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  • Rumor: Retina-Equipped iPad Coming in Second Half of 2013

    Published by kristoffer March 18, 2013

    An analyst for DisplaySearch boldly predicts that Apple could be launching an iPad mini with Retina display by the second half of 2013. Based on supply chain data, Paul Semenza tells CNET that the… [Read More]

  • THX Sues Apple for Misuse of Speaker Tech Patent

    Published by kristoffer

    Apple has received its latest lawsuit, this time from George Lucas’ sound innovation company THX. The case, which is filed in the Northern District of California court last week, claims that Apple’s various mobile… [Read More]

  • The Hands Free Toilet Seat

    Published by dennis March 10, 2013

    Finally, devices used for personal hygiene are getting their share of tech upgrades. Such devices, especially those that are found in the toilet, usually are left behind in terms of tech upgrades. Devices such as… [Read More]

  • Thermodo: Thermometer for Your iPhone

    Published by kristoffer March 9, 2013

    It is a case of valuing negative criticisms. Danish startup Robocat has developed several apps for iOS, including a free thermometer app called Thermo that tells how hot or cold it is outside your… [Read More]

  • Takes iPhone App Turns Photos into Video Clips

    Published by kristoffer March 8, 2013

    You have already heard about Vine and its six-second clips you can share with your social networks, but a similar app is gearing to steal the spotlight.
    Take, which debuts today, allows users to take photos… [Read More]

  • Apple Denies Being Monopolist in Downloading via App Store

    Published by kristoffer

    Apple is on trial not because of patent-related battles, but on accusations of violating antitrust laws as it only allow iPhone users to download apps through its App Store. The company’s lawyers argued that… [Read More]

  • High Star Memo Board Alarm Clock

    Published by dennis March 7, 2013

    Some gadgets are just quite unique that it makes them stand out. But there are also others that will make you think twice first if they ever would take off as a unique gadget. Gadgets… [Read More]

  • White House to Look Into Ban on Unlocking Smartphones

    Published by kristoffer March 6, 2013

    After receiving over 100,000 signatures needed on the “We the People” online petition platform, the White House has responded to the thousands of smartphone owners who disagree with the updated ban on unlocking mobile phones.
    In… [Read More]

  • Sanwa TAP-TST13 Smart Plug

    Published by dennis March 5, 2013

    Electricity consumption has become a concern among many households. Saving up on electricity costs takes on a more important part of every household decision. It also helps if the homeowner has the means to determine… [Read More]

  • Splitsecnd Emergency Response System

    Published by dennis

    A car collision or any other vehicle accident can come at any time and all of a sudden. Car owners and drivers always need to come prepared even during such surprising events. The Splitsecnd Emergency… [Read More]

  • Dattch: Dating App for Lesbians

    Published by kristoffer March 4, 2013

    Gay and bisexual men have a lot of niche-oriented dating apps to choose from, such as Grindr and Hornet. Their female counterparts, however, do not have that liberty. They end up on dating… [Read More]

  • The Flask By Oakley Carbon Fiber Flask

    Published by dennis

    When it comes to a person’s favorite beverage, having the right container to place them in is important. Some alcoholic beverages for example, do not just settle for any other ordinary container. They usually are… [Read More]

  • Judge Slashes $450M from Apple’s $1B Damage Claim Against Samsung

    Published by kristoffer

    After the jury ordered Samsung to pay $1.05 billion worth of damages to Apple during the bitterly-contested patent infringement court case of 2012, the presiding judge decides to partially vacate the damages award.
    FOSS Patents reports… [Read More]

  • Socialmatic Instagram Camera Gets Polariod Branding

    Published by kristoffer

    Last year, we bumped into a little, thin digital camera that pays homage to Instagram by incorporating its logo to the design and allowing users to edit their photos with filters. The Socialmatic camera,… [Read More]

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