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Winamp, pioneering media player, to shut down (0)

Winamp, one of the pioneers in online digital music, will officially be discontinued on December 20. AOL, which manages the 15-year-old music player and media file manager, made the announcement Wednesday. The shutdown of Winamp includes its website and associated web services. It will also be unavailable for download after that, but you can install it into your PC (as well as Winamp for Android if you like). While there are many alternatives to satisfy your online music fix from iTunes to Pandora, from Spotify to, many online music fans--especially those who have used Winamp back in the 1990s--felt a bit nostaligic for something that is part of the evolution of digital music. "Winamp was a trailblazer in the digital music revolution and iTunes wouldn't exist without the groundbreaking work they did," Michael Robertson, founder of, said in an interview with Mashable. "The guys behind Winamp were pioneers that deserve a place in the music hall of fame." And if you're wondering what's with the software's association with llama jokes, it has to do with the brand's demo mp3 file released in 1998, which includes the statement: "Winamp, it really whips the llama's ass." Source: Mashable Read More

Pioneer to make TVs again, partners with Dixons (0)

Pioneer stopped making TVs back in 2010, but the company has announced a comeback to the TV market. The Japanese company known for its car stereos and DJ turntables among others has inked an exclusive partnership with European retailer Dixons. If you are looking forward to Pioneer's new Kuro plastma TV sets, get ready to be disappointed as the company will stick to 1080p LED panels in 40-, 46-, and 55-inch models. These upcoming Pioneer TV sets will feature 3D and Smart TV capabilities, as well as a wide array of connectivity options such as HDMI, USB, and WiFi. The new Pioneer TV sets will avialable exclusively at Dixons stores across the Nordic countries starting December. Homeowners in United Kingdom may have to wait a few weeks (maybe even months) to see them in their local shelves. Source: ERT Online Read More

Pioneer SP SB23W Speaker Bar System (0)

Setting up a home theater system involves not only having a good HDTV but also a sound system that complements the visuals. Many companies have now created may sound system options to address the need to capture stereo sound when listening to music concerts or watching movies at home. Not only that, the sound system setup is made even simpler and more convenient with speaker systems like the new Pioneer SP SB23W Speaker Bar. The new Pioneer SP SB23W Speaker Bar System provides homeowners with a simple way to add an excellent sound system into their home theater set up. The Pioneer Sound Bar is composed of a bar containing six powerful speakers driven by individual amplifiers and integrated by an active digital crossover network. It is also complemented by a wireless subwoofer to provide the bass boosting audio output. The Pioneer Speaker Bar is encased in a genuine wood composite housing, which offers more controlled resonance to the sound output. It comes with Bluetooth support so you can synchronize your Bluetooth-enabled devices in order to use the sound bar. Based by its design and setup, the Pioneer Speaker Bar cannot provide that 3D surround sound that many audiophiles may be expecting. It might be better off if they look for a different speaker set up where positioning is important and essential. But for those who look to boost up stereo sound to complement their HDTV, having the Pioneer SP SB23W Speaker Bar will more than ideal for a convenient home theater setup. The Pioneer SP SB23W is available at Pioneer for US$400. Image Source: Pioneer Read More

Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Noise Canceling Earbud Headphones (1)

Having a pair of headphones that can effectively screen and filter out background noise can further enhance and improve audio listening quality. This is a feature that seems to have become quite common among good quality earphones nowadays. And Pioneer has recently come up with its new SE-NC31C-K Noise Canceling Earbud Headphones that highlight this feature. The new Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Noise Canceling Earbud Headphones features active noise cancellation technology in order to further enhance sound listening quality. It is a perfect fit for environments where background noise may be quite normal. What makes this a convenient feature is that the active noise cancellation can be turned on and off as a user prefers when using this earphones in quieter environments. The Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Noise Canceling Earbud Headphones also comes with larger 14.3mm drivers to provide better sound performance and deep bass. It also comes with a variety of connection adapters to make it ideal for use for a variety of portable media players. The Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Noise Canceling Earbud Headphones is now available at Pioneer for US$99. Image Source: Pioneer Read More

Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited Headphones (3)

Not all headphones are alike, both in looks as well as in performance. Professional DJ's as well as more discriminating audiophiles would want a pair of headphones that provide excellent quality audio. It is headphones like the Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited that fits the bill quite nicely. The Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited is designed primarily for professional DJ's who are not only quite critical with audio performance but with style as well. This professional pair of headphones are fully enclosed dynamic stereo headphones with a frequency range of 5Hz to 30kHz with an impedance of 36ohms. Its 50mm diameter dome type driver is tuned to deliver more impact in the lower bass frequencies. The Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited features an easy fold-away structure design that allows it to be safely and easily stored when not in use. This Limited Edition headphones is available in black or gold. It is set to hit the stores in December of this year and expected to cost around US$209. Image Source: Pioneer Read More

Pioneer HDJ 500 Headphones (1)

DJ Headphones have become quite popular nowadays not only for their stylish looks but also for their excellent audio quality. Even non-DJ's now would want to use such headphones for simple casual listening. Pioneer has recently announced that it would be coming up with the new HDJ 500 headphones to target not only the DJ market but also users who look for that high quality pair of headphones. The Pioneer HDJ 500 Headphones features technology that offers clear sound reproduction especially those at the low and mid frequency ranges which are usually sounds used in remixing songs. It combines 40mm diameter drivers, a thick 19micrometer diaphragm and a CCAW (copper clad aluminum wire) voice coil to reproduce better quality audio on the low frequency range. Even comfort is not neglected in the new Pioneer HDJ 500 Headphones. Comfortable urethane pads are used for the ears to allow the headphones to mold on the users head and ears for a slip-resistance and comfortable fit. And for specific DJ'ing use, the right earpiece features a rotating arm structure that allows users to rotate it forward or back by as much as 60 degrees to allow DJ's to listen from just one side of the headphones. The Pioneer HDJ 500 Headphones will be available in November of this year and is expected to cost around US$125. Image Source: Pioneer Read More

Pioneer DJM-2000 Comes with Multitouch (0)

Everything has to keep up with the times and even DJ gear is not spared.  Pioneer unveils its upcoming baby, the DJM-2000, which will feature an industry-first touchscreen mixer.  It can be hooked up to four Pioneer CDJ turntables, which in DJ Land means a lot. The touchscreen contains different controllable frequencies, effects, midis, faders, and triggers; thereby packing much of the good stuff without sacrificing bulk and space. The Pioneer DJM-2000 will be available in June 2010 and is expected to cost around US$3,000. Source:  Gizmodo , via CrunchGear Read More

Pioneer Ultraslim DVR-XD09 Burner (0)

The latest findings from research firm DisplaySearch states that the number of available netbooks may reach up to 33 million worldwide in 2009.  Measuring and weighing much smaller than the traditional laptops, notebooks and the much smaller netbooks provide a unique method for people to access and browse the Internet, as well as personal e-mails and other digital content.With the popularity of netbooks and notebooks, however, there is only one problem:  They do not have DVD burners.  Pioneer may provide a solution for that dilemma with its spanking new DVR-XD09, an ultraslim and portable DVD/ CD writer that is no larger than a CD case and weighing just about eight ounces. Simply connect the DVR-XD09 to your netbook or notebook through a USB 2.0 port and you can now easily transport, connect, and back-up important data files almost anywhere you go, with top writing speeds of up to 8x on single-layer media.  It also works on multiple computer set-ups.In addition, users can also archive significant amounts of data as the DVR-XD09 supports dual-layer DVD-R, upgrading the storage capacity of a single layer disc from 4.7GB to 8.5GB. The new Pioneer DVR-XD09 DVD/ CD computer writer will be available starting August 2009 for a suggested retail price of $79.99.Image source:  Pioneer Read More

Pioneer KURO KRP-600P (0)

The good thing about LCD TV is that it's getting better and better. And for those who are not going to drop their love with LCD TVs, here is something that you will surely love. It's called the Pioneer KURO KRP-600P. This 60-inch LCD TV has a graphical user interface that everyone will love. It has an integrated DVB in it and satellite tuners. It has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. That means it can deliver a full HD compatibility. It even has HDMI version 1.3 inputs that accepts a 1080p signal and supports Deep Color for about 24 fps. So if you are talking about quality video feed, this is the highest available. If you are going to talk about Blu-ray disks, the KURO can deliver the best of it all. Visible panel structure and pixelation come at a nil. The most lovable aspect is the fact that it produces no banding, the type where you get to see color gradients. The Pioneer KURO KRP-600P is a bit pricey since it costs about $7,197. You can buy it on online sites like source: Read More

Pioneer Elite X-Z9 Compact Stereo System (0)

It is a rarity that we find a product that combines related concepts in a single package, and the Pioneer Elite X-Z9 Compact Stereo System is a perfect example.  This sound system consists of two speakers and a compact control unit with a lively black gloss finish that contains a 40Wpc class-D switching amplifier, an AM/ FM tuner, SACD/ CD player, and more inputs than your usual audio head.  These inputs include a USB port, a connector for an iPod control cable, a DIN jack to connect a Sirius satellite radio receiver, a mini-USB port for an XM tuner, and even a LAN port that allows the X-Z9 to be fed by a computer or other network source.  The X-Z9 can play a variety of media files like mp3, LPCM, Window's wma, Apple's aac, and FLAC.Meanwhile, the speakers also come with a flawless black gloss to complement the control unit.  Each comes in a 5.1-inch plastic-cone woofer and a concentric 5.1-inch plastic-cone midrange with 1.2-inch metal-dome tweeter.  At first, their sound could not cope with the quality of the main unit.  The treble was not as smooth, but it kept improving with use.In contrast, the switching circuit has a fair amount of power packed into a small package.  The unit does not get warm to the touch that easily.  The Sound function found on the remote button comes in three different settings:  Vivid, Exciting, and Relaxing.  These settings, however, are not available while playing SACD because popping one of these higher-fidelity CDs can create a much cleaner sound without the help of an outside adjustment.  SACD also seemed to have a lower noise floor, reproducing sounds that come from a truly "black" environment-where any distraction is absent.Overall, the Pioneer Elite X-Z9 is a very versatile audio system that lets you use just about any type of media and connect it to the system.  You can play it with your iPod, with your computer (whether through USB or analog input), satellite radio, and even a turntable.  It may not become a sound system of choice by professionals, but they are as good as they come.Image Source: Pioneer USA Read More

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