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  • Google Launches Chromebook Pixel Touch-Screen Laptop

    Published by kristoffer February 22, 2013

    Google has unveiled its first touch-screen laptop that runs on its own Chrome operating system. The new high-end laptop, called the Chromebook Pixel, was designed and built by Google in collaboration with a hardware… [Read More]

  • Nokia CEO Teases About Windows-Based Tablet

    Published by kristoffer February 5, 2013

    Nokia CEO Stephen Elop hinted during an interview with Australian Financial Review that his company will be venturing once more to the tablet category.
    Back in 2007, years before the iPad, Nokia introduced the N800 Internet… [Read More]

  • Boombotix Boombot REX Ultraportable Bluetooth Speakers

    Published by dennis January 4, 2013

    Most people nowadays are no longer just satisfied listening to music in a single fixed place. A mobile option has become more in demand for people who are always on the go. And since mobility… [Read More]

  • Samsung to Offer Tizen-Based Smartphones

    Published by kristoffer January 3, 2013

    In an apparent attempt to loosen its dependence on Android, Samsung has confirmed it plans to offer a line of devices based on Tizen mobile OS in 2013.
    In an e-mailed statement to Bloomberg, a Samsung… [Read More]

  • U.S. Patent Office Finds Apple’s Multitouch Patent “Invalid”

    Published by kristoffer December 8, 2012

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a preliminary notice indicating that Apple’s patent that covers multitouch technology, including scrolling, might be invalid.
    The ruling, however, was not issued with finality and Apple… [Read More]

  • Republic Wireless Opens $19 Unlimited Plan for Everyone

    Published by kristoffer November 20, 2012

    In these days when you look for ways to save a lot of bucks, you might want to ditch your expensive mobile service and give Republic Wireless a try. We have heard about this… [Read More]

  • Patent War Between Apple and HTC Ends with Settlement

    Published by kristoffer November 12, 2012

    One of Apple’s legal battle against Android, Google’s mobile operating system, draws to a close as the company co-founded by the late Steve Jobs and Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC agreed to dismiss patent infringement lawsuits… [Read More]

  • Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

    Published by kristoffer October 17, 2012

    There are so many fitness bracelets in the market such as the Nike FuelBand, MotoACTV, and Jawbone UP. It certainly won’t hurt if another one is added to the mix, especially if it works… [Read More]

  • Goodbye, Webtop! We Hardly Knew Ye!

    Published by kristoffer October 9, 2012

    Back in 2010, Motorola unveiled what they hoped would shape the future of mobile computing: the Webtop, which enable its smartphones provide the brain power of a laptop or television entertainment hub.
    However,… [Read More]

  • Motorola S11 Flex HD Wireless Headphones

    Published by dennis September 25, 2012

    With devices like portable music players becoming the preferred means of listening to music, the same convenience should be given to accessories such as stereo headphones. But with wired varieties, this can still be a… [Read More]

  • Motorola RAZR i, Its First Intel-Based Smartphone, Unveiled

    Published by kristoffer September 18, 2012

    Google-owned Motorola has unveiled its Intel-powered RAZR i smartphone. It may not be the first time Intel has been incorporated in mobile devices, but Motorola is arguably Intel’s biggest smartphone partner.
    Customers may confuse the… [Read More]

  • Motorola Unveils RAZR M Smartphone

    Published by kristoffer September 8, 2012

    Motorola has introduced the latest addition to the RAZR family, including the $99 RAZR M smartphone. The device has a 4.3-inch touch screen and LTE radio, all while packing most of the good stuff… [Read More]

  • BlackBerry 10 to Integrate Social Networking into Contacts

    Published by kristoffer August 18, 2012

    One of the several features expected to appear in the BlackBerry 10 platform is the ability to display social networking and other data about your contacts and put them all together in a single location…. [Read More]

  • Sprint to Launch Keyboard-Equipped Motorola Photon Q This Weekend

    Published by kristoffer August 14, 2012

    Some people still like the feel of tactile keys as they type on their smartphones. Sprint understands this demand and sets to launch the Motorola Photon Q, which comes with a sliding QWERTY keyboard,… [Read More]

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