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  • Wayki Alarm Clock Toothbrush

    Published by dennis February 14, 2013

    Getting up in the morning for some people may be quite hard. This also goes with brushing teeth in the morning. Gadgets like the new Wayki Alarm Clock Toothbrush aim to help people with both.
    The… [Read More]

  • Panasonic A100 Wearable Full HD Camcorder

    Published by dennis January 13, 2013

    Technology has allowed devices such as camcorders to now come in different shapes and sizes. There are now camcorder models designed for a wide range of uses. For those who like to create videos with… [Read More]

  • Samsung Unveils Bendable OLED Smartphone Screens

    Published by kristoffer

    Another common trend in CES 2013, apart from 4K TVs, are the flexible screens. LG and Nokia have demonstrated their take on the technology, but it is Samsung’s turn into the spotlight.
    Samsung Display, a… [Read More]

  • Sony, Panasonic Unveil 4K OLED TVs at CES 2013

    Published by kristoffer January 8, 2013

    Three-D TVs did not create much of an impact in the market since it was introduced in last year’s CES, so electronics companies are banking on what they hope would be the next big thing… [Read More]

  • Panasonic VS-HPS200S Cordless Phone and Tablet

    Published by dennis December 31, 2012

    With the popularity of smartphones and mobile phones today, it seems that landline phones may be moving on towards the road to obscurity. With mobile phones becoming handy, why would there be a need for… [Read More]

  • Panasonic Toughbook C2 Convertible Laptop

    Published by dennis November 3, 2012

    Some people are no longer just satisfied with having a single computing device. Some now prefer having both a laptop and a tablet as well always ready for use. For those who also want a… [Read More]

  • Panasonic Let’s Note AX2 Tablet And Laptop Hybrid

    Published by dennis October 1, 2012

    Portable hybrid computers are quite becoming popular nowadays. Many people don’t seem to be just satisfied with laptops being what they are. Or tablets even. Many are now considering having a hybrid device that provides… [Read More]

  • Panasonic Introduces Ivy Bridge-Updated Rugged Laptop

    Published by kristoffer June 18, 2012

    Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors are invading the rugged notebooks as well. After Durabook unveils its Ivy Bridge-equipped U12Ci, it is now Panasonic’s turn to beef up its Toughbook line with the latest and fastest… [Read More]

  • Panasonic Denies Any Investment Plans on Olympus

    Published by kristoffer June 9, 2012

    Rumors have been circulating about Panasonic planning to inject a $630 million capital investment on Olympus Corporation, but Panasonic’s CEO set the record straight. Fumio Ohtsubo told Reuters that “there isn’t any” plan for… [Read More]

  • Panasonic SC-MC10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Published by dennis May 31, 2012

    Sometimes, trying to hear better is not only a matter of turning on the volume. It can also simply be a matter of trying to get closer to the sound. And if you cannot get… [Read More]

  • Panasonic 65-Inch Interactive Plasma Display

    Published by dennis May 26, 2012

    The digital revolution is now trying to spread into almost every aspect of human life. There are still many things that the technology has not yet revolutionized. White boards and blackboards come to mind as… [Read More]

  • Panasonic SR-SX2 Rice Cooker

    Published by dennis March 20, 2012

    Cooking rice has never been put into focus when it comes to applying new technology to its art. It is usually that rice cookers are simply just that and nothing else. But in order to… [Read More]

  • Panasonic SC-MC07 Compact Bluetooth Speaker System

    Published by dennis March 12, 2012

    Compact wireless speakers become a handy partner to go along with your portable media devices. It can help provide you with a handy audio system that is always ready to blast out your favorite tunes… [Read More]

  • iPhone Now Top-Selling Smartphone in Japan

    Published by kristoffer March 10, 2012

    Japanese consumers have been known to be very loyal to its own local brands when it comes to electronics, but an international company has succeeded in taking a crack in this very difficult market.
    A report… [Read More]

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