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  • PlayStation 4 to Debut February 20

    Published by kristoffer February 16, 2013

    Sony Entertainment will be hosting a PlayStation Meeting in Manhattan on February 20, Wednesday, and the PlayStation 4 is expected to be unveiled there.
    Images of the PlayStation 4 controller, both as a mockup and in-the-flesh,… [Read More]

  • Nokia’s Lumia 920 Ad Channels Apple’s 1984 Commercial

    Published by kristoffer October 3, 2012

    Putting out advertisements that attack the competition is nothing new. Apple did it on January 1984 when it channeled the novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” where Macintosh was “saving humanity” from conforming with IBM computers, telling… [Read More]

  • IBM Plans to Buy BlackBerry Enterprise If BB10 Flops

    Published by kristoffer August 10, 2012

    Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind BlackBerry, is banking its hopes and dreams on its upcoming QNX-based BlackBerry 10 mobile OS. RIM is trying to overcome the challenges of a weakening brand image,… [Read More]

  • Report: Siri Stores Private Information

    Published by kristoffer May 24, 2012

    Siri may be fun to use, especially if it actually understands what you are saying, but the voice-powered virtual assistant on the iPhone may be doing something you should be aware about. Wired magazine… [Read More]

  • Facebook Snags 750 IBM Patents

    Published by dennis March 24, 2012

    In a move to further boost up its cache of intellectual property portfolio, social networking giant Facebook has acquired anew a group of patents owned previously by International Business Machines Corp. The cache of patents… [Read More]

  • Microsoft Strikes Patent Deal with LG; Why Google should be Concerned

    Published by kristoffer January 12, 2012

    Microsoft has brokered a patent licensing agreement with LG. This is Microsoft’s 11th deal with a device manufacturer that develops consumer electronics devices that run on Android or Chrome OS, including major agreements with… [Read More]

  • Google Acquires 217 Patents from IBM

    Published by kristoffer January 4, 2012

    Since succeeding in the tech battles these days is all about the patents, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has updated its patent assignment database wherein Google acquires 217 patents from IBM for a… [Read More]

  • Steve Jobs, This Was Your Life (Part 2)

    Published by kristoffer October 10, 2011

    (Click here for Part 1.)
    The 1980s and the early 1990s are the not-so-good years for both Steve Jobs and Apple. Before 1985 ended, Jobs founded NeXT Computer, which intended to develop high-end computers for… [Read More]

  • Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO; COO Tim Cook Takes Over

    Published by kristoffer August 25, 2011

    Breaking news! Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. In his letter of resignation, which has just been released publicly, he stated that he could no longer meet his “duties and expectations as… [Read More]

  • Happy 30th Birthday, DOS!

    Published by kristoffer July 28, 2011

    If you were born before the mid-1980s, you are probably very familiar with DOS, which is celebrating its 30th birthday. If you do not have a clue what I am talking about, DOS is… [Read More]

  • Tetris Ice Cube Trays

    Published by admin December 19, 2008

    Russian design studio Mystake turned to the previous generation for inspiration for their ice cube tray. People, meet the Tetris Ice Cube tray. Icetris for short.
    Designer Dima Komissarov, member of the Mystake design team… [Read More]