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  • AT&T Brings BlackBerry Z10 Beginning March 22

    Published by kristoffer March 11, 2013

    After T-Mobile announced its business-centric BlackBerry Z10 plans, AT&T reveals it will begin selling the BB10-powered smartphone for a consumer-friendly price of $199.99, which comes with a two-year contract, beginning March 22nd. The carrier… [Read More]

  • The Driver’s Cell Phone Signal Booster

    Published by dennis March 6, 2013

    While it is dangerous for drivers to be using their mobile phones while driving, there are instances where always having a good mobile signal is a must. There are times when drivers become lost and… [Read More]

  • HTC One Ditches Megapixels for Ultrapixels

    Published by kristoffer February 22, 2013

    HTC introduced this week its latest flagship smartphone. The 4.7-inch HTC One is different in many ways from the maker’s previous models. For one, this slim silver and black 4G phone is encased… [Read More]

  • Report: Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry in US

    Published by kristoffer February 10, 2013

    The battle to become the dominant smartphone platform in the United States is already a given, for now. The real competition is not whether Apple or Android takes the crown, but who captures third… [Read More]

  • Nokia CEO Teases About Windows-Based Tablet

    Published by kristoffer February 5, 2013

    Nokia CEO Stephen Elop hinted during an interview with Australian Financial Review that his company will be venturing once more to the tablet category.
    Back in 2007, years before the iPad, Nokia introduced the N800 Internet… [Read More]

  • HTC Droid DNA Arrives In The US

    Published by dennis November 16, 2012

    Smartphones are ever getting more and more advanced by the day. Just when you think you have a smartphone that is updated by today’s standards, another one may be coming out in two to six… [Read More]

  • Samsung Not Intent to Settle with Apple Over Patent Row

    Published by kristoffer November 14, 2012

    While HTC and Apple have ended their legal battles with a settlement, Samsung has “no intention” to do the same with the iPhone maker. Samsung Electronics Head of Mobile J.K. Shin said so to… [Read More]

  • Patent War Between Apple and HTC Ends with Settlement

    Published by kristoffer November 12, 2012

    One of Apple’s legal battle against Android, Google’s mobile operating system, draws to a close as the company co-founded by the late Steve Jobs and Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC agreed to dismiss patent infringement lawsuits… [Read More]

  • AT&T Prices Lumia 920, HTC 8X

    Published by kristoffer November 7, 2012

    AT&T has finally spilled the beans on how much we would shell off from our wallets when purchasing its new Windows Phone 8 handsets and its two-year contract.
    The Nokia Lumia 920 (pictured) would cost you… [Read More]

  • Ex-Nokia Employees Launch iKaaz Mobile Payments

    Published by kristoffer October 18, 2012

    Back in March, Nokia dissolved Nokia Money, its mobile payments and cash management service that was launched in India. A number of Nokia Money veterans then banded together and have formally introduced iKaaz, a… [Read More]

  • HTC Unveils Japan-Only J Butterfly Smartphone with 1080p Display

    Published by kristoffer October 17, 2012

    While we usually scoff off Japan-exclusive smartphones, we might take a serious double-look at HTC’s latest handset set to be only available in the Land of Tomorrow. Recently revealed in a press event in… [Read More]

  • HTC’s 5-Inch Smartphone-Tablet Leaked

    Published by kristoffer September 17, 2012

    HTC may be planning something big ahead, if these recent leaks are to be believed. Someone posted a press photo of what could be the HTC smartphone-tablet hybrid model 6435LVW on Sina Weibo, China’s… [Read More]

  • iPhone 5 Could Face Potential Patent Issues

    Published by kristoffer September 10, 2012

    As Apple prepares in launching what could be its next iPhone, its bitter rivals waiting in the wings waiting to give the company the late Steve Jobs co-founded a taste of its own medicine.
    If the… [Read More]

  • Zuckerberg Hints Facebook Phone Highly Unlikely

    Published by kristoffer July 27, 2012

    Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, dampened the spirits of the people who were itching to have a “Facebook phone” after rumors circulated about how the social networking company hired ex-Apple engineers to develop its… [Read More]

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