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  • Marinade Express Home Tabletop Unit

    Published by dennis February 17, 2013

    Foods become more delicious and tasty if they have been imbibed with marinade during preparation. How the meat absorbs the flavors prior to cooking will determine how delicious they come out afterwards. One way to… [Read More]

  • Philips Lifeline GoSafe

    Published by dennis January 19, 2013

    As people age and grow old, frailty and weakness sometimes take over. While your parents may get older, they might need some frequent checks and monitoring, especially if they still live on their own. In… [Read More]

  • Get-A-Way Driver Pocket Tool

    Published by dennis October 25, 2012

    Having a pocket multi-tool always gives you the means to be ready for any fixes that may come your way. But it would also depend on what tools are there available. While most multi-tools contain… [Read More]

  • Compact Disc Celebrates 30th Anniversary

    Published by kristoffer October 1, 2012

    Today, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first compact disc. It was October 1, 1982, when Billy Joel’s “52nd Street” album was released in Japan in this new media format, a few year… [Read More]

  • New Philips Wake Up Light Launched At IFA 2012

    Published by dennis September 10, 2012

    Philips has recently introduced the new Wake Up Light as one of its new products for IFA 2012 held in Berlin. Although the Wake Up Light concept has already been available since 2006, it has… [Read More]

  • Philips Styleshaver

    Published by dennis September 7, 2012

    Men’s grooming habits have changed over the years. Take for example how they now prefer trimming beards rather than just shaving them. While many shavers today help do just that, there is not a lot… [Read More]

  • Philips Avance Airfryer XL

    Published by dennis September 6, 2012

    For families today, preparing foods the healthy way has been so challenging recently. With easier and more convenient food options available but are also considered unhealthy, healthier eating can sometimes be neglected along the way…. [Read More]

  • Philips Brings W732 Android 4.0 Smartphone to China

    Published by kristoffer July 13, 2012

    Philips may no longer be a trendy phone brand in the United States, it still churns outs smartphones for the Chinese market. The latest in its line of Android smartphones is the Philips W732,… [Read More]

  • Philips Shoqbox Rugged Portable Speaker

    Published by dennis June 26, 2012

    Tough situations call for tough products. When it comes to portable speakers, this is not always the case especially for those who like to tough it out. It is a good thing that there’s the… [Read More]

  • Philips Fidelio AS851 Dock Speaker For Android

    Published by dennis November 15, 2011

    While Android devices have become quite popular, they also are considered as a fragmented bunch. Although they use the same OS, they usually have compatibility issues from one maker to another. An accessory device for… [Read More]

  • Philips “Urban Beehive” Concept Keeps Honeybees Indoors

    Published by kristoffer November 11, 2011

    Health experts agree that honey makes a better natural sweetener compared to sugar, but the availability of honey has been scarce lately as concerns about dwindling honeybee population become alarming. Philips tries to answer… [Read More]

  • Philips SpeechMike Antibacterial Dictation Device

    Published by dennis October 29, 2011

    It seems that there are many places that germs and bacteria pose a serious risk. Offices as well as hospitals and clinics harbor germs and bacteria that can sometimes spread and be shared by one… [Read More]

  • Philips Fidelio SoundSphere

    Published by dennis March 10, 2011

    Home sound systems have changed quite considerably with the refinements of existing technology that have provided some added features that was once not available. Aside from some speaker systems becoming more portable, some features such… [Read More]

  • Philips SHL9300 Headband Headphones

    Published by dennis

    People are becoming fonder of always having their portable media players wherever they go. In order to enjoy it, they also need to bring along their favorite headphones. But not all headphones are usually designed… [Read More]

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