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Sharp’s Cocorobo Robot Vacuum Plays J-Pop Songs While Working (0)

Robot vacuums today have become commonplace. They provide homeowners with a way to help with cleaning the home without a lot of human supervision. And it seems that some robot vacuums are getting even better. Not only do they suck up the dust on the floors, robot vacuums like the Sharp Cocorobo can now play music while they do. The Sharp Cocorobo robot vacuum does more than just clean your floors. It is also designed to also offer a touch of emotional interaction to its work by playing some j-Pop while cleaning. This was actually a response to a comment that the normal sucking sounds the robot vacuum makes can be a bother. So now, the new Cocorobo robot vacuum now plays music which can be automated or set by the user as well. The songs it plays uses a voice synthesis software called Vocaloid, which also allows the robot vacuum to talk to its owner. The Sharp Cocorobo robot vacuum is also designed to interact more with its owner. It comes with speech recognition software that enables it to accept voice commands. Aside from other sensors, the Cocorobo also uses electronic echolocation to detect obstacles  in the way, even transparent ones like glass. This makes it better that other robot vacuums that uses camera-based navigation. Read More

Sharp AQUOS Crystal Smartphone (1)

Smartphones seem to come a dime a dozen in terms of new models almost coming out daily. Both brands and some "non-brands" have interestingly new smartphone models to offer all the time. People who look for quality usually prefer the more popular brands even though they may cost more. And then there are some branded smartphones that are popular while some are just not on that level. But it helps for some to come up with interesting smartphone features to have that edge over the others. The new Sharp AQUOS Crystal may be one of the latter. The new Sharp AQUOS Crystal is arriving to US shores. It is a thing of beauty at first glance, quite a departure from a smartphone market dominated by the iPhone and Samsung among the other lesser known brands. Sharp may be offering something different of comparable beauty and features. But what may make the new Sharp AQUOS Crystal is the borderless HD display. The Sharp AQUOS Crystal comes with a 5-inch touchscreen HD LCD display that seems to occupy the smartphone's edges. This allows it to make optimum use of the precious mobile phone real estate that most other smartphones lack. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and runs on Android Kit Kat. It also comes with a1.5GB RAM and 8GB internal memory. It also features a slot for a Micro SD card to provide an additional 128GB of memory. The Sharp AQUOS Crystal also comes with a 1.2MP front camera and an 8 MP rear camera. It also features the Harman Kardon LiveStage and Clari-Fi to provide quality audio enhancements, making this smartphone a portable sound system on its own. It also comes with a 2,040 mAh Li-Ion battery that can provide up to 13 hours of talk time for every full charge. The Sharp AQUOS Crystal smartphone will be available in the US via Sprint. Image Source: Sharp Read More

Sharp Chop-Syc: Your interactive chopping board (0)

Ever had that moment when you were chopping tomatoes and you wonder, "I wish my chopping board works like a tablet"? Sharp hears you, all right, as the company announces a prototype interactive chopping board that has the potential to become an actual consumer product. The Sharp Chop-Syc is actually a tablet with a tough, scratch-resistant glass, wrapped in a body that can be placed on a wireless rechargeable mat. That eliminates the worry of having any wires accidentally chopped off. This prototype gadget is an idea of Siobhán Andrews, who won a competition to become Sharp UK's paid intern. This interactive chopping board is embedded in a wooden block that is 2mm higher around the edge to prevent spillage. Its screen is slightly slanted and tapered on one end, making it easier to transfer food ingredients to a pan. The Sharp Chop-Syc will display automated recommendations on healthy portion sizes, as well as on-screen recipes that adjusts its portions depending on how many people you intend to cook for. "Siobhán’s design integrates Sharp’s heritage in both LCD screen technology and home technologies," said Ian Thompson, managing director of Sharp Laboratories of Europe. "Not only was Siobhán’s idea innovative, the device also solves a genuine human need to tackle the global issue of obesity through the integration of healthy recipes and portion sizes." Source: Pocket-lint Read More

Sharp Aquos Phone Xx: Almost bezel-free (0)

Not liking how smartphones have way too much bezel? Sharp would love to hear from you as it offers an almost-bezel-free mobile device. The front face of the 5.2-inch Sharp Aquos Phone Xx has 80.5-percent screen surface. Measuring 70 x 132 x 9.9 millimeters, the Sharp Aquos Phone Xx is more compact compared to Sony's own 5-inch Xperia Z1 phablet, even though its premium specs give the Phone Xx a thicker profile. This Android device sports a 1080p display, 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, Jelly Bean 4.2, 2600mAh battery, and a 16.3-megapixel rear-facing camera with f/1.9 lens. Oh, and did we mention this smartphone is water-resistant? No? Now you know! The device, which debuts in Softbank's 4G LTE lineup, comes preloaded with a translation software that makes sense of English text captured on camera. This feature comes pretty handy if you are Japanese. The Sharp Aquos Phone Xx is due to arrive in Japan on December. Since Softbank acquired Sprint last year, will we be able to see this smartphone across the Pacific? Source: Sharp Read More

Kastor The Beaver Pencil Sharpener (1)

People appreciate good design. Most can usually easily determine what good design is when they see one. It may be anything. It is the aesthetic and sometimes functional design that usually gets people to take a second look at a device that imbibes good design. One example would be this Kastor the Beaver Pencil Sharpener. The Kastor the Beaver Pencil Sharpener takes on different, usually unrelated design subjects and combine them to create a striking product. Designed by Rodrigo Torres, this interesting beaver will eat through the wood of pencils to give you a sharpened tip any time. It is that amazing take of a beaver eating through wood pencil that makes this common device look extraordinary. The Kastor the Beaver Pencil Sharpener will be part of the 2013 Spring/Summer Collection at Alessi which is coming out soon. Image Source: Alessi Read More

The Best Electric Knife Sharpener (0)

When it comes to the kitchen, having a good set of kitchen tools like knives is always essential. But over time, these knives can have its share of wear with every use. Eventually, they get dull that they affect their use and function. To keep them useful, you might need a device like the Best Electric Knife Sharpener to do the job for you. The Best Electric Knife Sharpener features diamond abrasives and stropping discs to polish an edge of a knife to restore it to its original sharpness in as little as 10 seconds. It comes with elastomeric guides to ensure that the knives maintain the proper angle for optimal sharpening. This electric knife sharpener also comes with a built-in magnet that can attract the knife blade metal shavings for easy cleanup. This knife sharpener can easily sharpen both straight edge and serrated knife blades to restore their original sharpness. The Best Electric Knife Sharpener is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$220. Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer Read More

Sharp 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display (0)

For people who look for the sharpest displays around when using their PC, a Full HD monitor may no longer just cut it. There are now higher resolution monitor displays available that can give better picture quality than most Full HD monitors. One of the recent ones to come out is the Sharp 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display. The Sharp 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display is an innovative display that features the proprietary IGZO technology by Sharp. This allows displays to feature 4K resolution while still having a slim profile. The Sharp 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display is just 35mm thin, one of the industry's thinnest display panels in its class. It can provide around 4 times the display quality of Full HD. And at 32-inches in diameter, it provides lots of sharp and clear viewing space ideal for business, video and graphics applications. The Sharp 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display is expected to available in the Japanese market sometime early next year. Expected pricing is set to be around the equivalent of US$5,500. Image Source: Gizmodo Read More

Sharp RX-V60 Cocorobo Robot Vacuum (1)

With robot vacuums now becoming more and more popular, it will only take some time before they become a common appliance in every home. The convenience they offer makes them that much of a gadget that a home must have. And as robot vacuums become popular, more and more of them are built to become smarter and even more efficient, like this new Sharp RX-V60 Cocorobo Robot Vacuum. The new Sharp RX-V60 Cocorobo Robot Vacuum comes in a smaller unit compared to its predecessor that was introduced earlier this year. This new robot vacuum now just comes at 29.7cm in diameter, which is 4.7cm smaller than an earlier model. It has features that make it a smarter robot vacuum this time. The Sharp RX-V60 Cocorobo Robot Vacuum features a power vacuum system that can even suck up the dust from the gaps in wood floors. And because of its smaller size, it can easily navigate around smaller spaces, especially in between the legs of chairs. It also can provide before and after cleaning photos of areas around the home. The new Sharp robot vacuum also works with a Cocorobo Square smartphone app that allows users to create cleaning patterns and map out floor plans to guide the robot vacuum when it does its work. It can even react to spoken commands. But what makes it a smarter robot vacuum is its ability to work with the Cocorobo Navi system. The Sharp RX-V60 can also be fitted with an optional Cocorobo Navi remote attachment that allows users to control other devices in the home such as lights and the TV. It currently works with selected Sharp appliances but will eventually also work with other branded home devices. A two-hour charge allows the Sharp RX-V60 up to 50 minutes of cleaning time. It automatically finds its way to its charging dock when its power is running low. The Sharp RX-V60 Cocorobo Robot Vacuum is expected to be available in Japan by December. It is expected to cost around US$900, while its Navi add-on will go for an additional US$190. Image Source: Engadget Read More

Karoto Vegetable Sharpener And Peeler (1)

Your usual perception can make you see things as most people see them. But a closer look would usually make one do a double take as some things are not always what they seem. Take for example the Karoto- it looks like a giant pencil sharpener but is designed to peel vegetables such as carrots. The Karoto Vegetable Sharpener and Peeler is a device that shows you how a certain device can be remade and redesigned to achieve a different function. What may be used to sharpen pencils can be enlarged and then used for peeling similarly shaped vegetables like carrots, zucchini and cucumbers. The Karoto is designed by Avichai Tadmor and can be used to peel sharpen and make curls out of carrots and other similar vegetables. It is available at Monkey Business for US$15. Image Source: Monkey Business Read More

Sharp AQUOS SH 12C Smartphone (1)

Sharp has recently come up with a number of new smartphones under its AQUOS lineup. It has the new Sharp AQUOS SH 12C smartphone that caters to those who may love everything in 3D. That is because this new smartphone is capable of shooting and displaying images in 3D. The new Sharp AQUOS SH 12C Smartphone comes with twin 8MP cameras that is capable of taking images in 3D. Its 1.4GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 processor certainly is necessary in this case. This, along with a 4.2 inch qHD LCD touchscreen capable of displaying 3D images as well. This smartphone runs on the Android 2.3 OS and also offers 720p HD recording and WiFi connectivity. The new Sharp AQUOS SH 12C Smartphone is currently available in Japan from NTT Docomo. Pricing for now, has not yet been made available. Image Source: NTT Docomo Read More

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