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  • Sirius Soloist Universal Surround Sound System

    Published by admin February 20, 2009

    The Sirius Soloist Universal Surround Sound System is one of the best surround sound system for your office or in any place you may be.
    If you are looking for media docks that are truly functional,… [Read More]

  • Sirius XM MiRGE Satellite Radio

    Published by admin January 19, 2009

    It’s official. The once separate Sirius and XM universes have finally merged. Sirius XM rolled out the MiRGE, the world’s first interoperable satellite radio that lets you effortlessly and easily switch between Sirius and… [Read More]

  • Pioneer Elite X-Z9 Compact Stereo System

    Published by admin October 28, 2008

    It is a rarity that we find a product that combines related concepts in a single package, and the Pioneer Elite X-Z9 Compact Stereo System is a perfect example.  This sound system consists of… [Read More]

  • Sirius Stiletto 2 Portable Satellite Radio

    Published by admin April 18, 2008

    With many gadgets coming up more frequently than ever, it may be difficult to keep track of them all. Some of these gadgets may gain some attention while some would merit only a single glance…. [Read More]

  • Sirius Starmate 4 ST4TK1 Satellite Radio

    Published by admin

    Seriously, satellite radio ups the ante and the Sirius Starmate 4 makes sure the chips are on their side. The most recent Starmate has over than 120 channels of digital-quality music, news, sports, and entertainment…. [Read More]

  • Sirius Sportster 5 Satelitte Radio Tuner

    Published by admin February 29, 2008

    Online radio has become quite popular nowadays. It allows you to enjoy commercial free radio from hundreds of channels to choose from. And there are gadgets that allow you to enjoy listening to online radio… [Read More]

  • Onkyo TX SR805 AV Receiver

    Published by admin October 3, 2007

    The AV receiver market seems to be overcrowded nowadays. Quality products from of Denon, Yamaha, Integra, Sony and Onkyo are slowly saturating the market for AV receivers. However, the race is still on in providing… [Read More]