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HTC Unveils The HTC Grip Fitness Tracker (0)

Fitness trackers seem to be a trendy gadget nowadays. People who like to get and stay fit have this need to monitor their progress or if they are doing little or enough on a regular basis. Fitness trackers provide them with the information they need. The accompanying apps then provide other features that will help them improve or become more efficient. It is no wonder why many gadget makers are now focusing on introducing more of such gadgets in the market. For one, HTC has recently introduced its smart fitness tracker, the HTC Grip. The HTC Grip is a contoured and waterproof wristband that works as a high performance fitness tracker. This is HTC's first foray into the fitness tracker market. The company even collaborated with Under Armour to offer one of the best fitness-tracking devices in the market. The HTC Grip features a curved PMOLED display that makes it easy to read fitness data and view notifications from the device even when on the move. It comes equipped with a number of sensors to collect performance data. The device also comes with GPS-enabled features to help keep track of a user's location, distance travelled, pace, calories burned as well as other related data. The HTC Grip also helps keep track with sleep patterns and quality. With its partnership with Under Armour, the HTC Grip is powered exclusively by UA Record, the fitness app that collects all the data from the HTC Grip to determine performance and activity goals. The fitness tracker is also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled accessories such as heart-rate monitors. With its 100 mAh battery, the HTC Grip can last up to 2.5 days on a single charge, which makes it ideal for daily tracking. Users can also use it to get notifications of messages and calls when paired with a compatible iOS or Android device. The HTC Grip is expected to be available sometime this spring for $199. Image Source: HTC Read More

HTC RE Camera (0)

Cameras nowadays come in different shapes and forms. There is the typical DSLR for high quality picture shoots. There is also the smartphone camera for convenient selfies and photo sharing. Then there is also the action camera, which functions to capture action shots. For the latter type, HTC introduces a new and unique type of action camera in the form of the HTC RE Camera. The HTC RE Camera is unique in terms of design and functional features. It looks like a pipe with one end bent at a 90-degree angle. At the end of this bend is the camera lens while at the bent portion features the camera button. The HTC RE comes with a 16MP sensor and a 146-degree ultra wide-angle lens. It can also record videos in 1080p HD at 30 fps. This camera also comes with a built-in grip sensor that automatically turns on the camera when a user grips the device for use. Its 820mAh battery is good for taking 1,200 photos or an hour and a half of continuous recording of Full HD video. The HTC RE Camera also comes with an internal 256MB of DDR RAM 32MB ROM and offers microSD card support for additional storage space for pictures and action videos. The HTC RE also features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and is also waterproof to function in both dry and wet weather. The simplicity in terms of function makes the HTC RE an interesting camera to bring along anywhere you go. The new HTC RE Camera is expected to be available sometime at the end of the month for around $200. Image Source: Re Camera Read More

HTC One M8 smartphone now available in US (0)

HTC has had smartphones that missed the mark, and they hope their latest device would be "the one" to reverse the company's fortunes. The 5-inch HTC One M8 boasts of premium features, including a dual rear camera for added depth in your selfies and a battery life that is 40% longer than its predecessor, the One M7. The new smartphone, which runs on Android 4.4, is now available exclusively at Verizon Wireless physical stores for $200 and a two-year contract. The carrier also offers two HTC One M8's for the price of one, just with two separate contracts. Other carriers will start offering the latest HTC smartphone starting April 10. HTC hopes that the grace period has given its flagship phone enough push before Samsung whips out its Galaxy S5 smartphone the next day. HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie even threw a bit of shade against other smartphone makers, saying it is not his company's style to "launching a plastic phone and throwing a few dimples on the back and maybe a software gimmick or two and then masking it asll with expensive advertising." "We're about delivering innovation--the world's best innovation--and the maximum value into customer's hands," Mackenzie added. The HTC One M8 also sports a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, a new Sense 6 user interface, and a case that is over 90% metal. The phone's dual rear cameras, meanwhile, allow users to decide which part of the photo should be out of focus. Source: Computerworld Read More

HTC wearable device to debut at Mobile World Congress (0)

Reports claim that HTC is preparing for the launch of three new wearable devices during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Sources tell Bloomberg these HTC wearable devices will include a smartwatch prototype based on Qualcomm's Toq device. The HTC smartwatch will reportedly feature a Mirasol display, as well as a Bluetooth-connected music player. However, do not expect this to be shown in the public, as sources say it would be demonstrated to select representatives of wireless carriers behind closed doors. Another HTC wearable device is said to be a smartwatch with Google's Now service and an AMOLED screen, as well as a bunch of bracelets with the ability to play music. Much like its other devices, HTC will unlikely unveil its other wearable devices. The Taiwanese computing hardware manufacturer hopes these HTC wearable devices to help the company get back into the mobile race. Source: TechSpot Read More

New HTC flagship phone may debut March 25 (0)

A new HTC flagship phone could be the focus of an upcoming event on March 25. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has sent invitations to several publications for simultaneous events in New York and London. Although the invite had little clues, it might indicate the company is set to launch the successor to its HTC One smartphone. "It's about time for the best to get even better," the invitation exclaimed. "This is HTC's next big product that will be our primary flagship for 2014." Details about this new HTC flagship phone, which some say will be named "HTC One 2," have been minimal. Recent rumors suggest that the new smartphone will have a 5-inch touch screen with 1080p resolution, 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800, 3GB of RAM, and will run on Android KitKat. It will also have a second camera sensor at the back, which is designed to improve focus and light metering. The new mobile device will debut a month and a day after Samsung alllegedly launches its latest smartphone, which is said to be the Galaxy S5, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This handset could be a make-or-break for HTC, which has experienced financial struggles as of late and barely making a dent in a market dominated by Samsung and Apple. Apart from introducing the new HTC mobile devie, the company has launched the "HTC Advantage" program on Monday in hopes of boosting its profile in the United States. HTC flagship phone owners are given two years' worth of Android updates, replacement of cracked screens for six months, and additional Google Drive storage. Source: PC magazine Image source: Techradar Read More

HTC New Desire 8 mid-range smartphone leaked (0)

HTC has admitted recently that it needs to focus more on its lower-priced devices, but lo and behold a Chinese website claims the Taiwanese phone maker is working on a mid-range device called "New Desire 8." The upcoming smartphone is said to have dual-SIM capability, as well as a 5.5-inch display (resolution unknown), making it the largest non-flagship HTC smartphone since the Desire 700. The HTC New Desire 8 will also has a 13-megapixel rear camera (non-Ultrapixel) and a 5-megapixel front camera with "beautification mode." Looking at this teaser image, it is possible the device will have a plastic body, stereo speakers, and the option to choose from white, red, yellow, orange, and cyan. This has been a signature feature on many recently released HTC phones. The absence of Android buttons could indicate it will have on-screen keys like the HTC M8. The HTC New Desire 8 is said to have its formal launch on March 18 at a launch event in Beijing. It may also have its public debut on MWC in two weeks' time. Source: Engadget Read More

HTC One Dual SIM coming to UK (0)

A few days ago, we reported about the gold-colored HTC One coming to Finland on December 12. Today, HTC is releasing another version of its flagship smartphone specifically in the UK market. The HTC One Dual SIM was first introduced in China as HTC One 802w and comes with a removable back for a quick access to removing and replacing cards in its dual-SIM slots, as well as its microSD card slot. Like its Chinese version, this smartphone enables you to switch between SIM cards (changing your phone number and sometimes your wireless provider in the process), and can accommodate up to 32GB of internal storage (expandable up to 64GB). There is a caveat with this gadget, however, as it does support LTE. Nevertheless, the HTC One Dual SIM is now available for pre-order on HTC's online store for £495 (about US$809). Source: HTC Read More

More affordable gold HTC One unveiled (0)

HTC has launched a gold HTC One that is more affordable than the limited-edition 18-carat gold edition it unveiled months ago. This model is only gold in color, but its casing is not made of gold. This latest gadget has the same specs as the original HTC One smartphone, which includes a 4.7-inch screen with 1080p resolution, a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 4-megapixel camera (which HTC brands as an "ultrapixel" camera). HTC's gold smartphones came a few months after Apple launched its gold-finished iPhone 5S. Samsung also recently introduced its gold Galaxy S4, which is exclusive to the Middle East market. Mashable claims the gold HTC One will be available in Finland for 625 euros (about $845) beginning December 12. That is a fraction of the $4,400 18-carat HTC One. No word yet about availability in other parts of the world. Source: Mashable Read More

HTC One Max now official, comes with fingerprint scanner (0)

HTC continues its quest of reversing its downtrodden fortunes as it announces its latest phablet. The 5.9-inch HTC One Max comes with the same aluminum exterior as the company's flagship handset, the HTC One, except that the Max sports a fingerprint scanner at the back. Before our readers go "iPhone 5S copycat" on the HTC One Max, its fingerprint scanner does not work as a button unlike Apple's latest smartphone. It can also accomodate multiple fingerprints, even from multiple people if the user prefers. The prints can be used to unlock the handset, as well as perform specific functions like launching Gmail. Another feature the HTC One Max has that its smaller cousin lacks is the removable back cover, which pops out easily by pressing the lone button on the left side. Beneath the back cover is SIM card slot and a microSD card slot that allows users to expand this smartphone's memory up to 64GB. Other than that, the rest of the specs would remind you of the HTC One. It comes with 16GB or 32GB of internal memory, a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, a 5.9-inch screen with 1080p resolution, 2GB of RAM, an ultrapixel camera at the back with Smart Flash and full HD video recording capability, and a 2.1-megapixel front camera (also with full HD video recording function). The HTC One Max also features NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and DLNA connectivity options. This device comes with HTC Sense 5.5 UI, Android 4.3, dual microphones, an infrared blaster at the top, and a 3,300mAh battery. The One Max phablet will be available initially in the US, with Sprint and Verizon distributing it. HTC promises of a global rollout as early as this week. Source: Mashable Read More

HTC posts big quarterly loss over weak sales (0)

HTC may be Taiwan's dominant smartphone manufacturer, but it just couldn't seem to catch a break overseas as the company posted a bigger-than-estimated third-quarter loss. This is HTC's eighth straight quarterly loss, mainly contributed to HTC's loss of market share against Apple and Samsung. In an e-mailed statement, HTC posted a net of NT$2.97 billion (about US$101 million) in the months from July to September. That is way more compared to an average of NT$1.71 billion loss compiled from 16 analyst estimates, according to data that Bloomberg has gathered. The Taoyuan City-based company has failed to halt sliding sales despite with an impressive flagship device in HTC One, as it faced intense competition from Chinese competitors like Huawei. Faced with the dilemma of not being included among the top five smartphone producers in the second quarter, HTC plans to reverse its fortunes as it hires actor Robert Downey Jr. to boost promotions and cheaper mobile devices in the pipeline. Shares of HTC gained 1.5 percent, closing in at NT$135 in Taipei, but its stock value decreased by about 80 percent in the past two years. Meanwhile, the company announced an operating loss of NT$3.5 billion and only NT$47 billion in sales during the third quarter. The actual figures were close to estimates of NT$2.2 billion and NT$54 billion, respectively. Source: Bloomberg Read More

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