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Panasonic Revives Sanyo's Xacti Camcorders (2)

When Panasonic acquired rival company Sanyo last year, everybody thought it would be the last time we would hear from the latter. Apparently, that is not the case as Panasonic revived Sanyo's Xacti pistol-grip camcorders with three new models, only this time with its own brand on them. One of the new Panasonic camcorders, the HX-WA10, was previously released by Sanyo last year and now comes with upgraded specs. Formerly called Xacti DMX-CA100/ VPC-CA100, this waterproof 1080p camcorder now has a 16-megapixel sensor. Meanwhile, the HX-DC15 and the HX-DC1 can shoot 1080p video clips, with the former providing 16GB internal memory and 16-megapixel sensor, while the latter can take 14.4-megapixel photos. There is no mention whether these new Panasonic pistol-grip camcorders would be available outside Japan. Source: Akihabara News Read More

Sanyo Taho Waterproof Handset (7)

Mobile phones today are usually designed to look good and have great functions. But not a lot usually are made to be durable. It is a good thing that there are some mobile phones like the new Sanyo Taho from Kyocera. The Sanyo Taho is a new mobile phone that is built to last. This clam shell designed phone features military grade toughness when it comes to dust, shock, vibration and water protection. It can remain submerged in up to one meter of water for a period of 30 minutes and still work. Aside from that, the Sanyo Taho also has many of the conventional features most mobile phones have today such as a 2 MP camera, GPS features, Bluetooth support, microSD slot that can support up to 32GB of storage memory and many other features. The Sanyo Taho by Kyocera is available at Sprint for only US$99 with a two-year subscription. Image Source: Sanyo Read More

Sanyo's Eneloop Celebrates Five Years with Glitter (0)

Sanyo's Eneloop brand celebrates its fifth year and to celebrate, it rolls out a special set of glitter batteries. The "eneloop tones glitter" battery pack is available in sets of AA and AAA-size rechargeable batteries, which come in eight different glittery colors such as purple, pink, orange, and black. According to Sanyo, the set is supposed to provide a "luxurious feel" to it, but it sure does look expensive. These Eneloop batteries will become available in the Japanese market beginning November 14, costing US$28 for the AA batteries and $31 for the AAA set. Source: Sanyo, via CrunchGear Read More

Sanyo Zio Smartphone (6)

Smartphones have become more and more complex as they acquire more and more features. No longer are today's smartphones used essentially for making calls and sending texts. The recent smartphones coming out like the Sanyo Zio are now being considered more than just a phone. The Sanyo Zio by Kyocera is an Android smartphone that features a 3.5' WVGA capacitive touchscreen display. It also has an integrated 3.2 megapixel camera and offers Wi-Fi connectivity. The Sanyo Zio also has GPS functionality and a digital compass that work hand in hand with pre-loaded Google Maps application. A virtual QWERTY keypad with 3-axis accelerometer help provide better input experience for users. The new Sanyo Zio will be made available for Sprint subscribers by this month. It is expected to cost only around US$100 for a two-year service agreement with the said carrier. Image Source: Zio By Kyocera Read More

Latest Sanyo Xacti Digicam Has Social Networking Skills (4)

Sanyo has announced its latest Xacti digicam. This time, the 10-megapixel VPC-GH4 is equipped with features that cater to the social networking junkies. Apart from shooting full HD videos with 1080p resolution, users can upload photos and videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Picasa, as well as add notifications on Twitter. The camera serves as a simpler version of the VPC-GH2 in terms of camera quality, but the social media add-ons make the Sanyo Xacti VPC-GH4 too hard to resist. Other specs include 10X dual range optical zoom for video, 5X optical zoom for photos, a high-speed sequential shooting mode, image stabilization, compatibility to SDHC and SDXC memory cards, Eye-Fi card slot, face detection, and "target a color" mode that focuses a face-less subject. The camera will be available this month, just in time for the Holidays, costing US$199.99. Source: Engadget Read More

Sanyo Releases New eneloop Mobile Boosters For New Gadgets (3)

With new gadgets also requiring emergency portable power when their batteries run out, Sanyo tries to fill in this need by coming up with new mobile power boosters from its eneloop brand. These mobile boosters can now provide emergency portable power for newer gadgets such as the Apple iPad, the iPhone as well as the Sony Ericsson Xperia in addition to other mobile phones. Sanyo is releasing two types of mobile boosters in the new Sanyo eneloop KBC-L2BS mobile booster and the Sanyo eneloop KBC-D1BS stick booster. The Sanyo eneloop KBC-L2BS mobile booster is a lithium ion rechargeable battery with USB power ports that can be used to supply power to the latest gadgets like the iPad, iPhone and Xperia. The same way with the new Sanyo eneloop stick boosters which makes use of the Sanyo eneloop rechargeable AA batteries as the main power supply. Sanyo is also releasing charging adapters that can be used to charge up the Nintendo DS portable gaming consoles using the new Sanyo eneloop mobile boosters. These new products will initially be made available in the Japan market by last week of October after which it may then be scheduled to go on sale worldwide. There's no word yet on how much they will cost. Image Source: Sanyo Read More

Solar-Powered Public Bus by Sanyo Coming to Japan (3)

Sanyo claims that they have developed the world's first public bus equipped with solar cell panels. The Solarve (short for Solar Vehicle) was unveiled to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ryobi, a well-known Japanese transportation and logistics company. The Solarve is a diesel-electric hybrid city bus with solar cells attached on top to generate power for its interior LED lights. The solar panels, according to Sanyo, are good for a total output of 798 watts. The bus can also provide power from its storage batteries for up to nine hours just in case the sun would not shine for too long. This solar-powered bus from Sanyo is expected to debut in Okayama City in Southern Japan as early as September 1. Source: CrunchGear Read More

Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA102YL Waterproof Full HD Camera (4)

Underwater scenes are really something to behold especially during vacation trips to the most wonderful beaches. But unfortunately, some people fail to capture them well because of having digital cameras that does not work well underwater. It is a good thing that Sanyo now offers the Xacti VPC-CA102YL Waterproof Full HD Camera. What makes the new Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA102YL Dual Camera quite interesting is that not only is it waterproof and can be used to capture underwater videos and still images, it captures them on Full HD quality. Not a lot of underwater point and shoot cameras can boast of such a feature. The new Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA102YL Waterproof Full HD Camera can record up to 480 minutes of 1080 Full HD video on a single 64GB SDXC memory card. It is also capable of capturing 14MP photos for up to a depth of ten feet underwater. Its other features include having a 38 mm wide angle lens, 5x optical zoom and 12x double range zoom, 2.7 inch TFT LCD display and a compact design that weighs only 5.5 ounces. The Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA102YL Waterproof Full HD Camera will be available in the market this August and will cost around US$350. Image Source: Sanyo Read More

Sanyo Xacti Now Has Waterproof Version (9)

Sanyo's latest Xacti camera both can record HD-quality videos and is waterproof. Although they claim Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA100 is the world's first waterproof full HD camera, Engadget posted that the title goes to Kodak PlaySport Zx3, which was introduced several weeks ago. Nevertheless, the latest Xacti model has features that can go toe-to-toe with its competitors: Waterproof chassis that can withstand water up to 10 feet deep, 14-megapixel digital photo camera, records 1080p video to MPEG-4/ H.264 format (enabling users to handle video clips using a single file), Windows 7 compatibility, double range zoom using 12x telephoto lens, digital image stabilizer, face chaser function for videos, and works with Eye-Fi card as well as large-capacity storage cards. The Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA100 will be launched in June. Price is yet to be revealed. Source: Sanyo, via Engadget Related articles Sanyo outs two new full HD Xacti "dual cameras" ( Sanyo's slinky Xacti VPC-CS1 camcorder reviewed: form trumps function ( State of the Art: Tough Cameras Make Underwater Photography Easier ( Read More

Sanyo's Newest Xacti Sound Recorder Converts Anything to MP3 (0)

Don't bother memorizing the full name of Sanyo's latest Xacti sound recorder, the ICR-XRS120MF, because you know your head would hurt. Nevertheless, its highlight feature surely deserves to be noted. This gadget has stereo microphones that enable it to record any sound and convert it to MP3 or Linear PCM. A bunch of recording modes are also included in the mix, so users can expect to have lots of audio recording fun with it. The sound recorder has its own dock, as featured in this post, which can also record AM/ FM programs with its built-in scheduler, just in case you are out for work whenever your favorite radio program is on. The Sanyo Xacti Sound Recorder is expected to be released in Japan first, and probably just in Japan, before the end of the month. Price is not yet final. Source:  Engadget Read More

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