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Best Buy Introduces Insignia Flex Tablet (1)

In case you did not know, retailer chain Best Buy has its own brand of electronics called Insignia, which has just unveiled its latest tablet called Insignia Flex. The Flex is a 9.7-inch Android 4.0 slate with an unnamed dual-core 1GHz processor and up to 10 hours of battery life. On the surface, it almost looks like the Sony Xperia T with its curve to the bezel, except that its corners are on the pointy side. That is all that Insignia revealed about the tablet, apart that it is set for a November release and hopefully it will be competitively priced. Source: Insignia on Facebook, via Engadget Read More

Insignia Infocast Internet Media Display (4)

The Internet has become one of the main sources of information among households. It also becomes a major way for people to interact with friends, colleagues and relatives. That is why going online has become an essential household activity for most people. When it may not be possible to always gain access via the home computer, people may also go online and get their information from other devices such as the new Insignia Infocast Internet Media Display. The Insignia Infocast Internet Media Display is a device that allows people at home to get instant access to their favorite Web-based content via its 8 inch touch screen LCD display without having to use the PC. Through the Infocast, users may be able to access news, sports, games and other online information conveniently. The device also allows users to view images and videos as well as share them with friends. The Insignia Infocast becomes quite a handy device that household members may use as an alternative option to go online. It is available at Insignia for US$170. Image Source: Insignia Read More

Vauxhall Insignia (0)

Vauxhall has done the most sensible thing when it replaced Vectra with Insignia, a sleeker and more fashionable take on the tired 5-door formula. With innovative technology and dynamic design throughout, Insignia is taking Vauxhall's design language to brand new heights. Insignia is a stunning car, perhaps the most handsome Vauxhall since the Calibra coupe. It definitely looks better than the Renault Laguna and the new Mondeo, with only the new Citroen C5 giving it a run for its money in a beauty contest.The new Insignia is practically German because it was designed and built there. It is pretty much as good quality as a BMW or an Audi. The model's cabin is superbly finished. Insignia, powered by a flawless turbodiesel engine, is also fitted with a complete infotainment system. You can also barely hear the engine and considering the tires wider than those of an F1 car, there is hardly any road noise.Insignia's curvaceous rear window looks stunning. Unfortunately, the view out the back is really limited, with headrests getting in the way. However once you are out on the open road this car is really superb. Also, it has combined fuel economy is up to 48.7mpg and a fair CO2 emission of about 154g/km. The European New Car Assessment Programme gave Insignia a five-star rating. Insignia costs £21,535 or about $31,913.Image Source: Vauxhall Read More

Insignia Pilot MP3 Player (0)

The Insignia brand of Mp3 players from Best Buy has become popular among consumers because of the better value they offer in their full-featured audio devices. The new Insignia Pilot, available in 4 GB and 8 GB capacities, are priced at just $130 and $160 respectively. Not bad for a portable audio device which has all the features you'll ever need and more.The Pilot Mp3 is equipped with both audio and video playback, photo viewer, FM radio, voice recorder, and has a built-in SD card memory expansion slot. The latter feature is convenient for those who don't want to be limited by the 8 GB memory of the Pilot Mp3. It can play MPEG-4 and WMV videos, display JPEG photos, and support a handful of audio formats, including Mp3, WMA, WMA DRM, WMA Lossless, WMA Pro, OGG, WAV and Audible. It also has Rhapsody DNA integration, which basically allows you to transfer Internet radio channels to the player for easier access.But the best feature of the Pilot Mp3 is the integrated Bluetooth. Its built-in stereo Bluetooth function allows you to listen to music using your wireless Bluetooth headphones. This is definitely a plus for enjoying music on-the-go as it maximizes movement, without having those dangling headphone cords bothering you. The Bluetooth connection with the Pilot Mp3 can go to about 30 feet. Now you can leave the Mp3 player on your desk and won't miss a track on your music playlist while you're on another room getting coffee.The Pilot Mp3 is a bit lengthy compared with most compact flash players in the market. It has a simple black body with brushed silver trim. The face of the player, when held horizontally, has a 2.4-inch color LCD screen on the left and the control pad on the right. The control buttons somewhat resemble that of the Apple iPod's clickwheel, except that the scroll ring is only enabled for four-way clicking.Some of the Pilot Mp3's playback features are also comparable to the iPod Classic. There is an album art display along with the current playing tracks. You also have the option of switching between screens to view a larger album art or other artist information. The main menu uses icons while music is organized using the step-down structure of displaying the artist, album, genre, etc. on the display screen.On the other hand, sound quality isn't that impressive with the Pilot Mp3. Deep bass isn't quite discernible, even with the use of high-end earphones. Also video quality is on the downside, as there are noticeable pixelation during video playback. Nevertheless, battery life is extended for up to 25 hours of audio playback. It also has an effective photo display. The Insignia Pilot Mp3 player is really an economical device, which gives you more value for less the price. Read More

Microvision Show WX Pico Projector Now Available (0)

Microvision has announced that its Show WX pico projector is now available for order in the United States. This laser-based pico projector offers infinite focus, which means the picture will remain in focus  no matter how much the user twists or how far the projected surface is or jerks the projector around.  An image with a 848 x 480 resolution can be scaled from as small as six inches wide up to 200 inches.  Contrast ratio is greater than 5,000:1, while the battery can last for up to two hours in a single charge. Meanwhile, the limited edition also features a personalized splash screen, LE insignia, a certificate of authenticity, and a VGA dock among others. The standard edition of the Microvision Show WX pico projector costs US$549, while the limited edition model costs $999. Source:  Engadget Read More

Best Buy and Netflix Partner-Up for Instant Internet Movie Streams (0)

Retailer company Best Buy and Netflix, the world's largest online movie rental service, have announced their partnership in bringing instant Internet media streaming to Best Buy's latest Insignia Blu-ray players.Netflix members who are on an unlimited plan can use their Insignia Advanced and Connected Blu-ray disc players-which are available on Best Buy for US$249.99 and $179.99 respectively-to instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes streamed from Netflix, from over the Internet to their televisions.  Members can unlimited amount of digital media any time they want.This is made possible with Insignia's Internet-ready technology.  The Insignia Advanced Series Blu-ray players use built-in WiFi to connect to the Net, while Insignia Connected players utilize an Ethernet connection.  Both devices are Energy Star-certified and feature Dolby TrueHD to deliver high-quality audio experience. Read More

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