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  • Look, Ma! I Hacked Their Online Game Accounts!

    Published by kristoffer February 11, 2013

    When we were eleven years old, our elders might have complained why we spent so much time playing on the Super Nintendo instead of going out of our homes and ride bicycles. Now that… [Read More]

  • Razer Edge: Play PC Games in Tablet

    Published by kristoffer January 9, 2013

    A handful of tech journalists may easily dismiss the CES simply because Apple prefers to showcase their devices in their own events, but this year’s Consumer Electronics Show has its share of gems. What… [Read More]

  • 10 Best Game Apps of 2012

    Published by kristoffer January 2, 2013

    Every year, game app developers have been pushing the envelope with their up-to-date graphics and hours of story-based narratives that are at-par with console titles. Some games have become popular with both casual and… [Read More]

  • Apple to Have “Made in USA” Macs in 2013… By Foxconn?

    Published by kristoffer December 6, 2012

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed during an interview with American journalist Brian Williams that his company will have one of its existing Mac lines be manufactured right within home soil in 2013. With… [Read More]

  • Nintendo Unveils Wii Mini; Currently Exclusive to Canada

    Published by kristoffer November 29, 2012

    Nintendo has announced a new version of its Wii console. The crimson-bordered Wii Mini is a trimmed-down Nintendo Wii, taking away both GameCube compatibility (which already happened in the 2011 edition) and, more importantly,… [Read More]

  • Nintendo TVii Coming to Japan December 8

    Published by kristoffer November 28, 2012

    While Japan has yet to experience the Nintendo Wii U, the console maker has announced that not only it will be launched on December 8th, the Land of the Rising Sun will also get to… [Read More]

  • Nintendo Wii U Gets a YouTube App

    Published by kristoffer November 23, 2012

    Nintendo Wii U is beginning to take shape as a convenient multimedia console. After Netflix and Hulu Plus, the Wii U now comes with a YouTube app.
    Users who were able to snag this device… [Read More]

  • Hulu Plus Comes to Wii U

    Published by kristoffer November 21, 2012

    While Wii U was shipped without the much-anticipated Nintendo TVii feature, the Japanese gaming company made up for it when the console came pre-installed with Netflix. If you are a subscriber of the rival… [Read More]

  • Nintendo Releases Flame Red 3DS Bundle

    Published by kristoffer November 19, 2012

    Unable to purchase the Wii U because it was sold out? If you do not have the patience to wait for another shipload of Wii U’s, Nintendo has revealed its Black Friday deal: … [Read More]

  • Wii U Launch Suffers Several Setbacks

    Published by kristoffer

    While Nintendo celebrates the successful US launch of its Wii U console, with news that it has sold out in most retail stores, the launch has its share of setbacks.
    For one, Nintendo announce last week… [Read More]

  • Best Gadget Deals on Black Friday

    Published by kristoffer

    Forget Thanksgiving. We all know that the most anticipated event this week is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when retail stores offer massive discounts to shoppers. Not only you can finally purchase… [Read More]

  • 70 Million PlayStation 3 Units Sold in Six Years

    Published by kristoffer November 17, 2012

    Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that 70 million units of its PlayStation 3 were sold cumulatively as of November 4th, a few days shy of the gaming console’s sixth anniversary.
    In comparison, rival Xbox 360 from… [Read More]

  • Microsoft Working on Gaming-Focused Xbox Surface Tablet

    Published by kristoffer November 6, 2012

    While Microsoft remain mum about rumors about the Xbox Surface, a spec list supposedly of the gaming tablet has been leaked online. If this information is to be believed, the Xbox Surface tablet would… [Read More]

  • Wrist Watch Pattern 1500mAh Portable Battery

    Published by dennis October 28, 2012

    People who love to bring along several portable devices wherever they go always have to face issues regarding sufficient power for all of them. There are times when they don’t come prepared for such things… [Read More]

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