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  • JVC Kenwood HA WD50 Digital Wireless Headphones

    Published by dennis August 25, 2012

    When it comes to headphones, many of them are usually designed with portable audio devices in mind as well as for smartphones. There are only quite a few headphones nowadays that are designed for use… [Read More]

  • JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION Action Cam

    Published by dennis June 30, 2012

    Action cameras have already built a growing market for itself. While action camera choices are year ago were somewhat very limited, the same can no longer be said today. There are now quite a number… [Read More]

  • JVC Kenwood NX SA5 iPhone Dock And Air Purifier

    Published by dennis June 20, 2012

    You may have already seen too much of iPhone or iPod docks to even care anymore. You would think that when you have seen one, then you may have seen them all. But credit it… [Read More]

  • JVC Kenwood NX-BX3 Nightstand Speaker

    Published by dennis February 2, 2012

    While most docking stations for Apple iDevices almost always look the same and offer the same features now and again, it pays to have something unique to look at. JVC Kenwood has truly provided something… [Read More]

  • JVC GC-PX10 Hybrid Camera and Camcorder

    Published by kristoffer October 5, 2011

    JVC unleashes its new camcorder that also works as a camera, or a camera that also works as a camcorder. We are just as confused.
    Anyway, the JVC GC-PX10 features a long-barreled lens attached to… [Read More]

  • JVC UX-VJ3 Mini Component System Dock For iPad And iPhone

    Published by dennis July 8, 2011

    While speaker docks for the Apple iPad and the iPhone has come in all sorts of sizes and designs to choose from, it seems that people just can’t get enough of them. Or do they?… [Read More]

  • JVC GS-TD1 3D Camcorder Now Available

    Published by kristoffer March 8, 2011

    JVC has fulfilled its promise of making available its 3D camcorder in March. The GS-TD1 features a pair of 3.32-megapixel CMOS sensors that can record 3D-quality videos at 1080i resolution, a 5x optical zoom… [Read More]

  • JVC RD-M4-VD Compact Hi-Fi System

    Published by dennis March 7, 2011

    Today’s devices certainly evolve in order to keep pace with the newer developments. In the case of home sound systems, changes are certainly required as older formats give way newer ones. That is just the… [Read More]

  • JVC GC PX1 Hybrid Camera

    Published by dennis February 6, 2011

    Most people might think that digital cameras may look almost alike, no matter what brand they come by. Of course, there are conventional designs that most camera makers follow. And then there are others like… [Read More]

  • JVC RD-R2 Audio Recorder

    Published by dennis January 26, 2011

    JVC hasn’t been making that big of a splash when it comes to the usual electronics devices. But it continues to stand on its own when it comes to its other niches. Probably one of… [Read More]

  • Poco PRO, a Camcorder Sized Like a Credit Card

    Published by kristoffer December 23, 2010

    If you are going to brag your camcorder as the thinnest in the world, you have to back it up. Perfect example is this Poco PRO made by Iain Sinclair. The 1080p HD… [Read More]

  • Victor JVC Urban Sweet HA-SP70 Headphones

    Published by dennis August 15, 2010

    Some gadgets are not always designed for function alone. Beauty and form also are considered to make it more attractive. Even common devices such as headphones today are being treated as a fashion accessory… [Read More]

  • JVC Everio GZ-HM1 Video Camera

    Published by kristoffer April 7, 2010

    JVC has released its flagship model among HD Everio video cameras. The GZ-HM1 provides users with full 1080p video capture, not to mention 10 megapixels on every still image. Other high-end features include… [Read More]

  • JVC Introduces New HD Camcorder for Under $500

    Published by admin February 3, 2010

    Remember when HD camcorders were first introduced and we thought the prices were ridiculous?  Good thing the manufacturers felt the public pulse and prices went down as new products rolled in.  The… [Read More]

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