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  • SanDisk Offers Extreme SSDs

    Published by kristoffer February 16, 2012

    SanDisk is taking its solid-state drive (SSD) range to the extreme. The flash memory storage company unveils its Extreme SSD line that promises to provide performance up to 10 times faster than a 7,200RPM… [Read More]

  • SanDisk Still Makes MP3 Players With Sansa Clip Zip

    Published by kristoffer August 25, 2011

    Believe it or not, there are companies out there making MP3 players. Yes, we are talking about you, SanDisk!
    SanDisk has unveiled its Sansa Clip Zip, a portable media player that may not be as… [Read More]

  • SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC on Verizon and Amazon

    Published by kristoffer October 10, 2010

    SanDisk upgrades its microSD line by coming up with a 32GB microSDHC memory card, which is ideal for Android device user that have been seeking for a storage card that is more than 2GB. … [Read More]

  • SanDisk Unveils New Sansa Fuze+ Portable Media Players

    Published by kristoffer August 31, 2010

    SanDisk (yes, the company behind the memory cards used for various gadgets) introduces a new line of portable media players called Sansa Fuze+. The MP3 player features a 2.4-inch QVGA LCD screen, a capacitive… [Read More]

  • Holiday Gifts on the Budget

    Published by admin December 1, 2009

    The hard times are far from over, but we cannot deprive our loved ones this Holidays season.  Whatever you will celebrating, here are some nice tech gifts do not bleed your bank… [Read More]

  • Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player

    Published by admin September 2, 2009

    Known as a manufacturer of flash memory cards, SanDisk introduces the Sansa Clip+ MP3 player, which is equipped with a microSD memory card slot so users can listen to thousands of additional songs.  They… [Read More]

  • SanDisk Ultra Backup USB Drive

    Published by admin January 26, 2009

    The SanDisk Ultra Backup USB Drive is one of the best flash disks out there since it provides a stable backup of your files, as well as security protection. 
    If you  like to store your… [Read More]

  • SanDisk Introduces SlotMusic

    Published by admin September 22, 2008

    When the iPod came out along with its music store iTunes, it changed the way we bought and listened to music.  From buying CD’s or cassette tapes or vinyl records, we opted for the… [Read More]

  • SanDisk Sansa Take TV Video Player

    Published by admin July 30, 2008

    Maybe you would have wondered how you could ever watch your favorite video clips downloaded online from your TV. When you try to think about it, setting up your PC with your desktop may take… [Read More]

  • SanDisk Says Vista Is Not Optimized For Solid State Drives

    Published by admin July 22, 2008

    SanDisk, a popular maker of hard drives, flash drives and other storage solutions is having problems making solid State Drives (SSD’s) work for Windows Vista powered computers.
    SanDisk is a proven manufacturer of storage solutions. … [Read More]

  • SanDisk to Release 32GB SDHC Cards

    Published by admin January 31, 2008

    There has been a stalemate in SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards lately.  The race started with 1GB, the 2GB, 4GB .. 16GB.  Now in true exponential growth, 32GB SD cards were made by… [Read More]

  • SanDisk 4GB MicroSDHC Flash Card

    Published by admin December 20, 2007

    SanDisk has joined the huge memory storage allocation race by coming up with their own version of the 4GB memory card. Their newest format is the microSD High Capacity or "microSDHC". It is a flash… [Read More]

  • Top 5 Portable Digital Photo Storage Devices

    Published by admin December 18, 2007

    Making your digital photos portable and easy to store are made convenient with these digital photo storage devices, wherein you would be able to download your photos into the device directly from the camera’s memory… [Read More]

  • Black Friday’s Hottest Buys

    Published by admin November 23, 2007

    It’s the season everybody’s been waiting for.Christmas is just 32 days away and the shopping season officially starts today, Black Friday.  Prices are going down and the hottest gadgets are on sale on the web… [Read More]

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