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  • Rumor: Retina-Equipped iPad Coming in Second Half of 2013

    Published by kristoffer March 18, 2013

    An analyst for DisplaySearch boldly predicts that Apple could be launching an iPad mini with Retina display by the second half of 2013. Based on supply chain data, Paul Semenza tells CNET that the… [Read More]

  • LG Reports 10 Million LTE Smartphones Sold Globally

    Published by kristoffer March 4, 2013

    LG has proudly announced that it has sold 10 million 4G LTE smartphones, two years since LG began offering LTE-compliant phones. This milestone comes after the South Korean electronics company reached the 5 million… [Read More]

  • Socialmatic Instagram Camera Gets Polariod Branding

    Published by kristoffer

    Last year, we bumped into a little, thin digital camera that pays homage to Instagram by incorporating its logo to the design and allowing users to edit their photos with filters. The Socialmatic camera,… [Read More]

  • LG WCP300- World’s Smallest Wireless Charger

    Published by dennis March 2, 2013

    When it comes to many devices today, making it small seems to be the best course for success. Not only is making them small sometimes easier and cheaper to manufacture, people would also like them… [Read More]

  • Firefox OS Coming to Smartphones This Summer

    Published by kristoffer February 28, 2013

    The Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit group behind the Firefox browser, is dipping its toes for the first time into the mobile business as it announces the new Firefox OS available this summer. This upcoming… [Read More]

  • LG Introduces Tiny Wireless Charger

    Published by kristoffer February 26, 2013

    LG shows off all its wares at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is also here where the company has announced its newest smartphones and its acquisition of webOS from HP, a… [Read More]

  • 2 Way Pop Up LED Lantern

    Published by dennis

    Going outdoor camping can be enjoyable only if you have all the necessities available. One important essential gear is lighting. An experienced camper never fails to bring along some portable lighting among many other things…. [Read More]

  • LG Introduces Tab Book Hybrid Device

    Published by dennis February 21, 2013

    Hybrid devices have recently been put into the spotlight. It has gotten some good attention from people who are not just satisfied with features and functions of devices that is currently in the market. Hybrid… [Read More]

  • 5.5-Inch LG Optimus G Pro Comes to South Korea

    Published by kristoffer February 13, 2013

    It has come to our attention that LG is offering different versions of its upcoming Optimus G Pro. For instance, as confirmed by LG, that a South Korean version of LG’s latest flagship smartphone… [Read More]

  • Report: Apple Now Dominates Japan’s Smartphone Market

    Published by kristoffer

    There are so many things going on why it is difficult for a foreign smartphone maker to struggle in Japan: the complicated regulatory structure, popular support for features unseen in phones outside Japan (wireless… [Read More]

  • Nokia Windows-Based PureView Phone in the Works?

    Published by kristoffer January 31, 2013

    The latest rumor making its rounds in the tech circles is the one about Nokia reportedly working on a new PureView smartphone that runs on Windows Phone. The Verge reports that the new phone… [Read More]

  • A Look at High Tech Garments

    Published by dennis

    Devices depend highly on technology in order to stay relevant in a fast changing world. Some innovative and highly useful products have taken advantage of technology to offer people some level of convenience that they… [Read More]

  • LG HECTO Laser TV Creates 100-Inch Viewing Display

    Published by dennis January 22, 2013

    For people who would want to have a larger viewing display we watching TV, then simply relying on today’s technology would certainly have its limits. Screen size may be limited and, if not, the cost… [Read More]

  • Line Messaging App Hits 100 Million Users; Sets Sights to U.S.

    Published by kristoffer January 19, 2013

    Line, a messaging app created by South Korea-based Naver Corp, has announced it has crossed the 100-million-user mark globally just 19 months after the app was originally launched. The app has been popular in… [Read More]

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