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  • Nokia Appeals to Instagram with #2InstaWithLove App

    Published by kristoffer March 7, 2013

    Nokia wants Instagram to know that there has to have a Windows Phone 8 version of the photo-editing app. So, the Finland-based smartphone company created its own app called “#2InstaWithLove”, which offers Lumia owners… [Read More]

  • Nokia Lumia 520 Comes Out March

    Published by dennis February 27, 2013

    It seems that Nokia is making strides when it comes to its partnership with Microsoft in the use of the Windows Phone 8 platform. Although the beleaguered mobile phone company may have a long way… [Read More]

  • HTC One Ditches Megapixels for Ultrapixels

    Published by kristoffer February 22, 2013

    HTC introduced this week its latest flagship smartphone. The 4.7-inch HTC One is different in many ways from the maker’s previous models. For one, this slim silver and black 4G phone is encased… [Read More]

  • Dual-SIM Capable, WiFi-Connected Nokia Asha 310 Launched

    Published by kristoffer February 12, 2013

    Nokia has introduced the latest in its entry-level Asha line after the simultaneous release of the 308 and 309. The Nokia Asha 310 features a 3-inch scratch-proof capacitive touchscreen with 400 x 240 resolution… [Read More]

  • Vertu’s First Android Luxury Phone Unveiled

    Published by kristoffer

    Vertu is back with vengeance. The luxury mobile phone brand, which used to be wholly-owned by Nokia before selling a majority stake to private equity group EQT VI in October 2012, brings out its… [Read More]

  • Report: Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry in US

    Published by kristoffer February 10, 2013

    The battle to become the dominant smartphone platform in the United States is already a given, for now. The real competition is not whether Apple or Android takes the crown, but who captures third… [Read More]

  • Nokia CEO Teases About Windows-Based Tablet

    Published by kristoffer February 5, 2013

    Nokia CEO Stephen Elop hinted during an interview with Australian Financial Review that his company will be venturing once more to the tablet category.
    Back in 2007, years before the iPad, Nokia introduced the N800 Internet… [Read More]

  • Nokia Windows-Based PureView Phone in the Works?

    Published by kristoffer January 31, 2013

    The latest rumor making its rounds in the tech circles is the one about Nokia reportedly working on a new PureView smartphone that runs on Windows Phone. The Verge reports that the new phone… [Read More]

  • Samsung Unveils Bendable OLED Smartphone Screens

    Published by kristoffer January 13, 2013

    Another common trend in CES 2013, apart from 4K TVs, are the flexible screens. LG and Nokia have demonstrated their take on the technology, but it is Samsung’s turn into the spotlight.
    Samsung Display, a… [Read More]

  • After Two Years, Nokia to Report About Profit

    Published by kristoffer January 11, 2013

    It was almost two years ago when Stephen Elop, then newly appointed as Nokia’s CEO, said that he inherited loads of problems as the Finnish company–which at the time was a leading global brand in… [Read More]

  • Nokia Lumia 505 Now Available in Mexico

    Published by kristoffer December 17, 2012

    Nokia introduces a new entry-level handset that is not part of the Asha lineup. The Windows Phone 7.8-powered Nokia Lumia 505 is now a go in Mexico, with its 3.7-inch WVGA ClearBlack AMOLED display… [Read More]

  • Nokia Announces the Lumia 620

    Published by kristoffer December 6, 2012

    Much to the surprise of those attending the LeWeb 2012 event in Paris, Nokia shows off a new smartphone: the Lumia 620. The entry-level smartphone, which also runs on Windows Phone 8 like… [Read More]

  • Nokia Here Maps App Coming to iOS

    Published by kristoffer November 15, 2012

    Nokia has announced that it plans to debut a enhanced version of Nokia Maps, rebranded as Here, on the iOS platform. All it needs is an approval from Apple and Nokia Here is good… [Read More]

  • Samsung Galaxy Axiom Leaked

    Published by kristoffer November 14, 2012

    Evleaks, which has been closed-to-accurate about leaking photos of soon-to-be-announced gadgets, has tweeted what appears to be a variation of the Samsung Galaxy Mini.
    This 4-inch handset will officially be called the Galaxy Axiom (model… [Read More]

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