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Hitachi Maxell Wireless Power Charger For iPhone 4 (2)

Charging your devices is always a hassle since most chargers may not be the most convenient means to charge them. Device users have to deal with cables and connectors to charge different devices. In the case of the Apple iPhone 4, Hitachi Maxell has introduced a Wireless Power Transmission system that will make charging the said device in a more convenient way. The new Hitachi Maxell Wireless Power Transmission system is composed of a charging pad and a charging sleeve attached to the iPhone 4. This system makes use of electromagnetic induction technology in order to charge the device without the use of wires. Users would only need to place their iPhone 4 on top of the charging pad in order to charge it. This provides a convenient means of charging devices since wires have been eliminated this time. The Hitachi Wireless Power Charging system for the iPhone for is expected to be available in Japan around May. It is expected to cost around 6,900 Japanese Yen or US$83 for a set of one charging pad and one iPhone 4 sleeve. Image Source: Hitachi Maxell Read More

Hitachi Unveils New "i.μ’s" Portable Audio Players (1)

Hitachi Japan announced its two new models that will be included in their "i.μ’s" (read as "i-micros") line of portable audio players. Both models feature 4GB internal memory, MP3 and WMA support, and a variety of "pop" colors. The i.μ’s HMP-V204 (pictured) has a 2-inch color screen with 176 x 220 resolution, ability to display JPEG and BMP files, a USB port, and a built-in FM radio. If you want a more basic model, you can opt for the i.μ’s HMP-S104, which has a 128 x 64 screen and a USB port. Hitachi plans to sell the players for the Japanese market beginning February 14. The HMP-V204 costs US$61, while the HMP-S104 is priced at $49. Source: CrunchGear Read More

Hitachi G-Tech G-Drive Slim External HDD (2)

With people looking for higher storage for their PC's and laptops, upgrading its hard drive simply can become time consuming. That is why there are now a lot of external hard drives available that would help provide a suitable alternative. Such hard drives like the new Hitachi G-Drive Slim may provide some added storage space without the hassles. The Hitachi G-Drive Slim External HDD is an ultra-slim external HDD designed for the Apple MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Its slim form factor makes it an ideal external HDD to bring along anywhere. And with 320GB worth of storage space that supports USB 2.0, it is pretty ideal to have as an additional storage drive when needed. It is already plug and play and no other installation steps needed. The Hitachi G-Drive Slim is available at Apple retail stores for US$100. Image Source: G-Technology By Hitachi Read More

Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus External Hard Drive (3)

Hitachi is aiming to change the way people look at local and online digital storage. It is coming up with its new Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus external hard drive. It is something that may be unlike most external hard drives in the market today. The Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus feature both local and cloud based storage to allow users to access their files and digital content in various ways. It also features the LifeStudio software that allows automatic organization of digital content as well as allows for easy sharing and access by means of a 3D Wall interface. The LifeStudio Mobile plus also features the Hitachi Backup software that allows both local as well as preloaded free online backup to provide two level of protection to keep your digital content safe. This external drive also comes with its own auto-sync USB key that allows users to have the means to choose and bring along digital content with them wherever they go. Whenever the USB key is docked back into the external drive base, it automatically syncs up and organizes its content onto the hard drive. The Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile plus external drives is set to hit the consumer market by mid-July. There's no word yet on how much they will cost. Image Source: Hitachi Read More

Hitachi Humanoid Gets an Upgrade (3)

A newer version of the EMIEW2 (Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate2) humanoid robot by Hitachi has been introduced with a series of videos demonstrating its smoother movement. It can now scoot around on uneven ground, as long as the bumps are up to 1.5 centimeters high, thanks to its new “adaptive suspension control.” The robot can also recognize and distinguish different human voices (thanks to its 14 microphones attached on the head) and even converse to people. The robot runs up to six kilometers per hour, stands 80 centimeters tall, and weighs 14 kilograms. Check out one of the videos at the link. Source:  Node, via CrunchGear Read More

Hitachi Introduces Thin Hard Drive for Laptops (2)

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies unveils its latest endeavor: a 2.5-inch mobile hard drive at a mere 7 millimeters in thickness. The Travelstar Z7K320 HDD—which Hitachi claims as the slimmest, lightest, and fastest in the world—comes in 160GB, 250GB, and 320Gb capacities. The most premium model spins at 7,200rpm and has up to 16MB of cache. It also has a Serial ATA 3Gb/sec interface, which provides higher capacity, performance, and durability. Reps of Hitachi says that the Travelstar Z7K320 goes best with notebooks, ultra portables, netbooks, and even on compact desktop systems. Other models can run as much as 5,400rpm and 8MB of buffer. The ultra-thin hard drive also comes with top-notch acoustics and eco-friendly features like low power consumption and halogen-free design. It runs on a mere 1.8 watts of read/write power and 0.8W while in idle mode. Expect the Hitachi Travelstar Z7K320 hard disk drive to appear in July this year. Source: Hitachi, via CrunchGear Related articles Hitachi stuffs 320GB into world's fastest 7mm hard drive ( Hitachi's World's Fastest 7mm Drives Perfect For Super-Slim Laptops [Storage] ( Hitachi GST Launches Z-Series Family, the Industry's Highest Capacity and Fastest 7mm Ultra Thin and Light Hard Drives ( Read More

Hitachi's Mobile Hi-Vision Cam Wooo (0)

Hitachi may not be the first to feature a smartphone with a 720p video camera, but their Mobile Hi-Vision Cam Wooo has been getting second looks from tech geeks.  And based on the photos leaked by Engadget, this flip phone can record up to 1,280 x 720 pixels, has a 5-megapixel sensor, HDMI interface, and a microSDHC slot. According to some sources, this high-tech phone will be available on late May 2009 on Japan's KDDI telecom.  Whereas for us North Americans?  Well, we can visit the other side of the world and toy with it.Image source:  Engadget  Read More

Hitachi 1.5 LCD TV Hands-On (0)

LCD in its slimmest, Hitachi offers 1.5, for the best LCD experience ever. DesignA lightweight 1.5" panel design, Titanium metallic coating applied to the back of the translucent frame - hence, Black Sapphire - and high strength polycarbonate "Crystal" frame (shaped by Computer Aided Design) gives this beauty a sleek and striking look. Hitachi 1.5 LCD boasts of a 360 degree high-gloss finish.Key features Its key features include the Picture master HD V digital video which optimizes picture performance of all incoming source materials. An automatic 3:2 film enhancement (conversion on Film's 24 individual frames per second to TV 60 frames per second) enables Hitachi 1.5 to achieve the highest resolution possible. Its display panel features has an ultra clear 13366 x 768 high resolution picture. It has a 178 degree viewing angle IPS LCS. Hitachi 1.5 boasts of an innovative LCD technology which delivers a wider viewing angle, excellent response time & low power consumption. Lead-free EEFL High Efficiency Back Light offers vibrant, bright picture wtih 20% better efficiency and longer life than other LCDs. Ventilation system uses fanless computer-inspired technology which allows display panel to maintain its thinness. Additional featuresOther features include multiple languages onscreen, and custom color temperature and digital color management - 16 bit/281 trillion color capacity. Discrete IR Codes - in sync when using universal remote. Illuminated learning & macro remote. The Hitachi Ultra Thin 1.5 HDTV LCD series comes in three sizes, 42", 37" & 32".Image Source: Read More

Hitachi 6GB Microdrive Memory Card (0)

If you're familiar with Hitachi Microdrives, you'll be glad to know that they just got a lot bigger. This new microdrive can store up to a whopping 6-GB of data which holds 50 percent more data than its previous microdrives. That means more music, more photos and more data. The new 6GB Microdrive is also designed for extensive use. That means you can use it over and over again without wondering when it will every conk out on you. You'll appreciate the amount of data storage that this small drive can handle simply because it's so little yet it can duke it out with the best of the CFs and SDs out there. So if you're looking for reliability and capacity, look no further because the Hitachi 6GB Microdrives are all you'll ever need. It's compact yet it performs just as well as the other compact flash drives which are out in the market. As the world's smallest hard drive, it is able to give you the flexibility, speed and storage that you expect from the storage media leader. Read More

Hitachi DZ-GX3300A DVD Camcorder (0)

The Hitachi DZ-GX3300A DVD camcorder is the answer for people who go for easy and more convenient video shooting without the need for frequent adjustments just to get the image quality right. This camcorder emphasizes its automatic control for easier handling and shooting videos straight away. This camera has a 10x optical zoom as well as with a 3 mega pixel CCD sensor that will appeal for the amateur camcorder users. With dimensions at 1.9 by 3.6 by 5.2 inches, the Hitachi DZ-GX3300A camcorder is not as compact as compared to other camcorders in the market. But it fits quite perfectly in one hand and the function buttons are placed well in reach by the thumb and the forefinger. Other buttons are located on the left hand side of the camcorder for menu navigation as well as playback controls among others. Its automatic features make the Hitachi DZ-GX3300A camcorder easy to operate right away. It has automatic as well as manual white balance and exposure options available. The camera also includes five pre-programmed auto exposure modes for more convenient operation. Image quality can compete very well with other camcorder models in its range. In ideal lighting conditions, picture quality is sharp with accurate color results. The results may differ however in dim light. But this can be improved by using the camcorder's low-light mode which can help brighten up dim scenes. All in all, it is still quite an improvement from the previous Hitachi camcorder models. Read More

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