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  • Simple.TV: DVR for Mobile Devices Coming to US

    Published by kristoffer September 20, 2012

    Simple.TV has announced that its namesake device would be shipping this DVR solution for mobile devices to customers in United States beginning September 27th, costing $149. The DVR automatically converts HD content using its… [Read More]

  • Peel Turns Your iPhone into a Universal Remote for Home Entertainment

    Published by kristoffer March 9, 2011

    A common problem among home owners is when it comes to home entertainment, they often would have to deal with a lot of remote controls. And although there have been universal remotes around, like… [Read More]

  • Western Digital 1TB My Book AV DVR Expander

    Published by dennis June 24, 2010

    Digital Video Recorders or DVR’s have become quite a common device used by people who don’t want to miss out on their favorite shows on TV. But recording in HD quality can take up considerable… [Read More]

  • TiVo Premiere Review

    Published by kristoffer April 13, 2010

    After almost three years in the making, the descendant of TiVo has finally arrived. The 300-dollar TiVo Premiere provided what is good from TiVo HD and tweak it with new hardware and software.
    As you… [Read More]

  • TiVo to return in United Kingdom

    Published by admin March 11, 2010

    After seven years, TiVo will be relaunched in the United Kingdom with its just-released Premiere hardware, which features a Flash-based user interface and an optional QWERTY remote control.  They will team up with Virgin… [Read More]

  • HP MediaSmart Now Comes with TiVo App

    Published by admin March 10, 2010

    HP tries to keep its MediaSmart Windows Home Servers current with its introduction of the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo , which allows owners to transfer recorder programs from TiVo to their MediaSmart servers.
    … [Read More]

  • TiVo and Google Announce Data-Sharing Partnership

    Published by admin November 25, 2009

    Representatives of both Google and TiVo have announced that their companies have partnered-up and let the latter provide second-by-second viewer information to Google TV, which they in turn utilize for their clients’ TV ad… [Read More]

  • iPod Nano with Video Camera

    Published by admin September 9, 2009

    Apple asks you, "Why settle for just a small camera that just takes videos and posts them on YouTube when you can have a really cool media player with a video camera on it?" … [Read More]

  • Nexflix and TiVo to Partner on Movies

    Published by admin November 5, 2008

    Neflix will be teaming up with TiVo Inc. to bring out the latter’s new featured service: the Watch Instantly feature. This will be available in 3, HD, and HD XL Tivo series. The great thing… [Read More]

  • Slingbox SOLO TV Tuner

    Published by admin July 23, 2008

    Anyone can now get a High Definition quality of picture anytime, anywhere in the world with the portable Slingbox SOLO. All you have to do is to bring it with you as it is very… [Read More]

  • Amazon Unbox on Tivo Getting HD content

    Published by admin May 28, 2008

    It naturally follows that if your Tivo’s getting an upgrade then so should its movie provider. So when Tivo got HD content, Amzon’s Unbox subscribers felt the service was a little behind. Especially since Unbox’s… [Read More]

  • TiVo Revolutionized Television Viewing

    Published by admin October 15, 2007

    You have probably heard of TiVo, in fact, some of you can’t even remember how it was to watch television without it. TiVo is not only a popular brand of digital video recorder (DVR) in… [Read More]