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The Sony Xperia XZs Records In Slow Motion (0)

Smartphones have literally taken over the place of casual photography that was once the position of compact digital cameras. After all, people would prefer using a multi-function device rather than one that only offers a single main function. Not only that, newer smartphones have even become more versatile in terms of image and video capture that digital cameras haven't been at pace with. One example is this new Sony Xperia XZs smartphone. The new Sony Xperia XZs smartphone has some features that make it an interesting gadget. For one, this smartphone comes with some innovative camera technology that it borrowed from Sony's Cybershot line of digital cameras. The Xperia XZs comes with the Sony's patented Motion Eye camera. With this technology, the new smartphone comes with a camera that can capture movement that not normally visible to the human eye and captures it with great precision and detail. For example, the Xperia XZs is capable of capturing and recording video in 960 frames per second. It allows users to capture slow motion videos that can reveal details that the eye can miss at normal speed. The camera also comes with a Predictive Capture feature, this allows the camera to sense movement in front of the sensor and then buffers the images while the user is preparing to shoot. This provides users with a means to check out up to four photos the camera has taken even before the user has pressed the camera button. There are also other camera features such as image stabilization, anti-distortion shutter, 4K recording and more. The Xperia XZs smartphone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. It also comes with a microSDXC slot for an additional 256GB of external storage. The Xperia XZs runs on Android and comes with a 5.2-inch Full HD display, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. It is also water and dust resistant. An unlocked version of the Xperia XZs is now available at Amazon for around $700. Image Source: Sony Read More

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, World’s First 4K Smartphone (0)

When it comes to smartphones, the Apple iPhone still holds the distinction of being the most popular phone to date. It is still considered as the must-have gadget by many people. It can be quite a tall order for other companies to try and challenge Apple's dominance in the smartphone world. But the competition is doing what it can. It may take a smartphone like the new Sony Xperia Z5 Premium to do that. Sony has revealed the new Sony Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone along with the other new models in the said series. But the Xperia Z5 Premium is notable because it is the world's first 4K smartphone. The new Xperia Z5 Premium features a sharp, vivid 5.5” 4K TRILUMINOS Display able to detail images at four times the resolution of Full HD. The Xperia Z5 Premium can even upscale native or third party videos into 4K. Whether its footage from your recent vacation or your favorite online video, you can now view it in rich 4K detail from the Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is also designed with high performance in mind. It features a Snapdragon 810 processor, a large 32GBinternal memory and an additional 200GB external memory from a microSD card slot. It also comes with a 3430mAh battery that can last for up to two days. A quick charging feature eliminates the need to wait for regular charging. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is expected to be available sometime in November of this year. Pricing details are yet to be announced. Image Source: Sony Mobile   Read More

Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker (0)

Even though LED light bulbs have been around for years now, not everyone still prefers using them despite the advantages. It may be the pricing or the air of nostalgia that some people have over traditional light bulbs, LED lighting seems to be lacking in appeal of sorts among many consumers. Improving that appeal may just be one reason to help people get interested in them. Sony will try to do just that by introducing the Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker. The Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker is a LED bulb that can also act as a wireless speaker. It is quite ingenious that it may just work. People nowadays like convenience and having a wireless speaker to stream their tune usually is the preferred option. And having a wireless speaker in every room will become convenient indeed. With the Sony LED Light Bulb, users will just connect their smartphones with the lighting unit via Bluetooth. Users can then stream their tunes through the wireless speaker built into the 360-lumen LED bulb. Users can also adjust the speaker volume and the light brightness using their connected smartphone with the use of an accompanying app. The Sony LED Light Bulb also comes with a dedicated remote control to also do the same function that works with NFC. The Sony LED Light Bulb offers a convenience of having a speaker in areas where it may be difficult to set up one. It is also convenient in that people can just stream their favorite tunes while turning on the lights. There is no need to have speakers set up. The Sony LED Light Bulb has recently been introduced in the Japanese market. Its initial price of around $200 may put some people off. But a speaker and LED light combination may be too interesting for some to avoid. Image Source: Sony Read More

Sony SmartEyeglass Available For Pre-order (0)

While Google may have already ceased in selling Google Glass, other companies will be trying to take up the slack. One of them is Japanese electronics company Sony. Yes, of the Playstation fame. They have announced the availability of the Sony SmartEyeglass for pre-orders. The Sony SmartEyeglass comes in the heels of Google's decision to cease making their popular Google Glass available for consumers. Maybe it was not so popular after all. But besides that, Sony will still pursue the technology with the availability of the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition for interested parties in Europe who may want to develop apps for it. The Sony SmartEyeglass connects to host devices that run on Android 4.4. Its augmented reality features come to your through 419x138-pixel, monochrome green display that is projected to the lenses. The Sony SmartEyeglass also sports a 3MP camera, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, a speaker, mic and a host of other sensors. If there may be any complaints about the device, one of them may be the wired connectivity with your Android smartphone. That, and the rather bulky wired touchpad/controller that may be to bothersome for some people to use. If they can make these features wireless, then people may find it rather interesting enough to replace the void that Google Glass has vacated. Maybe in a few year's time, that will be possible. The Sony SmartEyeglass can be pre-ordered in the UK and Germany for somewhere along the $840 to $850 price range. Image Source: Sony Read More

Sony NW-ZX2 – The Newest Walkman Audio Player (0)

Certain gadget brands have made quite a name for themselves in the marketplace that the brand name itself becomes synonymous to the type of gadget it is. Take the case of the Sony Walkman. In the 1980's, the Walkman became the portable cassette tape players people use then for music listening while on the go. It became so popular that people call all portable cassette tape players as Walkman's. The Walkman was a global phenomenon that has seen better days. But its parent company Sony is not just about to let go of the brand. It aims to resurrect the name and use it for its current lineup of Hi-Res Digital Music Players. The recent one that the company introduced at CES 2015 is the Sony Walkman NW-ZX2. The Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 is the next edition of the popular Walkman series of new hi-res digital audio players. This audio player is compatible playing a wide range of popular music file formats including AIFF, ALAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, DSD, FLAC, and many more. The new Sony Walkman also features Bluetooth with LDAC for Hi Fidelity wireless music streaming. It is also comes with dual-band WiFi built-in to allow users to enjoy music stored on other similar gadgets. The Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 also comes with a 128GB memory storage, more than enough for thousands and thousands of your favorite music files stored and playable in just a single device. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that is capable of up to 60 hours of playing time using MP3 files and up to 33 hours of Hi-Res playback on a single charge. With its features, the new Sony NW-ZX2 Walkman does not come cheap with a price point reaching around $1,000. It is slated to be available in selected markets starting this month. Image Source: Sony   Read More

Sony SmartBand: A fitness tracker with a little extra (0)

Sony has unveiled its very own wearable device: a fitness tracker the company claims to have something extra compared to Fitbits and the Galaxy Gear Fits. The Sony SmartBand incorporates smartwatch-like features all while keeping tabs on your physical activity. The silicone-encased device can be paired to Sony smartphones via NFC or Bluetooth, but any Android KitKat-powered device will do just as well. You also need to download the Lifelog app from Sony, which allows you to control your workout music, track your every move, and vibrate when you receive a phone call, text message, or email. The device comes with a Core, wherein the battery and all the data is stored. This waterproof Core can pop in and out of the band, and comes with an open micro-USB port. It also serves as your smartphone's leash of sorts. The SmartBand buzzes if you are too far away from your phone, so you won't have to run back to where you have left it. The Sony SmartBand is now available online and on Sony Stores for $99.99. Source: Mashable Read More

Project Morpheus: Sony enters virtual reality (0)

Sony dips its feet into the virtual reality business as the electronics company unveiled Project Morpheus, a VR headset that works with PlayStation 4, during this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The announcement makes Sony the first major player to venture into virtual reality, a decades-old technology that has since become a hot topic in the video game industry after the introduction of the Oculus Rift, which has recently received $75 million in funding for a potential consumer release. Meanwhile, Microsoft has recently filed a patent that deals with the development of its own virtual reality device. "Project Morpheus is the latest example of innovation from SCE, and we're looking forward to its continued development and the games that will be created as development kits get into the hands of content creators," Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, said in a statement. The gadget sports a head-mounted display that can be linked with the PlayStation Camera, as well as a "3-D audio technology" that allows players to hear sounds from all vantage points, including audio from above or below the player's point of view. Sony adds that Project Morpheus also works with the PlayStation Move motion-based controller. Sony has demonstrated the virtual reality headset during the conference using several titles including stealth game Thief, intergalactic dogfight shooter EVE Valkyrie, and underwater-with-the-sharks simulator The Deep. Project Morpheus will be available in what Sony says a "future commercial launch," without specifiying release dates. Source: USA Today Read More

Report: Steve Jobs wanted Mac-power Sony VAIO laptops (2)

Fresh out of Japan, a news report suggests that Steve Jobs was considering to establish a partnership with Sony and launch a Sony VAIO laptop that runs on Mac OS. Noboyuki Hayashi, a veteran tech journalist who has covered Apple for over 20 years, wrote about Job's interest in Sony and a meeting between the late Apple co-founder and former Sony president Kunitake Ando in Hawaii back in 2001. At that time, Apple had been testing out different strategies for its hardware department. "Steve Jobs and another Apple executive were waiting for us at the end of the golf course holding VAIO running Mac OS," Ando said in an interview about that fateful meeting. Ando also said Jobs admired Sony's VAIO line of laptops and was willing to provide the hardware with Apple's propriety operating system. Discussions, however, fizzled out as Sony decided to focus more on its best-selling Windows-based laptops. The report may not seem to be believable at first, but it goes in-line with previous stories told by former Apple executives. Bertrand Serlet, Apple's SVP of software engineering at the time, once said that his team successfully run Mac OS on a premium Sony VAIO. The next day, Jobs took a flight to Japan to meet up with Sony big wigs. Most parts of both stories go together, except where Ando said the meeting took place in Hawaii. This story comes as Sony is reportedly in discussions with a Japanese investment firm to sell Sony's VAIO business unit. The acquisition, which would only cover Japanese operations, is estimated to be worth up to $489 million. Source: TechSpot Read More

Sony SPA-TA1: Turn tablets in giant cameras (1)

After releasing its camera-lens-like camera for smartphones, Sony is at it again. This time, the company is launching the SPA-TA1, a clip-on attachment that gives your tablet some serious camera power. The Sony SPA-TA1 is not a camera or lens, but actually a clip-on attachment that can be adjusted to fit Sony's lens-type cameras onto a tablet. It comes in six arm sizes, which can accommodate devices from 85 to 190 millimeters in width. (Basically all of Sony's tablets and phablets.) The actual cameras are the same as what Sony offered for smartphones: the DCS-QX100 features a high-zoom model for $249, while the premium DSC-QX10 costs $499. The Sony SPA-TA1 will be available beginning April 4 in Japan, with a suggested retail price of 3,675 yen ($36). Source: Mashable Read More

Sony teases slimmest PlayStation device in London (0)

Sony Entertainment has distributed flyers to select journalists and bloggers in the United Kingdom, inviting them to witness a PlayStation event in London on January 30. They were told that the company will unveil the "slimmest Playstation device", but did not tell them whether it will be a launch for a completely new product. Engadget speculates that it may have to do with the UK launch of the PlayStation Vita TV, which was formally unveiled last year. It is the slimmest PlayStation in the market today at only 13.6mm thick and is currently available exclusive in Japan. It is also speculated to be the local launch of PlayStation 4 or a much slimmer PlayStation Vita. The current Vita stands in at 15mm in thickness. Source: Engadget Read More

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