps of Mexico.  Besides, how often would you drive to Mexico, anyway?Image source:  TomTom Read More

TomTom ONE 125 (0)

The TomTom ONE 125 GPS receiver offers both portability and functionality ideal for people who travel often. The TomTom ONE 125 is more than just a car navigation GPS, it is a personal gadget that one can bring along just about anywhere. This GPS receiver is equipped with an Easy Port mount that allows easily mounting the display on any car as well as easy removal so that users can bring it along with them when traveling by foot.  The TomTom ONE 125 GPS receiver features an intuitive 3.5 inch touch screen interface that can be easy to use. It offers clear voice instructions via the large speaker fitted on the receiver's back end. The TomTom ONE 125 is compatible with RDS-TMC Traffic receivers, allowing it to receive traffic alerts in real time while on the move. This will allow you to avoid traffic jams and obstacles that may be on your way. It also offers instant route recalculation in case you have deviated from your planned route. The TomTom One is so portable that it also is small enough to fit into your pocket whenever you need to bring it along with you. With a price of around US$100, it's quite a useful gadget to have around especially when going into some unfamiliar territory. Image Source: TomTom Read More

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