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TiVo Premiere Review (0)

After almost three years in the making, the descendant of TiVo has finally arrived. The 300-dollar TiVo Premiere provided what is good from TiVo HD and tweak it with new hardware and software. As you may remember, the TiVo Premiere features a Flash-based user interface and a QWERTY remote control. It also has a 320GB hard drive, good enough to record up to 45 hours of HD videos or 400 hours of standard-broadcast recordings. The TiVo Premiere is also smaller and sleeker compared to the TiVo HD. The rub, however, is the additional costs. Not only you would have to buy the TiVo Premiere for a minimum of US$299.99, you also would have to shell out up to $399 to get “the TiVo experience” not to mention the monthly cable subscription. While the TiVo Premiere has many impressive features, fans may have a hard time buying this product. Not only is the overall price too hefty, but the latest DVRs can also deliver good-enough service. Source:  PC Magazine Related articles TiVo Premiere review ( The TiVo Premiere Has Landed: New Remotes, Wi-Fi Connectors, and DVRs ( TiVo Premiere Goes Official ( Read More

TiVo to return in United Kingdom (0)

After seven years, TiVo will be relaunched in the United Kingdom with its just-released Premiere hardware, which features a Flash-based user interface and an optional QWERTY remote control.  They will team up with Virgin Media, which is developing its new offering that will be launched on Christmastime. TiVo previously debut into the British TV market in early 2000 through a partnership with Sky and Thomson Multimedia, but certain issues broke down the relationship, which ended up with Sky having its own set-top box and TiVo terminating the sales of its hardware in 2003. British residents should expect the new TiVo Premiere to have better integration with online content, linking their search to Amazon, BBC's iPlayer, YouTube, and other standard broadcast channels. Source:  Telegraph , via Engadget Read More

HP MediaSmart Now Comes with TiVo App (0)

HP tries to keep its MediaSmart Windows Home Servers current with its introduction of the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo , which allows owners to transfer recorder programs from TiVo to their MediaSmart servers. The new app also enables to playback the recordings on any computer connected to the server.  Those computers would also have to have a WHS app installed to circumvent TiVo's DRM.  All functions remind you of  TiVo's desktop program. The best part is that this app is for free and currently available for all EX MediaSmart servers.  The app can be accessed through the WHS console or the HP Data Vault. Source:  CrunchGear Read More

TiVo and Google Announce Data-Sharing Partnership (0)

Representatives of both Google and TiVo have announced that their companies have partnered-up and let the latter provide second-by-second viewer information to Google TV, which they in turn utilize for their clients' TV ad campaigns for more targeted results, aligning advertisers with viewers who are likely to be interested with their products or services.  Advertisers who bid for available commercial time through Google will then only have to pay for ads that TiVo customers actually watch.The Google TV ads program, which started two years ago, also has a similar deal last April with Dish Network that would gather viewer data that it shares with advertisers.Other data that TiVo will share to Google include those who flip through channels, those who fast-forward through commercials, and even anonymous information about the viewers themselves.  So far, only a handful of cable networks sell ad space through Google TV, including MSNBC, CNBC, Syfy, and Oxygen.Image source:  TiVo Read More

Nexflix and TiVo to Partner on Movies (0)

Neflix will be teaming up with TiVo Inc. to bring out the latter's new featured service: the Watch Instantly feature. This will be available in 3, HD, and HD XL Tivo series. The great thing about this is that it will allow users have a thousand movies of streaming videos directly through their TVs.This joint venture was announced on October 30, 2008, stating that they already have begun doing tests to test its capability on several households within the US. Tivo is the leading name in providing services for digital video recorders (DVRs), while Netflix is an online company that offers video rental service. The two companies have planned to provide almost 15,000 selections of movies and TV programs. All these can be done directly through Netflix.The best thing about this is that movie-watchers can now expand the list of movies they enjoy. Streaming can be done through the Netflix Queue-based user interface. Wired or wireless broadband connections can be used in streaming the movies as long as it is on specified Tivo DVRs. Along with a Tivo remote control, users can pause, fast-forward, rewind and restart the movies anytime they want.With this joint project movie-watchers can now have viewing pleasure in their own hands. Additionally, viewers can also do selections, give ratings and even read movie synopses. This shows that not only Tivo and Netflix can provide the best, they can also produce the best that there ever is. Image source: Read More

Amazon Unbox on Tivo Getting HD content (0)

It naturally follows that if your Tivo's getting an upgrade then so should its movie provider. So when Tivo got HD content, Amzon's Unbox subscribers felt the service was a little behind. Especially since Unbox's rivals Vudu and Apple TV, both offer HD downloads.However, Unbox faithfuls can breathe easy, thanks to Jim Denney, Tivo's Product marketing VP. It now appears that Unbox fans will not have long to wait. In an article on TV Week, Denney was quoted saying that Tivo and Amazon will announce HD capabilities "in the not too distant future." While the upgrade from SD to HD is nice for a service, it seems like an even larger upgrade for Unbox on Tivo users, since initial testings with the service showed that movies were letterboxed, and not the true anamorphic widescreen. People are not just eyeing this Tivo upgrade to HD. Some also wish to have to have that complete HD feel by having standard stereo soundtracks upgraded to at least a 5.1 Dolby Digital/DTS, though most would like to have standard soundtracks upgraded to Dolby TrueHD and even DTS-HD Master Audio. Apart from the soundtracks, people looking at the possibility of HD movies' availability to PC users. Read More

TiVo Revolutionized Television Viewing (0)

You have probably heard of TiVo, in fact, some of you can't even remember how it was to watch television without it. TiVo is not only a popular brand of digital video recorder (DVR) in the United States but it practically pioneered the use of the technology. The year was 1997 when the company advertised that they can provide a means to record television shows in a very easy interface. During that time, recording shows on television involved pre-programming their VCRs. TiVo's technology resulted to the sale of millions of their DVRs and subscriptions in the past ten years. A TiVo unit is actually a device that is attached to your TV set. It's like your VCRs but instead of using removable video tapes, TiVo uses non-removable hard drives, similar devices they use in your computers. Television signals comes into the TiVo set through an antenna, analog cable, digital cable or satellites and are connected through jacks at the back of the unit, just like your old VCRs. Unique to TiVo, however, is an operating system (OS) or software which allows you to record programs automatically. The users can still pre-set the programs they want to record, but with TiVo's software the unit can record programs that it thinks the user will be interested in. Also, with TiVo, you can pause live television shows and rewind them for up to 30 minutes, and then play them again. That's not something you can do with your regular cable subscription, can you? TiVo refers to this patented feature "trick play."The file size of your TiVo hard drive dictates how many shows you can record. By choosing between Basic, Medium, High or Best qualities, you can increase the number of programs you can record in your TiVo. The lowest the settings, the less space the recorded shows take up in the hard drive. However, at low settings the quality is, of course, compromised. When set to Basic quality recording, TiVo can record at least 30 hours of programming depending on the model. The new Series3 HD DVR of TiVo is said to record 300 hours of programming at the Basic setting, 120 hours of programming at the Medium setting, 76 hours of programming at the High setting, 52 hours of programming at the Best setting, and 32 hours of high definition programming.When the hard disk becomes full, TiVo's software will search for older files to delete in order to make room for new ones. At the beginning, TiVo only makes their DVRs through third party manufacturers. Eventually, the company began manufacturing their own units with their own brand on it starting with the Series2 TiVo. The Series2 had several upgrades including allowing users to record two programs at the same time. The latest TiVo Series3 HD DVR with the key difference of having high definition channel features. Also new are six overall tuners, 2 each for over-the-air transmissions, digital NTSC (including HD), and ATSC. The unit is equipped likewise with HDMI, component, S-Video, and composite cable support with outputs reaching 1080i.TiVo has diversified its products by offering cable companies the use TiVo software on their cable boxes. One such agreement was with Comcast in 2005. Both companies have signed development agreements that would integrate TiVo software into other makers' boxes such as Scientific Atlanta, a unit of Cisco Systems Inc .Advertisers, on the other hand, remain troubled with TiVo. Because TiVo can actually record programs and in the process can bypass commercials during replays, advertisers fear that they could lose a lot of revenue. Read More

Simple.TV: DVR for Mobile Devices Coming to US (1)

Simple.TV has announced that its namesake device would be shipping this DVR solution for mobile devices to customers in United States beginning September 27th, costing $149. The DVR automatically converts HD content using its integrated TV tuner (whether receiving HD over-the-air signals or ClearQAM digital basic cable) and turn the clips into MPEG-4 formats that can be playable in mobile devices. Apart from streaming to iPad, iPhone, and Roku devices, Simple.TV can also deliver content to a web browser on any other device with the help of an HTML 5 player. This service is, in essence, a blend of Slingbox and TiVo. Unlike other DVRs, however, Simple.TV does not play content on the TV, as the device is specifically designed to deliver content to non-traditional viewing platforms. It can be connected to a router through its Ethernet plug, as well as a USB 2.0 hard drive, but it does not work on WiFi. Cost for basic service is free of charge, wherein owners can enjoy in-home streaming of live content and pause live TV recorded shows. Meanwhile, the premium plan is available for just $4.99 a month, featuring out-of-home remote streaming, scheduled recordings for series programming, and an electronic program guide. Source: TechCrunch Read More

Peel Turns Your iPhone into a Universal Remote for Home Entertainment (0)

A common problem among home owners is when it comes to home entertainment, they often would have to deal with a lot of remote controls. And although there have been universal remotes around, like the Logitech Harmony devices, these cost more than US$100. Peel, a Santa Clara-based startup introduces a new system of controlling your home entertainment components using your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, and a gourd-like accessory called the Peel fruit. The plastic fruit works as a middleman between your phone (or tablet) and your TV components. It uses WiFi connection to relay commands from the smartphone to the fruit, which then transmits the appropriate infrared signals to all of your hardware devices. Using a free Peel app for your phone, and a $99 plastic gourd (which is available on the Apple Store), you can control almost everything from changing channels to swapping between different content sources. You can even customize the app so that it only recommends programs you are interested in. Keep in mind that you have to position the fruit device where it can "see" all of the components. This means you will have to put it several feet in front of the TV set. Setup is almost easy. Simply install the app and connect the device, then you are introduced to a wizard that would automatically figure out all the remote codes of the components. However, expect a lot of trial-and-error, especially if you have a lot of hardware. Peel has also announced about a partnership with TiVo that will allow the app to navigate through show you have recorded on your DVR. It also plans to launch an integration program with Netflix within the year, as well as a version for Android devices. Source: TechCrunch Read More

Western Digital 1TB My Book AV DVR Expander (2)

Digital Video Recorders or DVR's have become quite a common device used by people who don't want to miss out on their favorite shows on TV. But recording in HD quality can take up considerable storage space. That is why there are devices such as the Western Digital My Book DVR Expander to add up valuable storage space seamlessly on your DVR. The Western Digital My Book DVR Expander is compatible with TiVo as well as Dish Network and DirectTV DVR's and comes with 1TB storage space that is capable of storing up to 120 hours of HD television programming. The My Book DVR Expander can also be used as a camcorder storage device where footage from compatible camcorders can be transferred into My Book without the need of a PC. The built-in drive makes use of Western Digital's GreenPower Technology that allows it to produce very little heat as well as designed for use 24-7. It also offers both USB and eSATA connections. The new WD My Book DVR Expander is available at Western Digital for US$150. Image Source: Western Digital Read More

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